Omni Shieldfire safety equipment scam

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They pull you in with a drawing to win a related item. Petal car fire truck placed in a restaurant. They have a woman call and say you won a free dinner for 4-6 all because your name was drawn and it will be placed back in to be drawn for the original prize. You arrive and are invited to eat and a scam artist scares you telling stories of death or near death fire related stories and a video. Bragging on their super special "affordable" fire/smoke detection equipment
At the end you are asked to write down a time to have scam man come and examine your home for fire safety. For 4 dectectors and a bed vibrator and bedside alarm it will cost you anywhere from $1, 500-$6000 dollars. ( SCAM MAN WILL NOT DISCUSS AT DINNER OR ANSWER QUESTIONS RELATED TO PRICE) . do not be duped by scam man bragging up their product. I hope you all aviod this scam, better yet eat their free dinner and walk no RUN away FAST!!!

Jul 27, 2017
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  • Ma
      Jan 17, 2018

    attended a dinner and was very impressed with the fire safety education I received! this was valuable, and life-safing information! obviously if you are going to a free dinner there is product sales involved, but it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to purchase the product. Even if you never attend these dinner, i assure you, this one is well worth your time, on top of a free dinner. your family is worth it.

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  • Mi
      Dec 11, 2018

    @mainejoan No no no... it is a swith on door to door sales. I have a friend who has a monitored system and was high pressured into purchasing a package she could not afford by Omni Sheild. You have to be firm and if you can't - excuse your self and call someone who will open up the barrels over the phone on the sales person. You have a right to say - yea - time for you to leave is Now!

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  • Cs
      Sep 19, 2019

    @mainejoan It’s a good system. I have the water leak sensor detectors also. It alerts my phone so I can immediately tell and check, also alerts contacts to let u know so they can check if you aren’t home.
    If don’t want it learn to say “no”!! Don’t blame them for trying to sell.

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  • Ai
      Oct 11, 2019

    @Mike Peckham People get so mad at a sales rep. for no reason.

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  • Sa
      Apr 05, 2019

    That doesn’t make any sense? The demo I had was informative. They taught me a lot about fire prevention and safety. And I never bought anything?

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  • Rg
      May 10, 2019

    @Sarahmahone721 Well I had a demo as well and yes they teach you about fire safety. But the commenter above is right that they won’t tell you the price until they have fear mongered you enough so you can handle the price. Using people’s loved one to put fear into their mind to offer a product that makes you go into a 10 year contract is a very low way to talk to family and friends which is the first people the associates will sell to. I get that our family needs to be safe but can they protect your children then when they stay at grandmas, friends or cousins house? No they cannot! On top of that if you know how to do math they offer you a 10 year loan at ******* 40% interest. That’s worse than credit card companies. I guess it can always be worse. Honey, this companies product doesn’t cost that much to make but there is a long line of people waiting to get paid from just one sale. An honest product does not need to use sales tactics like that no matter how good the product. It’s slimy.

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  • Wi
      Sep 27, 2019

    @r ginter Obviously Sarah does not know how to say NO. What is the life of one of your family members worth? Are you a manufacturing specialist with competent knowledge to make the assessment of "it doesn't cost that much to make?" I doubt it, sounds more like you want low cost equipment, if so go to the store and buy 10 dollar smoke detectors that FAIL 55 percent of the time when a fire occurs.

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  • Ai
      Oct 11, 2019

    @r ginter Interest is 15.9 percent which is lower than most credit card companies. 12 month no interest so u have can pay off or go through ur own financing. No one will buy a system that works u less someone can share the value of the cost. The price is held by the demand of the consumers and is actually cheaper than the photoelectric prices at Lowes that includes a lifetime warranty and a lifetime service. Product is also made in USA with direct customer service. So take that! Lol

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  • Ai
      Oct 11, 2019

    @r ginter So, when the phone net and cable company call and use a bundle sales tactic or anothee company says... one month free like Pandora.. Timeshare company uses free 3 day 2 night vacation its all smily right? Or maybe just maybe its the basic foundation that all companies use to promote their business. Hmmm.😂

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  • Lo
      May 14, 2019

    I was at my local county fair and entered a drawing to win a emergency kit and they called us while we was in Nashville for my husbands audition for The Voice and the lady told me that we had won and for us to set up a time for someone to come by and talk to both me and my husband "that both had to be there" about fire safety and so we did and now we bout to get out of it come later today May 14. We need to get the word out about these scammers.

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  • Ai
      Oct 11, 2019

    @Lora and Craig I don’t understand why you feel its a scam. The customers receive lifetime of equipment, direct customer service and warranty. A scam is when people receive anything in return.

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  • Mi
      Jun 07, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    We had the same spiel about winning a fire truck. Told the gentleman at the home and Garden show were not interested in a sales pitch. He said it to get the word out about fire safety. I'm an old fart who knew better but my wife loves free stuff so she signed us up.
    The young lady showed up, not the person we spoke to at the fair, and I told her right after she got out of her car that I was not interested in a sales pitch. She was honest and said there would be one at the end but there wouldn't be any pressure.
    My wife and I listened and asked a lot of question which the young lady was happy to answer. I wouldn't call it a scare tactic if it's true but she did bring up a lot of situations where every day smoke and CO2 detectors failed.
    We did end up buying a large package because we have a 2 story house at right around 3000 SF. The clincher for the sales was that a sensor had to work from my shop across my property. About 130 feet away. It did and we signed the papers.
    All in all I am extremely happy with the product. Was it expensive? Oh ya!! Will it help to save my families life? I believe so.
    I would like to make it clear that at no time were we pressured by the sales person. She was extremely friendly and laid back. The product was installed the next day without any major problems. Little stuff like needing a taller ladder so I couldn't complain.
    Twice I've called the office to ask about the system and was immediately transferred to someone who could help and did.

    We spoke with William at the Yelm WA Home and Garden Show.
    Rebecca was the sales person who showed up at our home.
    OHS was the company we bought it from out of Olympia WA.
    We ended up with 33 devices. 16 of which are water detectors that go under sinks, toilets and stuff like that. We used them all!

    As of today I am satisfied with the product and do not believe we were ripped off in anyway.

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  • Sc
      Jul 28, 2019

    I have the network. It saved me and my family approximately 30k when it told me we had a water leak in our basement. This network also saved my family's life when our fridge caught on fire and the hardwired alarms that came with my house never sounded at all. I'm trying to understand the negative comments here, but they seem weird and dont really make sense. My network was well worth it, factually the insurance discount and the free monitoring made it above and beyond.

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  • Gi
      Oct 14, 2019

    My wife and I were subject to a friend giving us up... Lol. Shakti was our sales rep, and she was brutally awesome!! While I do feel regret about spending $4600 on the system, it has more uses than just the norm. I worked swing shift and since we had the bed shaker, if something were to happen, i.e, tweakers breaking in, she could push the button on the bed unit and the whole system goes off in a frantic display of lights and noise, and EVERYONE on the alert list is now aware of it and will be calling, including myself.

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