[Resolved] One Source Legal DocumentsDid not fulfill contract services where paid up front

What a horrible experience. When I first called One Source and talked to Cruz, she made the whole process sound like it was going to be fast. In fact, Cruz stated in 30 to 40 days she would have all my divorce papers done filed and finalized, however, after the first 3 weeks, I had to send several emails to see what the hold up was on getting the petition for divorce filed through the court house. Cruz gave me the excuse that her faxes would not go through, then she told me that my wife and I had to fill out some worksheets so she can get the declaration documents ready for us to sign and finally the final paperwork. We got them done quickly and sent them back to her. It has been a month and a half since we have heard from Cruz. I have made several phone calls and emailed several times, but they have still been unanswered. I finally told Cruz that I needed the papers done or I want a refund, which she then replied saying that she had a family emergency and got behind, asking us to give her the end of the day and she would have the paperwork done or would give me a full refund.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santa Clara, CA Well she did not make the deadline and it's been almost 2 weeks since I've heard from her. I've sent several more emails and even attempted to call Cruz. She refuses to answer my emails and return my calls. This is the third month now and we're not even halfway through the paperwork that is needed to get this done. I even emailed her and asked her to please get this done and if she could not or would not respond to me, I would write this negative review. Apparently she does not care because she has still yet to answer an email or give me a refund. I am so frustrated and stressed out over this and I now have to find somebody else to complete this so I can be done. I'm probably going to have to take her to small claims court to get a refund because she did not complete what I paid her, (the $638), to get this done. Also, the lawyers I talked to had told me I way overpaid and that a paralegal could have done this for around $250. So I would definitely not recommend One Source's services to anyone unless you're up for a headache, and somebody who disappears and cannot deliver what they promise.

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    Refund issued

Jan 11, 2017

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