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Papaya Clothing / Rude customer service

1 232 Sun Valley MallConcord, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (925) 356-0100

I am a very UNHAPPY CUSTOMER of Papaya. I have to say their customer service just seems to be plain BAD! I went shopping at Papaya in Concord California and the sales clerks there never helped me. One time I asked them to hold the clothes I was planning to purchase while I went to the bathroom and get a bite to eat. When I returned about half hour later, they either sold what I wanted to buy or returned the clothes to the racks. Needless to say, I ended up not spending any $$$ there and don't plan to return soon!! They say customer satisfaction is guaranteed! It is not true! They cannot even give you the managers telephone number, you can only leave your number so they can call you back after your 14 day return policy has expired. Cheap prices but not worth the hassle! I WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS STORE IN CONCORD AND WILL DO MY BEST TO INFORM ALL MY FRIENDS NOT TO SHOP AT THE PAPAYA STORE IN CONCORD EITHER!!

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  • An
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Unfortunately, Papaya does not pay on commission, and hires only young women over 18 but always under 25. They work only part-time and don't receive extensive training on customer service, since it's only a part-time job and permanent, most girls at these type of clothing stores don't work longer than 3 months, but those that do learn through experience of how to be a better worker. In any retail-store there will always be disgruntled customers, it's a given since in society in general there are always disgruntled people. I see it this way, EVERYONE makes mistakes, and if its your job, it might cost you, but that all depends what kind of mistake you make. A mistake like, "oops I accidentally did not write down the name on this customer's hold because either there is a long line of people and I'm stressed out, or I'm paid minimum wage with no commission but am required to do the work of five people so I sometimes make little mistakes...etc." A customer always reflects the true nature of the personality; it's psychological. How we treat the "hired-help" reflects who we are as human beings. If we can't forgive an inexperienced girl for making a mistake, and blow up the whole episode into a big deal, when reality it's not, what does that say about who we are? Honestly, so what they put your hold back, holds are a privilege, not a customer "right", it's a free service that you should appreciate, not demand. Other people would laugh it off and not even take it seriously. You are spoiled living in the U.S, go visit some other countries; you will learn that the U.S has taken this concept of "the customer is always right" to an extreme.

  • Mr
      1st of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Well i was shopping online and they charged my husband credit card 3 times yes 3 times and now i dedicate my life on calling there line but theres no way they never anwer your calls i hate papaya clothing !!!1 it sucks girls i say we take it to aeropostle lol well just wanted you youngs one to know well byeeeeeeee and remember dont shop at papapys clothing

  • Ki
      30th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Here is the Papaya corporate number 323.724.3600 . The company is under cornerstone apparel inc.

  • Mi
      1st of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree with the customer service being terrible at Papaya Clothing. I frequent the store often and has made several purchases at the store. I purchased a skirt and they forgot to take the sensor off.
    After about two months I decided to wear the skirt and saw the sensor was still attached to the skirt. I entered the store with the skirt in a bag (sales girl saw me enter the store). She took the skirt from me and said she will bring it up to the desk so they can take the sensor off. She asked me for the receipt, which I did not have, due to the fact I already through the receipt away. The sales girl stated they would not take off the sensor and falsely accusing me of stealing the skirt. I asked to speak with the manager and the manager was very nasty and said the same thing. Prior to me finding out they were not going to take the sensor off, I was trying on new clothes and I needed another size. I was going out of the dressing room to find a new size, when I was stopped by the sales clerk. Once again, the sales clerk was making an assumption that I was going to leave the store with the shirt on. At that point I got so disgusted with the store. I went over the manager again, and asked her to take the sensor off and she called the mall security. About 4 security guards came in the store (manager called and said I was disturbing the store) and questioned me as to what was going on. Apparently the security guards believed me and told me to take the skirt with the sensor. I received the number to the corporate office and they advised me to call the corporate office and explain the situation. I will never shop in their stores again. The sales clerks are very rude and immature and do not know anything about handling any type of situation.

  • 12
      30th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    papaya clothing use very cheap material. after couple of washing it rips off. Also papaya has the worst return policy.
    I never want to shop at Papaya. The worst shopping experience ever.

  • Be
      20th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have recently shopped online and they forgot to put 2 of my shirts in my bag and I've tried calling the customer service number but none of them work! The customer service number is wrong!

  • Un
      24th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    The papaya in wheaton mall was horrible. Michelle/management employee and Yamileth were completely unperfessional. I had to drive all the way out of my distance becuase one of the employees forgot to take my sensor off my shoes. And they were not trying to compromise with a discount or anything becuase of my inconvenience. They gave me sarcasimn and a hard time with a lot of arrogant and nonchalant attitude.

  • Ve
      17th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I Just had a VERY BAD experience with Papaya clothing store at the Arlington Parks Mall in Arlington TX. I went in on a Saturday and purchased over $150 worth of clothes. When the cashier was ringing me up, she held up a pair of Khaki Pants and said that they could not be returned, it was a final sale. I figured this was because they were on a clearance rack. I was ok with this since I had already tried them on. However, since I was in the store for so long trying on clothes I had to go as I had another appointment so there was a pair of black pants that I did not try on, but thought they would fit and if they didn't I knew could return them within 14 days purchase for an exchange. They're return policy clearly states ( and I read it while paying for my clothes) that ALL items can be returned as long as the price tag is still on the item, the clothing didn't look dirty or worn and you have the receipt. Well, I had all that in check when I went to go return the black pants 3 day later because they were too short. I went back to the store to return them plus try on and purchase a few more articles of clothing. I had the bag with the pants, price tag still on and the receipt. Since I was going to try on some more clothing, I didn't want to do the return transaction until I was ready to check out so I left the bag with my pants and receipt with the girls at the cashiers counter and explained what I was doing. I thought this would be the right thing to do so I wasn't taking the bag in with me to try on some more clothing. I had barely gotten the door locked and hadn't even hung up the clothes in the dressing room when I get a knock on the door. When I opened the door there were TWO cashiers standing there to tell me that I couldn't not return the pants because they had a yellow highlighted mark on the price tag. I said to them that I was told that only the Khaki pants couldn't be returned. They said that the black ones couldn't either and didn't want to give me the benefit of the doubt. I don't recall if I saw that highlighted mark on the black pants' price tag or not as it would have had no meaning to me one way or another. But I have my suspicions (although no concrete proof) that when I gave the girl my bag with the pants to hold onto while I went to try on some more clothes, she very well may have grabbed one of the many highlighters from a jar located at the cashier's counter and marked the price tag with the highlighter marker while I was making my way to the fitting room. I say this because why did they feel the need to rush and interrupt my trying on clothes to tell me that and why did two cashiers come and tell me this. I thought that was extremely odd.

    So then after getting out of the dressing room, I found an exact same pair of pants from the place where I got the ones from 3 days earlier (same sku#, price and all) the only difference was that there was no highlighted mark on the price tag. I asked the manager how come the pair I had had a mark on the price tag but the rest of the same kind of pants on that rack didn't and what was the difference. She said that my pair was older. REALLY???? ARE YOU SERIOUS???? I then told her that when I bought the pants I was not told I couldn't return them, just the Khaki ones. If I had been told that I would have never purchased them as I had not tried them on. She said that she believed I had been told that (in other words she was calling me a liar). I have never seen such horrible customer treatment. I filed a complaint with the Mall about the store and I also called Papaya (Cornerstone) corporate office and I kept getting the runaround by them. The first time I called the girl told me that everyone was out to lunch and to call back and ask for an Angie. Well, I did that and wouldn't you know it...Angie was not at her desk and I had to leave a message that I suspect will never be addressed. They keep this up I hope they go right out of business because that is what they totally deserve. Ridiculous!!

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