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37-Paradise Canyon Scam - One flew over the cuckoos nest

I worked at the Paradise Canyon Vacation call centre in Winnipeg,
and it was just like being in the movie "one flew over the cuckoos
nest", but unfortunately there were more than one cuckoo. There
were people selling stolen sports jerseys like Rob, and others like
Loren selling stolen xbox, playstaion, pc games and blu ray movies,
Loren we beleive spent 1/2 of his time behand bars when not at work
for days on end. Then we have a tall black anorexic man from the
MTS Osbourne Winnipeg call center, Ozzie who loves to brag how he
is making $20 an hour at MTs and his girlfriend $35 working with xrays,
and he just can't stop talking about the house he bought, and what does
Ozzie aka Chris do with all his money, buys stolen sports jerseys
from Rob at the rate of 1 per week, so know you know what happens
when you pay your MTS bill, employees like Ozzie buy stolen sports
jerseys. When approached about the stolen xbox games Noel said it was
alright as long as employees got good prices Then we have the warden
Noel who loves to fire people every other week "cleaning house" as he calls
it, and lastly his right hand man Dave, who sometimes uses his left, with his
prison tattoos he blends in nicely with Rob and Loren, we call them the 3
amigos, that is just the tip of the iceberg, now you see why we call the
Paradise Canyon Vacation call centre "a few flew over the cuckoos nest"

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      Oct 25, 2011
    Paradise Canyon Vacation - Dave breeding turkeys

    Paradise canyon vacation Scam

    Dave Breeding Turkeys

    Dave, Noel's right hand man who sometimes
    uses his left is now enjoying the outdoors
    chasing male turkeys. To help supplement his
    income Dave has been helping turkeys to breed,
    since he's been saving his right hand to assist
    Noel, why not make extra money using his left hand,
    so next time your having a family thanks giving dinner
    and your about to say grace before carving the turkey
    say a little prayer and thank Dave for without his left
    hand there would be no turkey on the table.

    16-Paradise Canyon Vacation Scam

    - Dave harasses ex-employees

    Thursday October 20, 2011 - 6:25pm, 2011 our cousin receives not one but 2 calls from Dave trying to disguise himself as "James",
    Noel's right hand man who sometimes uses his left, trying to question our cousin about internet blogs. *57 was used and the number
    traced to the police station, and the call was more than likely made from Paradise canyon Vacation call center, during working hours.
    It's not enough that Noel tried to use scare tactics and tell our cousin that the police will be wafting when he gets home the night he
    went to pick up his final cheque, our family called the police station and Noel lied, the police said the internet is free speech. Noel fired
    thousands of people even his own Filipino people, Dave go and harass Noel's Filipino people, we are not Filipinos, Dave go and call
    Brian since he was the one who said in the meeting that Noel was protecting some people who had less sales than him, Brian was angry
    about being fired, and he is Filipino who worked with Noel for 4 years. Is this the kind of company you want to hand over $10, 000 to $15, 000
    for a travel membership, a company who harasses employees after firing them, Noel could have given our cousin trade show sheets but he
    was out to fire our cousin, for asking Dave to get his antivirus program back, Noel was very pissed the night he returned the borrowed software,
    he hasn't talked to our cousin since and kept ### on him, that’s the thanks you get for borrowing your boss who asked for the software, never
    trust anyone from work, especially your boss. If this is how they treat their employees just imagine how they treat their members. Don't let Dave or Noel get
    your hard earned money, you will get nothing for your $10, 000 and it is $3, 500 not refundable and $40 to $60 a month for 20 years and the prices are no
    cheaper than other travel agents or if you shopped around for yourself.
    Again October 21, 2011 7:28pm Dave calls back trying to use scare tactics, This time Dave clears his throat not knowing what to say, we believe he
    was drunk putting back a few cold ones. Again *57 was used and the number traced, keep harassing our cousin Dave we will keep tracking and tracing
    your calls. This is Paradise Canyon Vacation harassing ex employees, if this is how they treat employees we can imagine how they treat their

    Paradise Canyon Vacation Scam

    Dave still Harasses ex employees

    6:10pm, October 24, 2011, Dave, Noel's right hand man who sometimes uses his
    left, is still harassing our cousin and again *57 was used to trace the call
    to the police, doesn't the employees at Paradise Canyon Vacation have nothing
    better to do than theirr supervisor to call and harass ex employees and with
    scare tactics and saying "you better quit that internet ###", Dave get a
    real job like working in a tattoo parlor and get real tattoo not home made
    prison tattoos, Noel fired many Filipinos and Brian was very upset go and
    call Brian, leave innocent people alone. I hope people reading this will
    think twice about giving Paradise Canyon Vacation $10, 000 to $15, 000 for
    nothing more than a membership for prices no cheaper than if they shopped
    around. For your information they don't tell you its $10, 000 till the
    salesman gets to your home, don't beleive the "you can't buy nothing at the
    presentation, it's strictly information only, and leave your money at home"
    There are better things you can do with $10, p000 to $15, 000 than let Paradise
    Canyon Vacation scam you out of it.


    17-Paradise Canyon Vacation Scam

    - Dave right hand man with 2 left feet

    Noel has a right hand man named Dave who sometimes uses his
    left. Some of us worked with Dave before at Tele Solutions,
    where 1/2 of the closing supervisors collecting credit card information
    had served jail time, and this is where Dave came from, and he seems to
    blend right in very nicely with his prison tattoos. Our cousin used to
    work with Dave on Saturday mornings at Tele Solutions and he remembers
    Dave coming in to work drunk like a skunk, and got many leads but once
    he sobered up he couldn’t do nothing, useless as tits on bull. Dave
    comes in to work every other week with a black eye from bar fights,
    or misses days here and there when he's on a drinking binge. Is this
    the best that Noel can do for a right hand man who sometimes uses his
    left. If this is the quality of supervisors we can imagine the quality
    of the salesmen at the presentations, the sales pitch should be
    "leave your money at home but bring a case of two four".

    Paradise canyon Vacation Scam

    Under The Table

    Is Pardise canyon vacation breaking the law, Is
    Noel paying Ozzie under the table. On more than
    one occassion Noel has been seen giving Ozzie a
    handful of $20, when ozzie was asked about the
    money. He said that Noel cashed his cheque for
    him and that he had no bus money to get home.
    Ozzie is an Osbourne, MTS employee making $20
    an hour and his girlfriend $35 an hour as an ex
    ray technician, and he has no bus money to get
    home? Also Noel has been seen giving Edna a
    handful of $20, that is against the law to not
    declare work earnings, why is Noel breaking the
    law with his favorite employees. As for Ozzie
    if he would stop buying stolen sports Jerseys
    from Rob every week, he may have change for the
    bus. Noel when appraoched said it was ok for Loren
    to sell stolen xbox games as long as employees got
    good prices.
    So is Paradise Canyon vacation is breaking the
    law selling stolen goods at work?
    We can almost be certain that Noel is paying pet
    employees under the table, if Noel says it;s ok for Loren
    to sell stolen xbox, play station, wii blue ray, blue ray
    movies, why even Dave his right hand man who sometimes
    uses his left is Loren's biggest customer.

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