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Ortho Mattress / faulty mattress

1 Ventura, CA, United States Review updated:

Ok, so I’m purchasing a $4000 bed from Ortho. It’s on sale for ½ price, taking it to $2000. As my fortune would have it, it’s ½ price again for a weekend sale. That turned out to be $1100. Pretty cool, right??? Well, so I thought. I had my beautiful bed delivered, slept on it that night. Not that impressed. The salesman told me that sometimes you have to sleep on a new bed for up to 30 days to get used to it, so I don’t say anything yet. Now it’s been 30 days and I feel like I’m rolling into the middle of my $4000 bed. Not good! I go back into Ortho and they tell me that I can pay a restocking fee of $200 and get another bed. Wait a minute, I just told you that I’m rolling into the middle of my BRAND NEW bed and your suggestion is to PAY YOU to take it back??? Now I’m not only confused but angry. Sensing my frustration, you (store manager) tell me that if I’d like I can PAY to have someone come out and test the bed you can set up an appointment for me. Ok well, first of all, I’m not going to PAY more for you to test my BRAND NEW bed. If you would like to test it, you may and then you can get me another bed because I’m telling you that this bed is NOT comfortable for me – your customer, to whom you sold a $4000 bed. Come to find out this bed is not even sold anymore – Yes, the bed you sold me 30 days ago is now discontinued – I wonder why? So you, the store manager, tell me that the bed has to test and be defective by a 1 – 1 ½ inch hole in my bed to qualify under the warranty. The mattress tester comes out, throws his string across my bed, and places his cylinder-measuring device next to the string. Now, because, you, the manager gave me a measurement of 1 – 1 ½ inches, I took a picture of the 1 inch hole on one half of my BRAND NEW bed. The mattress tester leaves and Ortho calls me to tell me that my defect does not fall under the warranty limits because they measured 7/8 of an inch “hole”. Now, low and behold, the defect rules are different – the hole now have to be between 1 ½ and 2 inches. So now, not only am I frustrated that the defect numbers have changed but I am furious of the fact that I’m not sleeping like I thought I would on my $4000 bed. THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Who do I talk with about this??? I don’t think it’s fair that I pay $200 to return a discontinued bed returned because in the customer’s view, it is defective.

Ortho Mattress

Jun 12, 2015
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  • Mk
      12th of Jun, 2015
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    You know, they have a written warranty policy and it is only 1 page long.

    It is very clear in the policy that the mattress can NOT be returned for a refund. It can be exchanged at your expense.

    I am not sure if you read this very SHORT warranty or not but if you didn't then it is kind of your fault. If you did then you have no real complaint other than you just don't understand basic English. In fact, the 2 sentence return policy says it all...


    Cancellation on undelivered merchandise will receive a full refund without penalty. NO REFUNDS AFTER DELIVERY.
    Note: Mattresses are non-returnable.

    If you want to read the whole thing you can at:

  • Ad
      31st of Jul, 2015
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    Similar event...Culver City, CA. I bought the mattress...4 days later I called to let them know that the mattress is not providing enough support and that it got really low from my side. The response was - Sir you have to try it for 30 days first...well after 4 days I am in pain, discomfort and the mattress is getting very low from my side where I can't even sit on the side of the bed. I waited 30 days, sleeping most of the time on my chair outside, I called the store on Overland. I was told that my rep will be back in a week. I call after another week, my rep David tells me to come over and he will make it up for me. Another week passes, I drop by the store and I choose a more expensive one. Trying to make necessary arrangements to pick-up the defective one and get it replaced, I was told that they have to send out someone first to evaluate the mattress. More patience...I agree and they scheduled one the proceeding week. Evaluator comes in, take necessary measurements and agrees that it needs to be replaced. He also gives us his business card saying that if they give us any trouble or hard making the change we just need to call him and he will facilitate the replacement. He added that he is used to that and it sounded like its a common procedures. The name of the company is "Bedding Group" with NO PHYSICAL ADDRESS ONLY A PO BOX in Riverside P.O. Box 3218 Riverside, CA . The service Manager Name is David Martinusen. Cell Phone with a (562) are code...Read between the lines. Complete fraud.
    A week passes and we receive a letter denying the warranty. I called in David Martinusen office...he is out on a week vacation...I got really upset as business shouldn't stop due to an employee vacation...I was, am and still under serious pain, sleeping on my office chair 70% of the time...His assistant offered assistance as she felt that it won't be easy to get me off the phone. I share with her our conversation and findings and than she tells me that she will pull up my file. Within 15 seconds she has our info and she has the reason why warranty and exchange were denied...While MR. Martinusen advised the mattress dropped 2 inches, the claim says that it is only one inch and that is why they can do anything...My wife takes over as I went ballistic and they agree to extend their grace by giving us an additional two weeks to make an exchange. Exchange has been done, playing in prices of the first mattress and taking away the eligible discount (on TV and for the 4th of July) on the second one..we are in limbo until today. I don't understand which group of attorneys that sold their conscience so cheap to put a crooked plan and warranty procedure like this for their fellow humans, and where is justice, consumer affairs, whatever organization that protects people from hurting one another to this extent??? GREED- Investment is now perceived as how can I rip others even my own ones off of every possible penny. Do I take the loss or spend more time and resources fighting it??? Same with all other organizations TV, Internet, mobile phone plans, ...maybe we are on a different earth with different values...Good luck !

  • Sl
      15th of Jun, 2016
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    I am also going through a difficult time with a mattress that I bought that is faulty and I believe there warranty sucks. The guy cam out and said oh this does not look right and then they called and said it was fine. the bed does not adjust to the adjustable bed. It bends in half and my feet end up at the bottom of the bed. I recently slept on an ORGANIC COTTON BED ...899.00. Amazing bed... I just wish there was a way to warn more people!! Ortho is not a friendly customer aware place of business.

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