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I have 2 issues with this dealership. I purchased a new, 2010 Dodge Ram from this dealership. The first issue is that we went in with an "auto trader" guaranteed price on our trade in, and advertised sale price on the vehicle, and our own financing. However, the dealership refused to honor the advertised price unless we were using GMAC financing. The advertised price was an internet special and specifically indicated the rebates, none of which were linked to a financing option. We were bullied into accepting higher interest rate financing in order for them to honor their own advertised price.

Further more, they sold us a truck with a tire that had been plugged. We weren't aware of this at the time, but as the tire began to leak, we took it to a repair shop, and were shown that the leak was around an existing plug. The tire was plugged by the dealer, because it was too close to the side wall to patch.

Now, no one will touch the tire to repair it, and the dealership refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing. The "best" that they can do is that they offered to split the cost of the replacement tire. The vehicle had less than 20 miles on it when we purchased it, and is now at about 3500 miles, and needs at $300 tire.

We left messages and sent emails to the dealer when the problem started and never had anyone return the calls or emails. (The email went to the general manager, Jody Cruce). I want to make a big distinction here - I finally got the service manager on the phone, and I do not want to include him in this complaint - he has returned calls, and he went to people above him about doing the right thing and replacing the tire, and he was denied. However - John, in service - made the effort to set things right.

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  •   Sep 03, 2010

    I can't really comment on the sales end of your complaint. I have never worked in the sales department of a dealership. But I have worked in the service department. I can tell you what is going on with the tire.

    I have an idea that while your truck was a new vehicle on the lot, someone from the dealership "borrowed" the truck. It was either a mechanic, salesperson or anyone with access to the keys. While they had it, the tire was punctured. They had it repaired and brought it back to the lot. No one from the dealership was ever aware it happened.

    And this is why they are trying to spar with you about it. As far as they know, it never happened. Had the dealership been aware that one of their employees punctured a tire, they would have had it replaced. It would have been too big of a liability to simply plug the tire. And the knot head who borrowed the truck would probably be unemployed.

    From the dealership's point of view, you or someone in your family punctured the tire.

    I don't doubt for a moment you are being truthful. But if you have ever worked at a dealership, you wouldn't believe some of the things people try to get the dealership to pay for. Contrary to what most people believe, the manufacturer does NOT reimburse the dealership for most out of pocket expenses. The employees usually end up shouldering the costs related to doing business. If the dealership ends up paying for a scratch on a car, they do so at the expense of the company. Not the manufacturer.

    Just something to think about.

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