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First of all we just moved to this town and our phone number I am sure at one time belonged to someone else. However we get calls on a daily basis from Palisades Collections. Sometimes when I answer the phone it is a recording in Spanish, (I only speak English). At that point I hang up. Other times they call and there is a recording saying this is an attempt to collect a debt and in order to be connected to a representative, please enter your Social Security number. (Yeah Right!!) I think these people are frauds and are just trying to get info from you to steal your bank accounts or identity. I have never been asked to enter a social security in order to be connected to someone. My advice... if you have caller ID and they come up, do not answer.

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  •   Jul 07, 2008
    Palisades Collection - Keep calling even after being told they have incorrect number
    Palisades Collection
    United States

    Palisades Collections has been calling my mother's cell phone for months. They are calling looking for some Hispanic woman. It has become an every day event. They've been repeatedly told they have the wrong number, and to not call my mother's number again. They never apologize, but say they'll take her number out of their database, then abruptly hang up on her. Then a couple of months later, the calls start again. I'm trying to find out where this company is located so I can file a complaint with their local law enforcement agency for harassment.

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