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Paw Prints Rescue


Sick Animals/Deceptive Business Practice

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Contact information:
Paw Prints Rescue
1282 Stabler Lane
Yuba City, California
United States
Phone: 5309235702
Adopted a puppy from this "non-profit" rescue for $350 cash only. The puppy was taken to the vet the next day for a wellness check up. She had Parvo. We sadly euthanized her after much thought. Tried to let the rescue know that they may have other sick animals. We were verbally berated and called dog murderers. After filing a complaint with the BBB, they responded with a death threat - in writing. They are getting dogs from puppy mills and animal shelters. They didn't take our puppy to the vet, as their wesite claims they do, and don't take responsibility for their animals. All they could do was yell and say horrible things. DO NOT USE THIS "RESCUE". They are FOR-PROFIT - not nonprofit as they claim.

Below is the rebuttal to the BBB that we have submitted:
1. The puppy was adopted on 1/30/11 not 1/31/11.
2. The puppy NEVER vomited in our presence. If the puppy vomited in the presence of Paw Prints, they never gave us that information prior to adopting.
3. According to Paw Prints, they boldly state on their website that they ensure all of their animals go to the vet prior to adoption. This puppy did NOT- making the contract a moot point.
4. Paw Prints stated that no other dogs ”came down sick”. Unless all of the puppies were evaluated by a licensed veterinarian that did an anal swab, there is no way of knowing if the other dogs are indeed sick.
5. We made the choice to humanely euthanize this sick puppy to stop the spread of the Parvo Virus.
6. Paw Prints stated in their BBB rebuttal “no one said this puppy did not have Parvo”. That statement relays that Paw Prints knowingly sold a sick animal. Paw Prints also vacillates on the subject of the puppy absolutely not having Parvo but if she did, Paw Prints would have treated her. Paw Prints cannot have it both ways.
7. Paw Prints stated that they were very upset speaking to us. If by upset Paw Prints means they verbally berated us, we can agree on that statement.
8. Paw Prints stated that there could have been a “false positive” on the Parvo Virus reading. We followed up with our veterinarian to see if that was indeed a possibility due to her recent shots. She said a VERY STRONG POSITIVE was in no way a “false” reading. The veterinarian, taking it one step further, called the manufacturer of the Parvo test to get their input. The manufacturer said there was no way this was a “false positive”. The puppy did indeed have the Parvo Virus.
9. Paw Prints stated that our daughter called them and cursed at them for 20 minutes until they politely hung up. Shawna (of Paw Prints) called her, not the other way around. As soon as our daughter answered the call, Shawna began yelling at her and calling us puppy killers/murderers, calling her stupid and remained very argumentative during the duration of the call. Our daughter openly admitted to us that she said the “F word” a few times and raised her voice but only after Shawna called us puppy murderers. Our daughter asked for Paw Prints veterinarian’s name and phone number so we could speak to them about the puppy’s examination prior to adoption. Shawna said that she was the one that administered the first set of shots to the puppy and that the puppy had never seen an actual veterinarian. Our daughter ended the phone call.
10. Paw Prints stated that Animal Control came to their house and did an inspection. Animal Control found no puppies on the property, so the inspection was clean. Paw Prints neglected to give them the names and numbers of all of their FOSTER HOMES - where, at last count, 39 puppies are being kept and the Parvo Virus may be found.
11. Paw Prints wished illness on my family and stated “off with them is the answer”. That is a physical threat and now we feel our safety is in jeopardy.
12. Paw Prints stated that they made “piece” with losing this puppy. We have not made peace with losing our puppy – a puppy we instantly loved. A puppy Paw Prints say we murdered because of diarrhea.
13. If we do decide to take this to court, we will bring Paw Prints contract as well as the slanderous statements made about us on Paw Prints Facebook page including the statements on that page that said “we need to get these dogs adopted so we can pay our bills”. We were under the impression this was a non-profit agency.
We will also bring the list of promises on Paw Prints Rescue website. It clearly states that Paw Prints ensures the health of their animals thru veterinarian check-ups. In the event Paw Prints does not know what we are referring to here is their statement:

“The adoption fees cover expenses like veternarian care, vaccinations, medications, testing, worming, flea meds, spaying/neutering, food, dishes, bedding and many other supplies that you need on a daily basis. The cost per animal is what it basically cost us and sometimes it cost more than the adoption fees. Vet care alone can run from the hundreds and up. We sometimes (always) never recover from these expenses.”

Although Paw Prints removed their Facebook page, we printed a copy of it for our records.
14. Paw Prints states that they are a rescue.
Any reputable rescue would not berate people that drove for hours to get a puppy only to find out it was sick with a potentially deadly virus. They would try to solve the situation to ensure all of the animals were healthy.
Any reputable rescue would not make death threats to people that tried to save a puppy’s life by adoption and the unfortunate euthanasia due to the Parvo Virus.
Any reputable rescue would not get rescues from Animal Control at the cost of $10 (plus a refundable $40 when proof of spay/neuter is received) and SELL a puppy for $350 to make a profit on these animals, especially when they are a non-profit entity.
Any reputable rescue would not have reacted the way Paw Prints did unless they are used to this type of situation.
Any reputable rescue would have more on their contract than the ways of refunding money. How not to get money refunded and all things money related. It would ask you how big your home is; if there are small children in the home; if there were other animals. The contract would be more interested in the health and welfare of the animal being adopted than the money.

All we wanted from the beginning was to ensure the safety of the other puppies. If any of the volunteers at Paw Prints would have simply stated, “We are so sorry for your loss. We can’t return your money because of the contract but we will ensure a vet checks the rest of the puppies to make sure they are all healthy” that would have been the end of this situation.

Due to the lack of compassion from the volunteers at Paw Prints Rescue, we are requesting a refund for the puppy as well as reimbursement of the vet costs. All monies received will be donated to an animal cause of our choice. This was never about the money. It was always about the animals.
Complaint comments Comments (40) Complaint country United States Complaint category Pets & Animals
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Paw Prints Rescue - Sick Animals


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A  10th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
It is a shame that there are good and honest rescue's out there and this one seems like a front for a puppy-mill. They should all be ashamed.
N  14th of Feb, 2011 by    -4 Votes
I used this rescue when I purchased my chihuahua and enjoyed my meeting with them. They met me and allowed me to get a feel for the puppy before my purchase, they showed all vaccinations to date and explained the contract to be clear and concise. I am sorry you had a negative experience, but I find it is slanderous on your part to write such a post. I am curious if you could respond here publically with the death threat in writing, I am just flabbergasted to hear that, as the woman I dealt with was so compassionate and clearly very attatched to the animals. I am just shocked by this review. I was doing a facebook search to post an update about my chihuahua i purchased from them and came across this post, I really hope this is just an exxageration.
D  14th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
Sorry to say that this isn't an exaggeration. We have the threat, in writing, that was submitted to the BBB - and on the original post you can see the response that we gave to their comments to us. I am VERY happy to hear that you had a positive experience with them. Since the dogs are fostered out, different homes will have different attributes. Happily for you, your puppy wasn't sick. What I wrote was not slanderous - it was truthful - from our experience. I'm not sure which volunteer you dealt with but I know who berated my family. I'm not going to go any further here but needless to say, everything that was written was accurate. Again, I am happy that you had a positive experience.
N  15th of Feb, 2011 by    -5 Votes
I looked at this website before adopting a puppy three days ago and saw all of this negative feedback it sounded like alot of exaggeration and so I decided to meet their puppies.Well we adopted our little precious baby we now named snuggles.I took her for a vet check and parvo test all which came back with flying colors the vet said you got a very healthy puppy.I am so glad I listened to my gut and the next time I adopt it will be with them.I have never seen fosters love their animals so much and I knew when I rescued that I was taking a risk as it stated in the contract and if my dog had gotten sick I would have treated my new family member parvo is highly curable if treated asap and will not be spread with proper care.Anyhow I just want people to know maybe they had a bad experience but we did not and gained a new family member.Thanks so much for rescues like them we are so pleased.
A  15th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I am very sorry for your loss. That's a terrible insult to injury situation, and for it to play out like it did is just heartbreaking.

I think it is suspicious that their Facebook Page would be removed; This is a red flag for me right away. I am happy you were able to keep what you posted and grateful you are sharing your experiences with these people. I will warn my pet-loving friends to not abide them as I have several friends involved in rescue and placement. This kind of treatment happening to only one person is too many - especially when little lives are at stake and love is involved.

I am sorry, again, you had to suffer your loss and sorry also that this company seems to be heartless.
A  24th of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I was recently contacted by another woman (saw this posting) that had adopted a puppy from Paw Prints at the beginning of February. Her puppy had Kennel Cough AND Parvo. It's not just my family that had this horrible experience. We compared notes and a lot of the same stuff that happened to her happened to my folks.

Happily her little girl pulled thru but with a HUGE vet bill and a lot of unnecessary anxiety and sadness.
N  25th of Feb, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I am so happy that woman loved her dog enough to save it.This is what rescue is all about not the perfect dog but the perfect addition to your family.Thank god for people like her who dont put money first and actually save their family member.What a shame whoever posted this let their puppy die. Keep going paw prints you will always get a bitter person but you will also make many lives complete Thank You for all your dedication and the lives you save
N  26th of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Seriously. The Paw Prints people are joining the board just to write these comments. PATHETIC. Goes to show the depths of darkness these people will sink to.

For someone to congratulate a person that went thru with the treatment and was successful... are you serious? You missed the fact that the RESCUE HAS SICK DOGS. She should never have had to treat a sick puppy in the first place and go thru all the pain and agony of not knowing if her puppy was going to live or die not to mention thousands of dollars in threatment that she shouldn't have had to pay if this rescue was doing what it was supposed to be doing.

A really caring rescue would close the foster homes, check and treat the infected dogs, disinfect the areas and then adopt out healthy animals.

That is what you should be focusing on.

For the cheap seats, it was never about the money. They puppy was a little over a pound. She was not going to make it thru the treatment. The vet said she was too sick. This was the most humane thing to do for the dog. As far as the money goes, money is not a problem. My parents would have paid anything to save her if she would have had a better prognosis.
N  26th of Feb, 2011 by    -2 Votes
OMG you are pathetic! You will say anything to not admit to not trying to save a dog. Does not matter about weight. It was not humane. It was just easy for you. or your parents. Why are you writing for them? do they not know how to write? Do you know the survival rate for this treatable disease... yes! They do survive with a good vet and proper care.? 70 to 90 percent. Guess the poor dog did not have a good vet or owner who actually cared. See... saying you care and your phyiscal actions are two different things. What you did was not humane, and was not caring, it was just easy for you and cheap right? About a 100 dollars vs. "thousands". And if they would have paid anything ... then they would have and you would not keep talking about "thousands of dollars". Your whining about how it should not have happened ... well it DID! So you deal with it and call them like any normal person would have done and return the dog and get your money back. You sound so ignorant and so does your initial complaint. Does not make any sense and rambles. And acusations they - the rescue are joing the board to respond. Not one message here says that. And if they did I am sure they would have much more to say. And somewhere in the middle would be the truth. Where is your information coming from.. The same as the initial complaint? Lacking any facts. Also look at the people coming to their defense. You seem like this is more about you . Either you have too much time on your hands or a screw is loose. You respond to each and every response. Shows how immature and how you are out for revenge instead of justice. Also shows that the person who talks the most has the most to cover. Simply pathetic. And I will say one thing. The only thing this rescue did that was wrong was adopt to a family like this. They should do more of a backround check. Anyone who does not understand that this is a rescue and things do and can happen, should have never rescued in the first place. The victim here is the puppy. Sad it ended up in the hands of such selfish, vindictive, manipulative people. Upsetting that the rescue did not look further into this family before it was adopted. Could have avoided all this trouble and could have saved a precious life. And by the way.. I am no part at all of this rescue. Just someone with an education and common sense and reading this irritated me enough to write. I am disappointed in the rescue due to lack of backround checks and making sure it was a stable home and even more sickened by the family who claims to have rescued. They did not rescue at all.
N  27th of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I sent (Disguested) Disgusted in Sacramento a personal note. (spelling Disguested correctly in my response)

I don't understand what some people are missing. A shelter is supposed to ensure the health of the animals they are adopting out. If the animals are sick, that should be something the shelter owns up to. Not calling names and acting juvenile. If adding to this post and bringing it back to the top of the pile might make the difference in one animals health or life, great. All shelters, not just this one, should do what they promise to do. Take their animals to the vet and have them checked over so that the animal is happy and healthy.

For some of you that might not understand the comparison - if you bought a new car, drive it off the lot, and it breaks down...would you fight the dealership that sold you a bad product? Most cars can be fixed. Not all lives are repairable.

If someone degrades your parents, or anyone in your family, had been degraded in any way, wouldn't you stand up for them? This is a real issue. This is a real problem.

All of the letters, posts, and speaking I have been doing - on behalf of my elderly parents who don't have the computer skills or the fight in them I have - is just to hopefully make the lives of these dogs and all animals a better one. If anyone reading this thread doesn't understand that I am helping my parents and trying to do better by the lives of animals, then I don't understand you. If any of you thought your parents were taken advantage of and abused and you didn't stand up for them, I would feel sorry for your parents.

This is the exact opposite of selfish and vindictive. I spend my days fighting to keep the men and women alive in this war making sure they have what they need to fight and survive and my evening fighting for my parents, animals or whatever this way comes.

The issue shouldn't be that the puppy died. The issue should be that the rescue never should have enabled the puppy's health to deteriorate in the first place. Their lack of action created all of this. Not just to our family but to other families.

When you are told that an animal has seen a vet, is healthy and supposed to be a great new addition to your family, and the exact opposite is true, anyone would have an issue with the lies you have been told.
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We adopted our dog from paw prints in Oct 2009. We met Paw Prints at a pet store and he looked so sick we had to take him home with a $250 adoption fee. They told us he had been abused, had a severe case of fleas, starvation, and they had been feeding him bacon. 4 days after adoption he started vomiting and was diagnosed with parvo. 11 days in ICU he pulled through with an ENORMOUS vet bill. The vet said it was one of the worst cases of parvo they had seen. We were horrified and lucky our other dog didnt get sick. Paw Prints told us the same thing, never had sick dogs before and refused to answer and return phone calls. We did not know how to report them but strongly feel action should be taken.
N  4th of Mar, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Oh no... horrible. You do not feed a pupys bacon. not wit parvo. You feed them little honeys lots of crackers. Load them up with crakers. The best brand is ritx not hte saltines. This will cure parvo along with sme good tlc.! Worked when I was prego many times too. Like a charm I tell youi. Man I could have saved ur pup and you could have given me all that money you flushed down the tolit. I have had many pups with parvo. I know. Might try some soda pop too. The fizzies kill germs.

Do not forget to disinfect ur house. Febreese or some goood cleaning product. Soap will work. I breed pit bulls and poodles. So I thought I could write and offer help. Email me if you would like one. I could have saved ur pup.
N  4th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I was referred to this website when I started my puppy search and am very dissapointed this is not true info it looks like one lady with too much time on her hands.You really should of just kept your original post and stopped making up the others I AM SURE NOBODY TOLD YOU BACON you probably need meds and another topic to investigate you have failed here.That said to anybody out there is there another website that a looney bird didnt take over I would love to rescue a puppy?Too bad this info isnt correct it could have been useful anyways I will keep looking
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Lady writing intial reviews has no credibilty. Says writing for parents yet says it is them writing for they do not know computers. She also spends her days online doing complaints. She has 22 complaints online. Calls herself Parvo in YC. All complaints include rescues. pet stores, book stores, restraunts. even target. She also does complaints for third parties. BEWARE! Obviously something is wrong.
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Skyblue and Green. LOL You dolt.

I responded to other peoples complaints. I COMMENTED. I have only ever filed ONE Complaint and yes I wrote it for my parents. I have the ability and creativeness to find everything I can on this rescue - and comment on it. That's my pleasure and my right.

Why do you care?
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Since some of you might want to know what to do in the event of a Rescue that is "Non-Profit" SELLING animals or animals being sick, this is what I would do:

Keep a timeline of all contact with the rescue (people and times), all of the actions you have taken - all of the information you have essentially.

Contact local animal shelter, BBB, Humane Society and news stations.

Then write letters to the owner of the rescue - but get it Certified so you have proof they received it.

Contact the following with all of your information; PETA, Attorney General, IRS, Department of Justice, USDA, Complaints Board, Yelp, Topix and all entities that give grants to non-profit rescues - such as Pedigree.com. Let your imagination and Google take you to places you never knew existed.

Copy all of their FACEBOOK posts before they remove it. Copy the contents of their adoption pages and track the animals they are adopting out (if possible - keep on a complex spreadsheet that can be easily emailed to any and all agencies that ask for it like I do). Ask for the name and number of the vet that treated the animal prior to adoption.

Being a Non-Profit entity is special. The owner of the rescue can actually be sent to prison if it can be proved that money is being made. Or, at the very least, be put out of business/fined. Such websites as Manta can give you lots of information on the owner of the rescue. Good site to know. The IRS and DoJ are very interested in people that try to get over on the system. Being a tax exempt entity is looked at fairly closely when you complain, as it turns out.

Even if all of this isn't enough, and the people from the rescue (or their friends) keep posting to a complaints board, IP addresses can easily be obtained and harassment charges can be filed.

With all of this information, I wish you all the best of luck with fighting rescues that sell sick animals and trying to make you into the bad guy.
N  9th of Mar, 2011 by    -3 Votes
You misspelled plagiarism. By the way, the Bible being public-domain literature, it's not "against the Law" to use it.
Who's gonna sue the Mormons for using it? King James?
Maybe you better watch out for them tranquilizer drugs of some sort or other in the water.
N  10th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I rest my case. CRAZYYYYY... Too much time on hands. Go knock yourself out. Bring down the rescues. Check IP addresses... for what stupid? You literally are ###ed. I know everyone can see that. You prove it over and over. Your mom and dad clearly needed to spend more time with you and they really did need to spend the money on your therapist / treatment instead of a dog. Do you see you are losing poor ###. You are wasting your breath, time and should be focusing on your own life. Go for a walk. Find someone to spend time with. Get laid. You clearly sound and act lonely. Do you have any friends? I can see why you don't. LMAO. Leave the rescuing to people who actually do. You are not helping anyone or hurting anyone. You are wasting you TIME. Life is short. Go spend it with your elderly parents. Bark like a dog for them. Do you actually think rescues, shelters, News, these boards, etc all these places seemed shocked about Parvo in a rescue. No ###. It happens all the time. To everyone. It is just too many dogs from all different places. It is bound to happen. It was just unfortunate it happened to you. What they are shocked with if anything is how you say they responded. Which. You are a third party and clearly biased. But no one can take you seriously now with these complaints. You show how stupid you are. You are simply and surprisingly ###ed beyond anything I have ever seen. And wasting your time. They are laughing at you. Thinking what I am saying but too polite. I however am not too polite. I will not come back to "BERATE" you. I unlike you have better things to do. Good luck STUPID!! yes with all caps. You deserve it! Hope you don't get carpels tunnel. LOL. Or maybe I do. They no more typing for you. HA HA! !!!
A  12th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We met Shawna with our new puppy on Wednesday. She was very friendly. On Saturday, our new pup vomited everywhere. He refused to eat anything for days. He would only drink water and would, ultimately vomit white foam--because he had nothing in his stomach. We took him to the vet and it turns out he has a slight case of Parvo. The vet said he most likely had Parvo when we got him and that we had caught it in time.

Nevertheless, we are very disappointed with Paw Print. We assumed we were getting a healthy puppy to add to our family. Instead, we are on pins and needles, hoping his treatment will go well.
A  19th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We got Tyler (Hank) from Paw Prints on 4/2/11. Happy and playful at first, Hank started showing signs of illness less than 24 hours after he got home. We took him to the vet and began aggressive treatment to help with his coughing, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. He was given antibiotics, supplements and SQ fluids, but all he did was lay in his bed.

On the evening of 4/10/11, Hank seemed to be doing better and began drinking on his own. Unfortunately, the next morning I woke up and found him dying. I held him and cried. Our family was in love with him, especially my daughter, who was heartbroken by his death.

I called Shawna at Paw Prints to let her know and she offered us another puppy. Believing Hank was an anomaly, I agreed and made the hour-long trip back to Yuba City. We picked up Rocky and my daughter was, again, in love.

Less than 10 minutes after being home, Rocky began to vomit. It was late so I decided to would watch him through the night to see if it was nerves. He continued to throw up and had foul diarrhea all night. He made no attempts to escape his pen, and didn't whine to be let out, as most puppies do. He just laid there, same as Hank, showing no interest in food or water or human contact. The next morning, I told my daughter that we had to take him back because he was sick. She was devastated.

I called Shawna and told her, I also said I wanted my $250 “adoption” fee back. She refused, citing the contract. I told her she knew, as well as I, that the contract was bull. I also asked her for the name of the vet who had cared for the puppies while they were there. SHE ADMITTED TO ME THAT THE PUPPIES HAD NEVER SEEN A VET AND THAT SHE AND HER SISTER HAD ADMINISTERED ALL OF THE VACCINATIONS.

I threatened legal action and told her I would be in touch. A few minutes later, she called back and said she would give me back my money. After driving back to Yuba City to return Rocky, I suggested that they test the puppies and clean the facility. I was regarded coldly and told “We've been doing this for a few years; we know when puppies are sick.” I said I had spent the last week nursing the last puppy they gave me, who had the same symptoms, and he died. I was told I was a troublemaker and they left. Rocky is now back up for adoption (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/19082144).

I then spoke with the manager of ********, who hosts Paw Prints in-store. He said there were recent complaints about them. He also told me that Paw Prints always had puppies, rarely older dogs, and agreed that the puppies smell like they live in filth, though they are supposedly bathed before being shown (I gave Hank a bath the first night, and even when sick, he never smelled as bad as he did when we first picked him up!) The manager of ******** is currently investigating them.

Looking back on my experience with Paw Prints, I can't believe how naive I was. The signs were all there. Some odd things of note:

The night we got Hank, I asked Shawna when I should take him to the vet. She said I didn't need to.

Their website claims they want to find the best home for their animals, but I was never asked one question, other than if I brought cash.

The shot record and sticker they gave me were photocopies, and only showed the first set of shots, but I was told he had two sets.

When we picked up the second puppy, we were told we didn't need to sign a new contract, but the first was specific to Hank (his information and the date).

Before we got Rocky, I requested to see Roxy, and Hurley, her brother. Shawna claimed that Hurley had been eating his bed and she didn't want us to have him (?). She agreed to bring Roxy and made references to Roxy being a girl. They showed up with Rocky, a boy, and claimed I had asked to see him, even though he wasn't on the website. When I asked if they could get Roxy, they were visibly uncomfortable and skirted around the issue. Were Roxy and Hurley sicker than Rocky?

Shawna admitted to me that the puppies don't see a vet, yet the Paw Prints website states, “The adoption fees cover expenses like VETERINARIAN CARE." (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CA1311.html)


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