Orangetta Kelly-Shellie / Orangetta kelly-shellie ruined my life at goodwill laundry

1 Raleigh, NC, United States
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Orangetta Kelly-Shellie ruined my life in 2007 at Goodwill Laundry, because I told her that I cannot do heavy work and heavy lifting, because I had surgery on my back and surgery around my private part and Orangetta told me that that's part of my job description and Me and her got into an argument, She fired me because of my attitude!!! Orangetta never gave me no light work to perform at Goodwill Laundry. JeWarren Robertson made me work hard by working the tunnel and causing me by back injury and my hernia injury. Orangetta don't care about laundry co-workers and laundry co-workers with disabilties!!! Orangetta is selfish and don't care about nobody but herself. Orangetta fired and got rid of the good laundry co-workers who worked in Goodwill Laundry for 5, 10, and 13 years and tarnished their reputation!!! Stay away from Orangetta Kelly-Shellie and Chandra Henderson-Martinez, because they are evil, shady, and dirty. They are crooked, They are bad news.They will ruin your reputation!!!

Jan 30, 2017

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