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We have also had almost identical experiences with Paradigm Direct from the just say yes to the confirmation call and don't worry we will take care of the termination for you it won't cost you anything and getting stuck with an additional terminal we specifically did not want but ended up with due to answering the confirmation the way we were instructed to. This resulted in a 60 month non cancelable lease to the tune of $6000 and all the promises of savings were a myth we were better off with our old provider. Also the same experience of only getting a voice mail our rep was also Marc Palluck who promptly disappeared after the transaction. My advice stay away from these guys. We have attorneys who are familiar with this type of situation and are looking into a solution. [protected]

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  • Mp
      Dec 10, 2010

    At Paradigm Direct we stand by our products and services. Please don't be discouraged by bad reviews. We have customer service representatives available to provide you with references of customers with a positive experience in your area.

    How are we different?
    It's simple, with the growing complexity and increasing confusion in the world of payment processing, our Enhanced Interchange program is a smarter program where rates and equipment are only a portion of the deal to start to see savings. We believe in Success Management. Success Management is a proactive consultative approach to customer service that extends beyond the product in use. If we ensure our customers succeed, we will succeed. Please feel free to visit us at, contact me directly at marc.[protected], or call us at 480-320-2647

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  • Su
      Dec 14, 2010

    If you want to know how they do business just do a Google search on Paradigm Direct and you will have all the answers you need or better yet call the main office line after 5 P.M. and see if you get an answer PH:888-815-1676 Better yet do a yellow pages search and see how many contact listings you get for such a reputable company. This number is directly off there website Try a better business bureau search and look for any other contact numbers for them and you will see they do not exist. Or just ask them out right who does the processing for such a big company and you might be surprised to find out where your statement comes from after you sign the contract.

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  • Si
      Dec 22, 2010

    Don't get fooled by Marc Palluck's sales pitch, he is the most HORRIBLE sales associate around. Not only does he tell you Paradigm Direct will be saving you money, which is a lie, he disappears after signing you up. I have been trying since June to contact him and he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. I have a small independently owned coffeehouse in Chicago, switching to Paradigm Direct and giving Marc Palluck the time of day, have been the absolute WORSE decisions I have made in the 11 years I have been in business. I strongly discourage any business to use this service.

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  • La
      Apr 02, 2011

    BEWARE! Echelon Direct is a new company name for this scam. Josh Tornberg a.k.a. Joshua Matthew Tornberg, now age 36 (but looks 46), incorporated his company called JT Consulting Group, Inc. on 2/22/10 and is located at 1410 Grand Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109. If you research this guy, he works for Paradigm Direct. On 3/31/11, a guy named Joe Butler called my business. I explained to Joe that I am not interested in switching my processing company. He kept interrupting me and giving me his sales pitch about providing wholesale rates and having the ability to save me money. I told him I was NOT interested. He was so annoying and pushy, so I finally told him to go ahead and set up the appointment with his Regional Account Manager for 7:30 a.m. the next morning at my office JUST to get him off of the phone. Joe's supervisor, Ryan, called about 30 minutes later. I told Ryan that I was NOT interested in switching, but he insisted that my meeting with Josh Tornberg would change my mind. I told him he could come at 7:30 if he insists. On 4/1/11, at 7:30, Josh Tornberg arrived. He waited for about 15 minutes in his tan Nissan Murano, Arizona License Plate AKN3260, came into the office, helped himself to our notepad and wrote a note indicating that JW was going to call and reschedule for my "upgrade". When my general manager came in and asked what he was doing, Josh rudely told him that he needed to hear him out, since he drove out so early in the morning...blah, blah, blah. When it was clear that Josh was not going to win our business, he started cursing. The GM told him to leave, and Josh told him to "make me". Needless to say, we called 911 on this guy. He is very lucky that #1 he didn't get arrested, and #2 he didn't get the daylights knocked out of him by my GM. The information on the business card he left at our office: Echelon Direct, EDMS, Merchant Solutions, (480) 320-3499 Ext. 3492, (480) 320-3498, Josh Tornberg, Regional Account Manager. I've attached photos of this idiot so that you know what he looks like. After thoroughly investigating this guy, it is very clear that he is not a legitimate business website, no e-mail address, several different business names, threats of a class action lawsuit, all his associates are yourself some time and money and just hang up on these ###s.

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