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Pars Cars Auto Sales / Lemons

1 Morrow, GA, United States Review updated:

Pars Cars is very unprofessional with their sales tactics. They take advantage of people who need cars and sell them overpriced vehicles with major problems and though they give you a 30 warrenty on the vehicle you buy the mechanics will not fix the problem with the car they only give you excuses as to why they can't do it or will tell you everything is fine when indeed it isn't. The service department at pars cars is a scam and the prices are a scam. With the monthly payments that you would recieve after putting so much down though they give you a maximum 14.99% interest rate. you still would end up with the same payment price at a dealership.

For example..

Gene Evans sells a 2001 Ford Expedition with 133, 678 miles on it for $5, 695

Pars Cars will sell the same expedition for $12, 998 after dealer fees it comes to over 14K

I just wanted to put out an alert that if anyone is in need of a vehicle please do not and I mean DO NOT EVER EVER EVER GO TO PARS CARS.

The inventory just looks good but it is all wrecked junk with serious problems that you will be paying for.

They also advertise no credit check but somehow some way they put my credit score in front of me.

Not to mention that they advertise 1500 down for an expedition
2000 down for a navagator.

I came with 2000 for the navagator

a 2001 navagator at that, They wanted 4500 down for it. So I gave them 2500 down for the expedition. I loved the truck but the thing about it is it was ###ed up when I got it. I asked for an alignment. They wouldn't do it. I asked them to fix the shifter they wouldn't do it and then I asked them to fix my locks and check my front drive train. They didn't do ###! Now my car is in the junk yard because my brakes failed, transmission failed and starter failed. Nothing works. The hell with pars cars.

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  • Ti
      13th of Feb, 2009

    I too purchased a car from PARS Cars, and It is one of the worst mistakes that I have made. The whole ordeal has turned into a nightmare. I went to Pars Cars on 02/01/2009 to purchase a vehicle. The advertisement states that $500.00 down. When I got there I was told that the $500.00 was just to get people through the door. I did find a car that I wanted a placed a deposit. I immediately noticed that there was some severe problems going on. I made a service appointment and paid the $10.00 fee and rented me a car until my car was repaired. I got my car back on 02/11/09 . Later that night I had a flat tire because the tires were dry rotted costing me an additional $96.00. I got up to come to work on 02/13/09 and now the service engine light is on and they want me to rent another car and pay $10.00 more for service fees. They also informed me that I may have to pay for the parts. People need to RUN FAR AWAY FROM PARS CARS.

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  • Pa
      22nd of Apr, 2009

    Consumer's Original Complaint:
    We went to Pars Cars on false advertisement. They said they can help me to repair my credit, yet they took advantage of the situation. The advertisement stated that your job is your credit and you can purchase a car for 14.9% interest rate. They give you 14.9% after they jack up the price of the car at least 10 to 15 thousand dollars and payments on a four year old car financed for five years. I Purchased 2005 Chevy Tahoe on 03/6/09, when we got to the dealership we were told we could not test drive a vehicle until we were credit approved. We decided to just leave when another sales person came out and asked if he can help. We test drove 3 vehicles and was taken into the dealership for paper work. we should have left when it took 3 hours of waiting, by this time we were told we need to put money down for the deal to go smooth...this was just so they would have our money and we would not just leave without nothing. After we gave them the deposit of 2500.00 for the vehicle things got even slower. They also told us we were approved for 13, 900. but the price of the suv was actually 26, 900. We were there all day...well over eight hours. They then said the deal was done they just need a thousand dollars more for the deposit..not knowing the price of the vehicle was 26, 900.A total of 3500.00 deposit for a used 4 year old vehicle Once they so called approved us it still took several more hours. They told us that they were going to take off the rims and this was standard for every vehicle they sell. Once we got the suv and took it home..we founded out the tires they put on the suv don't fit...they put the wrong tires on the suv. We then had to call constantly to get someone to fix this problem we finally got some sort of help on this. But to top it off we founded out the suv was wrecked and had been under water for a long period of time. There is a loud scrubbing sound, coming from under the suv. The bearing have rusted out and We are having to replace all bearings on the front and back wheels of the suv...very cost us about 1500.00 just for these repairs on a suv we purchased less than 3 weeks ago. The airbag warning light came on 2 days after we purchased it and has not went off since

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  • La
      17th of May, 2009

    I bought a Durango from Pars Cars 4/6/09. On 4/11/09 my check engine light came on. I then called Pars cars that Monday 4/16/09. No one wanted to help me. They told me to come back after 150 miles so they can reset it. Around three weeks later my truck started running hot and the brakes went completly out. I spoke with the general manager at the Southlake location and he told me there's nothing he can do. He had the nerve to say his job was done when he sold me the truck. He then made it worse by saying, " I can keep the truck in my garage for two years for all he cares at long as i make my payments. His service manager was so upset that he got up and left out of the room with us. The workers there are just doing what they are told to do by the management team. Everyone keep posting bad things about Pars Cars on here but we need to go a little futher than that. I'm taking this as high as i can starting with the cunsumer reports on the news. I'm also speaking with a lawyer about this to see what i can do legally. If you would like to join me please contact me at [protected] We shouldn't let them continue to take advantage of other people. You should not be in business with the tatics they have. i know you may think Pars cars is your only choice with bad credit but there not. I've found several of big companies that can help you get into a newer vehicle with lower miles for around the same or lower payments you have now. You can also contact me for that info too. If Pars Cars dont have customers they dont have a business. Let's stop complaining and do something about it. All in please contact immediately.

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  • An
      18th of May, 2009

    I strongly agree with you. Let me know what I can do as well. I have contacted fox 5 news and hopefully someone will call me to look into this. I believe the news channels right now is what will make a big difference. If everyone will contact Fox 5 or channel 2 or 11 alive...we will get results. contact me as well, for more information. I also called the Better Business Burea . Complaint on this website too, this will help when the news channels contact you.

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  • La
      20th of May, 2009

    Thank GOD for these reviews! I was headed to see them after hearing their "padded" commercial on V-103! Thanks for the heads up! They're going to get what's coming to them for be decitful including the people who work for them!!!

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  • Je
      17th of Jun, 2009

    I am so glad that I read this before going out there. I had an appt today, but will not be going. I read that someone said there are other dealerships that are willing to help those with less than perfect credit (I'm in the Atlanta area) If so, please post these places and let us all know. I do need to get another truck, but my credit is not the best

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  • At
      28th of Jun, 2009

    Thank Yall so so much!!! There tempting radio advertisements almost motivated me to go out there. I will stay far away!!! Everybody want and deserves a dependable automobile and friendly service.

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  • An
      15th of Jul, 2009

    United Auto Sales in Marietta Phone# 770-973-8775 check them out see what you think? post and let me know what you think?

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  • Ms
      27th of Jul, 2009

    I was gonna check them out today too NOT after reading these complaints I'm not going. Knowing my personality I would have spit on somebody up there thanks for helping me avoid a situation like that! I despise when people attempt to take advantage of others, I can read all through that stuff. Hard working Black people have already dealt with so many hardships & been taken advantaged of for so many years if anything we should be uplifting and really trying to repair each others CREDIT! Bad for you pars cars and employees!

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  • Co
      7th of Aug, 2009

    I WISH I WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE PURCHASING FROM THEM! I HATE THEM!!! I came all the way from Columbus to get bent over and screwed without a thank you! The initial application stated Deal Cancellation $295. When I asked my salesman, Keith J. Brown what did that mean, he his words "if you buy the car, go home, decide you don't want it, you bring it back, boom, we give you your money back except for $295." I said okay. After spending 10 hours there (should have left after the first 3 but I was in need of a car), I ended up putting down $500 more than intending to and agreeing to put down an additional 1500 later. They only let you test drive around the block (2nd sign that I should have left). The 03 Expedition ran fine. The side mirror was missing and he said they'd fix it, just bring it back Tuesday because they had to order it and they'd fix it. I left the dealership in tears (3rd sign...what the heck was wrong with me...shouldn't not have purchased but anyway), they didn't even give me a gas voucher. The salesman just gave me $10!!! On the way home, the car started shaking when I pressed the brake. I went back the very next morning to cancel the deal, but the manager of the lot said that is not what deal cancellation means and that my salesman doesn't know what he's talking about. I'm like...what a minute sir...he's your sales MANAGER and he doesn't know what he's talking about. I asked who should be responsible for his employee giving out the wrong information, he stated that he was not going to deal with that and walked off!!! I took the car back home and it is now sounding worst. In addition to an alignment, the barren (or something) to do with the clanking noises has to be fixed. I'm giving them the ragedy piece of junk back tomorrow. In the end, I end up losing my $2000, the car, and my credit will be even worst now with the repossession. Note: They will hold you there forever trying to wear you down and keep you late so you don't want to leave without something...oh and you must put your down payment down first before test driving a car...this prevents you from just driving away. Once you go back in to ask for your money back and you're leaving, the finance manger, Michael Robinson will tell you they just got some new cars in and your salesman is on the way around with one that you're going to love right now. Everyone in the office...receptionist, salesman, and service dept are black but when it comes to who handles the money...he's not and the owners are not. They figured out that a black staff will draw black customers (especially since we suffer from bad credit the most). And they know some black people don't mind getting over on anybody just to make a buck. But God still does not like ugly and Pars Cars, United Acceptance will get theirs. I just pray God's mercy on them like Moses had to do for Miriam. LOL! Oh...if you do decide to purchase from your own insurance. they will set you up with this broker who's suppose to sell all insurance like Geico, Progressive, etc and give you the cheapest rates. They will give you Assurance. Assurance is not the cheapest and are a big fraud just like them. They wanted 165 for just collission and comprehension. Progressive costed 175 but that was after I added uninsured motorist, 250 deductible, $40 a day rental car, and loan pay-off to my plan!!! Pars Cars, United Auto Acceptance, and Assurance Insurance are in it together.

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  • Sw
      13th of Aug, 2009

    I these comments are absolutedly true!!! Run far away from Pars Cars. Their radio ads are nothing but lies!!! After my nightmare with Pars Cars, I went to 1st Class Autos in Mableton. They are the best!!! Honest, friendly, great service and nice reliable low mile cars! They can help even if you have a repo with Pars Cars or anybody. or call 770-941-4945. I will never buy a car from anyone else!!!

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  • Ca
      16th of Aug, 2009

    Thanks for the reviews. I too was going to go to Pars Cars after hearing the advertisement on Magic 107.5. I had suspicions being I just recently went through and still is going through what everyone is describing with M&G Bros. Autos in Roswell. I definitely will not be getting screwed twice. How is it that these crooks able to do business is amazing, but I guess as long as black folks are the victims it's alright. I don't think urban radio stations should advertise such business, to me they're are just as guilty.

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  • Ms
      19th of Sep, 2009

    I want to thank you all for the info because I have an appt with them this friday. I too have a repossession as well, I was with Drive Financial the worst finance company ever, don't ever get a lona through them. Pars Cars as a credit voucher for $500 off the purchase of the vehicle that I was goingto us, but after reading all the complaints. I don't think that I will be going to them, and thanks for the info about the other car dealers, because I am in need of transportation and I can't go to a replicable dealer because of my credit and the finance company that I am still with. They just came and got my car two weeks ago. So of any one else have any more info on where I can go please let me know. I will grealty appreciate it.


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  • Fr
      24th of Sep, 2009

    Hello everyone. my husband and i took a ride out there yesterday and this is my experience. i had to use the bathroom really bad so when we got there i asked one the the sales men could i use their restroom. right off the back he got but i let that go. he told me that i had to go to the building down the hill so i agreed and he led the way. while going down the hill i aked him his name (i forgot) but i asked him was he a sales man (red flag # 1) ( he was very sloppy lookin, shirt untucked, "saggin" pants, tennis shoes (raggedy) and a baseball cap) and he blew me away when he said yes. now i have been to a bunch of carlots in my time and i have always seen the salesmen dressed professional. back to the story... he aid that the maitanence was on vacation(red flag # 2) and he just sold an 02 Expedition 96, 000k miles and $520.00 mthly payments for 4 years to a lady and he had to wash it for her. now why would a company like this not have two or more maitenance people. sounds like ### to me. (red flag # 3) i asked him what was the process for getting a vehical from here and he said a recent check stub and a utility bill. so i then asked him about not having perfect credit but its not shot to hell and he then asked me what was i doing there. i was in disbeliefe. he said that this kind of lot was for people with horrible credit who couldnt go anywhere else to get a car and what they do is get cars from auctions without doing a auto check or a carfax and they jack up the prices on these so-called used cars (juck) and that is where their profit comes in. so you might pay at dodge 10, 000 for a status where at pars cars you pay 17, 000 for the same car. every car that come from the auction come with an auto check stating everyting about this car whereas a carfax dont just settle for a carfax. the next time you you go to a carlot as for the auto check because they do have them. and if they say they dont run like hell because they are lying to you. (red flag # 4) lol i asked him was this a lemmon lot. and of course he said no lmao. by this ttime i did have to go to the bathoom anymore because i was so disgusted with this guy. PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM. I BOUGHT MY CAR FROM DRIVETIME 3 1/2 YEARS AGO AND HAVENT HAD ANY PROBLEMS. MY CAR WAS A LIL PRICEY BUT I GOT A 02 DODGE STRATUS 46000K MILES FOR 150000. NOT BAD WHEN YOUR CREDIT WAS ### UP NOW I HAVE A 570 CREDIT SCORE WHEN I STARTED I HAD A 420. NOT A BAD JUMP FOR 3 1/2 YEARS.

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  • Da
      6th of Oct, 2009

    Thanks you guys so much for that information. I was going down there on Friday. I definately don't want to be dealing with another Justright Auto Sales. Which is no better than Par's Cars.

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  • Fr
      13th of Oct, 2009

    Thank You so so so so so so so much...I too was going to check them out due to the validity of v-103. First and Foremost, the ads need to cease, everybody and their momma listens to v-103. I really appreciate all the comments and so happy to have done my research first... Thank You all!

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  • Ge
      25th of Oct, 2009

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was told about this company from a friend who heard a radio ad about the company. I decided to check them out online and read all of your complaints. I hate that this company is taking advantage of people who have bad credit and who are in need of a vehicle. There is a website called you can also post your complaints there. As far as getting on the news---you need more than one person contacting the news. You all need to get together and exchange phone numbers---each person in this group would have to be willing to tell there side of the story to the news---if one person sends the e-mail and states in the e-mail that they have two or more people who have the same story and are willing to share. Make sure to include the names and phone numbers of those people in the e-mail. I was on the news because I was burned by a contracting company and they would not run the story or even come tomy home until I could provide them with other people who had the same experience and were willing to share. I would also take it a step further and contact the radio stations that were mentioned in the complaints and I would direct the advertising sales manger to this website to show them that the company that they are advertising is taking advantage of their listeners. They have a duty and responsibility to ensure that they are advertising reputable companies and according to the long list of complaints that I just read---this company needs to be out of business. Another thing that you can do is go to small claims court and again you would have to all get together and be willing to sue this company together. There is power in numbers so if you have a number of people with the same claims---then you could possibly sue this company for fraud---I hope that this information has helped all of you that have been burned by this company---It is the least that I could do for people who have saved me the headache and heartache of dealing with this company. Take care and good luck to all of you!!!

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  • Li
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    Thank god I purchased my car from Carmax, had a great experience and got a great deal. I got an 11 month old SUV and have payments within the limit I wanted with very little miles and interior was immaculate. Needless to say my credit was shot. My down payment was only $550 and the car was delivered same day. I have yet to visit the service department and the car is now over two years old with an additional 20k I have added. My daughter was thinking of checking out this dealership (Pars Cars), however before I read this I had told her forget it because the name alone and location sounded too "hood" to me. So I had only imagined what the experience would have been. Thank you for advising future consumers of this fraudulent company.

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  • Mi
      12th of Nov, 2009

    We purchased a 03 expedition from there and was told all we had to put 1, 500 that wasnt the case. We had to put 3, 500 to drive it off the lot. We were so caught up in trying to get a new vehicle we didn't even care that we were paying 22, 000 on a 03 expedition. Yes, it was fulled loaded but 22, 000 what were we thinking. Well about 3 months ago my bf got deployed and forgot to send a check out for insurance Well the accepted assurance man called me to let me know that we didn't have insurance on the suv and was rude as hell. I didn't know he dealt with insurance also. But I guess he thought I was going to keep my mouth shut while he was yelling at me. So, to teach me a lesson I woke up the next day to go get in the truck and it was gone. No, Knock on my door or letter letting me know they took it so I had to call the police and they told me the number to the place they were holding it. So, I call the place and they can't discuss anything with me because my name isn't on the suv. So, My bf happen to be coming home 3 days after it got Repo. and tried to call the place and no one answered or if they did he just got sent to someone else. So, since we couldn't get a hold of anyone we still don't have the vehicle and I'm pretty sure someone is driving it now. So, not he has a Repo on his credit and get a bill from the insurance place telling him that he owns them money. We don't even have the suv... Pars Cars is a rip off... Can they just come pick up your vehicle if you just didn't pay your insurance bill for that month?? But it wasn't the insurance place that came and got it, it was the place we got the loan from the truck from. If anyone can help please email me at [protected] Thanks!

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  • Ms
      23rd of Nov, 2009

    If you need a great place to get a car. Go to 1st Class Autos. I too actually wentto Pars Cars but I took my dad. I feel in love with the way the cars look so I was ready to buy. My dad convinced me to wait so in the mean time I checked and saw all these complaints and talked others. Everyone I know who bought from them say it is the worst mistake ever. Some one posted this place in Mableton. When I tell you it was 360 degree difference. They are family owned and really treat you well AND get all their car serviced and repaired before selling. I referred 3 of my coworkers to them and they are just as happy. It doesn't matter if you try them BUT TRUST ME DON'T BUY FROM PARS CARS!!! They really are this bad and more! They should be out of business. The website is They even let me apply online and get approved for the car I picked out before I got there. I bought a 2004 loaded Expedition from them and paid what I would have paid at a dealership even with my credit issues!!!

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