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I called fido customer service 1-866-888-3436 to report double charged by fido and rogers. I switched to rogers on dec.15 2008 and was charged by fido on dec.23 for the remaining month until jan 5 2009.
The lady-ming is id 2881 explained that this was their internal rule to customer after they switched to other company. Addtional month charges.
I told that I never heard about this when I signed up with fido and I wanted to talk with supervisor or manager. But she told no supervisor or manager will listen to me, no way...
Even I tried to ask to remove caller id and voice mail since I am not under fido, I want to pay the one month bill for lower cost. She told me no way... Your account was closed. How does this happen that they closed my account but still charging me?

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  • Ch
      31st of Jan, 2009

    This does not surprise me with Rogers and Fido. They are such a dishonnest company that offer poor service. It amazes how they can be so rude and obnoxious when we pay their salaries. I'm glad that I no longer have to do business with them, but I'm still steamed that I thrown 600$ out the window to these immoral thieves. I suggest you do as I did and many other thousands. Give a bad review to Rogers and Fido, because they deserve it. Encourage others to do business with other cell phone broviders and submit a bad report about this company.

    I have a feeling that Rogers and Fido will lose more customers for the years to come. But that's not enough, we should inform future customers not to sign up with them. It's time that we raise our voice against them.

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  • Kw
      5th of Feb, 2009

    Fido which is owned by Rogers is the worst company I had ever dealt with. It seems as if upper management allows their employees to make up any bull to get the intail sales. For example when I purchased my Iphone last Aug I was promised that I would be getting all of the of the bonuses since i'm signing a new 3 year contract. Which was a lie. A the time I was also promised that there would be no EFC charge for my 6gig data package if I switched to another plan with data. Which was also a lie. My sister who was also in the market for the Iphone was promised a free bluetooth if she was to sign up. when she called back the next day she was told there was no such deal and that the person that she had talk to does not exist. What a freaking joke. Now these idiots have charged me for calling their customer service number, when is clearly state on their website that all calls to customer service are free of charge from your fido head set.

    Really I was waiting for another gms player to enter the Candadian market so I can throw $500 dollars at fido and tell them to go screw themselves but forget it im just gonna head over to telus and get the new blackberry storm... Yeah thats $3000 of revenue you ### lost because of your shady business practices

    Ahhhhhh I feel so much better now

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  • Re
      27th of Feb, 2009

    I got same type of charges for some shiittty messaging, which I do not even know for what I am getting. I got two bills of 24 $ and 33 $..

    This is pure SCAM by FIDO.

    I have wrote to their executive office and they have not responded in last two weeks. You can call Gaetano Di Falco, office of executive on following address.

    1-866-397-3436 ext. 4504 (toll free).

    Gaetano Di Falco
    Attaché, Bureau de la Direction
    Advisor, Office of the Executive
    Fido Solutions Inc.

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  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2009

    As a matter of fact, I have already unlocked my Fido cellphones by myself (Yay!!) and I shall do more. (Tip: Your Fido phones are, sadly locked so can only use with this or Rogers carriers, which means if you attempt to use another carrier SIM card from another country when you're outside Canada. it will prompt you to "insert SIM" I heard in AT&T from the States if you ask their customer support nicely by making some excuses like you are going on a trip to Europe...
    they will give you the unlock code to the unlock your branded cellphone
    so you can use it in any country. Wow Fido is not this
    My next goal is flashing the original firmware (without Fido logo or its internet options on it of course)
    This is already one form of protest.. I know that this can be a breach of contract or illegal.. BUT I don't care about Fido anymore nor I am going to use their services as they cheat, swindle us poor customers for their pleasure and advantage, its their fault.
    Why should I honour the contract when they failed to deliver what the customer wanted, and always
    cheat, nickel and dime poor customers even in times of economic difficulty?
    Why the Canadian government support the cruel behaviours of the monopoly companies like the Big three Rogers, Telus and Fido?
    Also, I find it very interesting that only Canada and the UK sells locked phones such as the Blackberry instead of unlocked ones? is this kind of manipulation on the customer and insult on the customers intelligence?
    Do you know in the Far East, you can buy the original unlocked cellphones like the Blackberry and Sony Ericssons for a relative cheaper price compare to the rip off deals by those phone carriers in Canada. One day Fido shall learn its tough lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty. They shall be bankrupt.
    If you have a Fido/Rogers phone, you have two choices, either immediately cancel it (without paying any crazy ECF), or unlock it.
    Do NOT, I repeat do not ever do business with this unethical company..unless you wanted to get a high blood pressure. Canadians (expecially those who had been victims by Fido), We must speak up for the sake of a better tommorow for everybody.

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  • Gg
      24th of Mar, 2009

    Fully agree!
    I had the same bad experience with FIDO. I was charged for calls to toll-free numbers.
    They told me "you didn't know? it's normal that we charge you for calls to toll-free numbers".
    I don't understand why i need to figure out all that from my bill. Why the can't just put some information on their web-site?
    And without the possibility to check the remained minutes in your account, it's more frustrating. Being a FIDO customer, you even will not have the possibility to control your spending. Only after receiving the bill you will figure out if you have passed the minutes limit you had on you account.
    Is the a way to complaint on them, like in Europe there is a regulatory organism controlling this industry?
    Try to avoid dealing with FIDO. You will have a lot of surprises if you go with them.

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  • An
      15th of Sep, 2009


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  • Ve
      4th of Oct, 2009

    It is stupid

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  • Ve
      4th of Oct, 2009


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  • 36
      7th of Jan, 2010

    I just paid my fido bill online the other day, today I look at my online mastercard statement and they charged me50.90 twice? ###in crooks I wonder how many millions they will make off ppl not noticing this. If I have to call customer service again ill lose ittt. Also last febuary my phone was stolen, I reported it stolen. Come back get my bill $500!.. after weeks of customer service bs and email then takeoff $250!? wtf so I phone againnn finally I get some kind of manager and guy says its my responsiblity to pay and its my fault it got stolen finally after rippin in to this guy he starts bartering with me how much I need to pay In the end I paid Like $80 extra I just settled and got off teh phone before I smashed my phone into a million pieces. Fido simply the best...

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  • Si
      2nd of Jul, 2010

    My name is Sinduja which is registered as sinbuja with Fido. On the Agreement form there is no information regarding the PREMIUM MESSAGES and CHARGES. I am new to this country and I hardly know people. You are saying I subscribed for some crap and receiving message, I am not receiving any message. For a 35$ plan my bill is 150 and 181 and I am a Foreign Student. This month the bill says I have made 240 minutes of outbound calls which is 4 hours?? Who do I know here to speak?? You guys cannot validate this individually with numbers and even after doing the STOP MESSAGE last month for the PREMIUM CRAP messaging, this month its 22$, and 45 minutes for Overseas call?? Exactly whos bill am I paying?? I have gathered all the details regarding the Cheat Bill generated by Fido and contacted Mr.Sumith(Attorney), he asked me to send this mail. If this is not getting sorted out asap, I will legally file a suit and prove that non of the amount specified are true and are fake..!! FIDO doesn't want these kind of advertisement I guess, Do come back with a solution asap.

    If no response comes I am going to take this issue very seriously and my brother in the U.S. has also spoken to couple of attorneys, this will not go smooth with me.

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  • Dj
      14th of Jan, 2011

    Fido - "immoral theives" they deserved it..we were billed with our 1800 calls because we went "over" our daytime minutes! Ludicrous!

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  • Te
      10th of Mar, 2011

    I was a customer of FIDO for over 3 years on a month to month basis (no contrcat). In January 2011, I called and requested a new phone (total cost including taxes and service fee "upgrade" was $145). I asked that they apply the FIDO $ I have in my account towards the $ 145.00 cost. The FIDO customer rep confirmed the agreement and told me a net of $ 35.00 will be added to my invoice. I agreed.
    Two days later, I called FIDO and asked that my account be cancelled. After back and forth, they agreed and gave me a confirmation number of the cancellation and I also got the name of the Cust Rep who helped me.
    The service was to be cancelled in the next billing period which is 31 days from the day I called.
    Well, this is what followed:
    1- FIDO charged the full cost of the new phone to my bill ($ 145.00)
    2- Additionally, they deducted the $ 110.00 I have in my FIDO account
    3- They kept my service becuase "there is no record of you cancelling it". This is despite the confirmation number of the cancellation I gave them.
    4- When, in writing, I asked them to provide me with the name and email of a Customer Relations Manager to try to resolve the matter through him (this is the second step in their Complaint Resolution as they advertise on their web site); they reacted by denying me access to my registeredaccount. So, now I can no longer complain to anyone and I can not even log into my account.
    5- I sent them so many emails since then but received no answer.
    6- To make things worse, I have been transfered to an overseas post for one year and I will not be back until December 2011. So, I can not do anything.

    I have never seen or heard of such misreable Customer Relations Department.
    Any idea of the email of FIDO's VP-Customer Relations? Probably if I write him, he will be better than his reportees.
    Please help

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  • An
      14th of May, 2011

    we got the bill...actually it was taken off directly from bank...80$ bill for the phone call of 39 minutes which we didn't make...funny part of this is that ...number for which they have chaeged us doesn't even exist...tried to call customer service...they said its outgoing call... we have never used our cell to do any call for more than five be honest for months and months this cell hasn't been used...except of recharging the batteries...we use only our home we both are at home ...i m totally dissapointed with fido customer service...

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  • Fi
      16th of May, 2011

    Hi Anisha.
    I am Elise with Fido. I will get in touch with you to see if I can help.

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  • As
      7th of Jun, 2011

    I called to find out what a third party charge was on our bill and I ended up getting an arrogant jerk lecturing to me what it was. When I stop him half way through and said explaining to me and speaking to me like I am a ### is two different things! This is the third rude ### customer service rep I got in the pass two weeks. I canceled our phone so next mth better be my last bill. I never ever received the worst customer service from any company ever.

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  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2011

    I have been with Fido since 2003 and it has been difficult dealing with them. I can relate completely to the above scenarios. In order to fix simple mistakes can take several phone calls of over 1 hour in length and the problem still doesn't get resolved and there reps are rude with the exception of a few. It is horribly stressful dealing with them. Can anyone tell me about there experiences with other cell phone companies because I am looking at cancelling my plan with Fido.

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  • Fi
      29th of Jun, 2011

    Hi Kals.
    I am Elise from Fido and am here to help if I can. Do you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account where you could contact us?
    Let me know

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  • Ka
      4th of Jul, 2011

    Dear Elise,
    I am not sure I trust that you can help. I have been told in that past by many of your reps that they will help to fix the problem but nothing has been done. I have been waiting for a week for one of your managers to call me back and was told that I had to deal with the reps to see if they could fix the problem but they couldn't and that was why I was calling to speak to him. As a manager it is his responsibilty to call customers that are dissatisfied and call to apologize for the apauling and rude treatment of customers by cusomer service reps. This is not the first time that I have had to indure such nasty treatment by Fido staff. When I have called in for the smallest of problems the wait is at least an hour to resolve the problem but still it doesn't get resolved. The least I deserve is for him to call and (1) to thank me for remaining with your company (2) to apologize for his staffs behaviour. I am paying for the service, not recieving it for free. I have read on you company websites that FIDO cares for there customers but from the actions of the company employees it is the comnplete opposite that is true. I have friends and family that feel the exact same way about FIDO. Maybe the employees and staff of Fido should put themselves in the shoes of there customers and really reflect on whether they would like to be treated in such a manner.

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  • Fi
      5th of Jul, 2011

    Hi Kals

    I replied to your PM. Hoepfully we can help you solve your issues.


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  • An
      6th of Jul, 2011


    elise did help us with our problem...we were billed 80$ for one single phone some number in virginia which doesn't even exist...we did call fido office several times but they refused to look in to matter or help us...after i posted my problem here miss Elise did respond and we corresponded via emails and they agreed to re emburse(credit) part of our bill...50$ to be exact...though i would have liked them to give us full credit as that call wasn't made by that showed us on our bill is mystery too...still...just the same i thank miss Elise to help us in this matter...

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  • De
      11th of Jan, 2012

    I am from Montreal Quebec, Canada. I was a fido subscriber for about 5 to 6 years. I had a fido stick that I cancelled a few months early in the month of november 2010 and paid the balance so i could use my fido dollars to get my daughter a pay as you go cell phone. A month later I was charged well over $240.00, When I called to dispute, I was told I had pending charges that didn't show on my previous bill(###!), ... Two months later they cut my line, My max was $300 dollars but they cut it at $240, ... I got fed up and called to complain, the reconnected only to cut it 5 days later. After that I called to terminate the account, they told me my account at that point was around $347.00 and In the month of march they called and talked to my wife and asked about my fido stick account saying it was still open(now I had paid to close it), ...My wife reitterated the story and at then they said I owed 6 to $700, ..

    Now almost a year later, I get a call from Metropolitain credit, and the guy starts harrassing me telling me I ave to pay $1100.00
    They also called me on a phone I am using that is not in my name, ... I asked how he got it and he said it's on my credit report file. I told him what I told you, .. and then he started to ask me about a prior debt that I had paid 6 years(canadian tire), I told him it was paid and that it was not any of his business. I then hung up and blocked him on my phone.
    A month prior, I went to Canadian tire, a guy asked me to participate in a kiosk type machine to get a bonus rebate or win a free gift, it turns out it was for a application for a credit card in which I was refused, I had put my cell phone number on there, they had provided my information to the credit file in question.
    Dean from Montreal

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  • Ji
      12th of Aug, 2013

    I went to Shanghai in June and when I returned, (a) FIDO charged me $1, 643.77 for "Data billed - Int'l roaming" and then (b) simultaneously and without any request from me credited me back with $1, 313.85, and demanded the difference. I barely used my phone at all in Shanghai. I phoned to ask what in the world this invoice was about and the operator offered me a further $35 off on the spot, which I accepted on condition that it was not a full and final settlement of my complaint. This kind of yo-yo, incomprehensible invoicing is obviously poor business practice, to say the least, and a strange way indeed to charge an additional $330.12 for virtually nothing at all. I told the operator I spoke to I would be glad to end my contract immediately but was told that they would hold me to it. I think that their business practices are deplorable. This evening I visited my local Apple store on unrelated business and was told by everyone there that customers are generally very upset with FIDO and complaints about gross overbilling are common.

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  • Vi
      30th of Sep, 2013

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  • Az
      27th of Nov, 2013

    Fido has another scam with the $ 56 Smart Plan 2GB data . I never used that data in the last 3 month yet they overcharged me $ 119 and their answer was I went over the 2GB .I even asked them to cap the 2GB and their answer was they can't do it, so for all of you people who have complaint make sure you write a letter to FIDO, then to the ministry of consumer services .

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  • Nu
      7th of Jan, 2014

    I got a bill 875$ I been in cuba
    And there no internet in Santa Clara
    I got a mess from 3330 Since making your last selection you have used 14 MB of data. To save on data roaming charges visit (Link is free)
    This is b...t fido have no any contract with Cuba ! And Cubacell! 14 MB it s 240 . Dol
    When I called them they said :1 I'm lier 2 I did use 3 they r can't check cause it s private info 4 and I have to pay 875 for ???49 MB cause iPhone 5 it s smart cell
    What I gonna do now ?

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