Panera Breaddirty facilities

De Nov 25, 2018 Martinsburg, WV

On Friday evening, 11/23/18, at about 6:00 P.M., we ate at the Panera Bread in Martinsburg, WV. We have noticed before that tables aren't being cleaned and wiped up when customers have left. My husband is 6 foot 4 inches tall and noticed that there is lots of dust on top of dividers between the in store pickup and seating. When going to get drinks, the area was so sticky and filthy along with no lids for cups. It was not that busy that someone couldn't have been out stocking items, wiping tables, etc. It is a shame to see this store, for no older than it is, fall into such a sad state of dirt and not being kept up. Locally, our health department publishes health department inspection scores and it would not look good on the store's record to be published for multiple infractions. I am sharing this as I believe if you don't know there are problems, you can't fix them. If you decide not to do anything, at least, I can say I made you aware and my responsibility is gone.

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