Orange Lakes Resorts KissimmeeMaintenance Fees/Won't communicate

We purchased timeshare in Galveston, TX, when it was under a different company. Orange Lakes took over several years ago. The bad practices started after that. Below is the letter I wrote to Orange Lakes in November, 2014, and I quote:
I have written numerous times, talked to you numerous times, and this will be my last communication if you cannot acknowledge this letter and complete this business. To recap, on December 27, 2013, this property was legally deeded to Blue Chip Premier Rentals, Cabins, & Condos LLC, 1220 North Market Street, Suite 808, Wilmington, DE 19801. In January, 2014, I sent you a copy of this legal deed change. You have continued to send bills with no acknowledgement of my letter to you. I sent the information again at the end of January, in March, and in June of 2014. You have called numerous times and I have tried talking to you with no success. I spoke to a young man once who told me that the paperwork had been received and this matter would be taken care of. This has not happened. On November 5, 2014, I spoke to a woman who told me that you had finally decided what needed to be done and that you had mailed me a letter on October 24, 2014. She said that there would be some information and a $100 fee was needed for the transfer to be completed. Obviously this was not a true statement as I have received no letter from you.

Since I know that you have received a copy of the deed transfer to Blue Chip, I am not including another copy of this deed. If you will send me the information you say is needed to complete this transfer, I will pay the $100 transfer fee. I will not, however, pay any maintenance fees for 2014 nor 2015. I cannot understand why you did not deal with this in January when I sent the transfer deed to you.

I expect to receive a written answer to this letter very soon. If you cannot resolve this quickly, you will be dealing with my attorney. I feel I have done all of the things I can to complete this business. It is now up to you. I expect you to send me the necessary information to complete the transfer and I expect you to eliminate all maintenance fees from my account.

End of Letter. I never received an acknowledgement of this letter. Today (a year later), someone in deeding whom I called, finally said I owe $100 transfer fee AND $1000 for maintenance fees. These maintenance fees must be paid before they will transfer deed. I tried talking to a supervisor to get some resolution for the $1000 fees. Ross was unhelpful and not very nice. I do not know what to do now. I do have documentation of all I have done to resolve this issue.

Jan 26, 2015

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