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Olson Powersports / Bad service

664 S. Seguin AveNew Braunfels, TX, United States Review updated:
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They sell these Chinese Made ATV's and offer no service centers to take care of the warranty. They expect you the owner of the ATV to figure out what is wrong. if you have a problem with the ATV and send in the part and they will replace it. That is a joke. You will wear yourseft down trying to get something done. They have no repair centers to take care of the warranty problems. If you want a refund they want to offer you a 25% restocking charge and you pay all the freight. Once they receive the ATV they will tell you it is in bad shape and take more off the refund price. They will turn around and fix and sell the ATV and make another profit. I call this fraud. The FTC should look into this company and the manufacture from China. This is wrong and they need to be stopped from selling these Chinese ATV without a place to take them and get them repaired. They never answer their phone or email. I think the FBI should look into this practice. I filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Consumer Protection and the Texas Consumer Protection. I have talked to my attorney and he is looking into going after the Dealer and the Manufacture. I plan on keeping up the heat until I get mey full refund what I paid or get damages from the Dealer for what they have put us through. Look at [redacted]s and you will find many complaints filed againist Olson Powersports.


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  8th of Oct, 2008
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We bought two scooters from Brandon Olson at Olsonpowersports.NET (not to be confused with olsonpowersports.com) to use to deliver newspapers, with the understanding that he would offer excellent part replacement for 90 days. After the first 25 days, both bikes developed problems with the electrical systems (rectifiers/bulbs). We called Brandon Olson many times only to get a recording stating that he was so busy selling scooters that he had not the manpower to answer his phone...right! He was instructing people with problems to email him.

We did that many times and received no reply. So, we did some research of our own. Searching Google map for his address, we found that he is located where a used clothing business is operating. We then looked up the name of that business, found the number and left an anonymous message for Brandon for him to return our call. He did, not having any idea that it was in fact a scooter customer.

He was quite surprised it seemed, that we had found another number for him (evidently the clothing store was his wife’s business) and he took our information and promised he would mail to us the parts needed. Guess what? No parts and it has been 4 months now.

The entire repair that we have since done has been from a local service technician at our cost, close to $300.00.

Yes, Brandon Olson seems to be a scam artist from our experience and all of the complaints that we have since read on the Internet (we set a Google web alert for his business name as well as his). We read recently that he has his business up for sale. He was asking over $150, 000.00 for his turn-key operation, claiming $100, 000.00 in profit per year. So, it seems that good ole' Brandon is now setting his sights for even bigger game, and we are sure that his decision to sell is based on the fact that he has been getting so many complaints because of his lack of service and false promises.

We would love to see someone challenge him in court, before he hurts one more unsuspecting consumer, but delivering newspapers does not give us much leverage. I think that the business owners surrounding his business should be notified as to what kind of operator they have as a neighbor, and pressure should be placed on the clothing company that is allowing him to operate at that address (I'm sure his wife is reaping the benefits of his ill gotten gain).

We welcome anyone who has had like experience with this company, to please contact us and share their experience (chaddkeusch@gmail.com) so that we may combine our efforts to let officials know exactly what he is doing. I wonder if he is being honest with the IRS?
  6th of Nov, 2008
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Having similar problems let me know if you want to work together to slam this guy.

  11th of Nov, 2008
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I purchased the motorcycle online from their web site olsonpowersporsts.net. Under the understanding that it was a street legal motorcycle. After paying, waiting, and assembling the bike I tried to register it/ get a title. At the DMV I was informed that my bike was not legal in the state of New Jersey. And I could not receive title. They went on to inform me that in order for the motorcycle to receive a title the manufacturer/ importer must submit various EPA paperwork. After explaining this I sent Mr. Olson a packet to aid him in resolving the problem. They ignored it and Mr. Rahbani as well as Mr. Olson became defensive on the phone and either party has yet to return my calls or e-mails. In my corresponded with Mr. Olson I asked for a refund, and have since been ignored. As a graduate of the police academy I would classify this as fraud. They misled me about the legality of their product, took my money, once confronted with the state laws and procedures they failed to refund my money... I would call it fraud/ or theft by deception. I'm not too well versed on the EPA legislation but they never submitted any of the necessary documentation on emissions and noise, I'm sure that is a hefty fine. I am in the proccess filing civil and criminal charges towards Mr. Olson. I was patient, Gave him alout of slack, tried to help him resolve the problem. Im sorry it came down to all this I just wanted a bike. Problems with transaction, 1 Wrong expected delivery date. 2.Was not shipped with COO—had to call. 3.Was not shipped with/ nor did you send me keys (lock smith). 4.COO when received was not filled out correctly. 5.Bike was not Legal for sale or title—Dealer/ importer/ manufacturer needed to submit paperwork. 6.Paperwork not submitted. No one took responsibility for submitting 7.Distributers Rep—Rude, Didn't listen to what was needed, insisted upon unethical/ illegal solutions. 8.Refund request ignored. Positives with transaction, 1.Website very user friendly. 2.Nice looking bike.
  25th of Nov, 2008
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is this a google company to deal with ?
  25th of Nov, 2008
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is this a good company to do business with any out there please reply to this message thanks
  21st of Dec, 2008
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I order my child a small 70 cc Apollo (Orion) dirt bike, the main reason I went with this bike was cause it was just as small as the 50cc, but I was able to find training wheels and a governor to put on it from another company which ran me another $130.00 on top of the $625.00 I paid for the bike. Well I didn't notice right away, but I thought it look kind of large. My husband deals mostly with these things but is deployed. So I was on my own. Well I was right I was sent a 90cc bike, it looks like a cheaper knock off. It is December 21st and no one will return my calls for this company and it was the only gift I bought him, I don't have the money to go out and get gifts. This was the only thing he wanted, it breaks my heart that this Christmas wont be what he thought it was going to be. This company doesn't even have a 90cc dirt bike listed on there site. So how do they make a mistake like this. Its bad enough his dad isn't here, so I wanted it to be extra special. In no way does the bike I was sent specifications match what I ordered. I wish I saw the [redacted] before I ordered. I know I wont see my money and this bike is completely useless to me. My advice do not order from this company. You want great customer service and what you paid for go to http://www.bike2go.com/ I order a bike there for my older son there and its perfect.
  23rd of Dec, 2008
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I am currently running into problems with this company. We ordered our kids a 110cc ATV for Christmas and was guranteed that it would arrive in about 4 days. It is now the night before Christmas Eve and we have yet to receive the ATV. I had to go out and purchase my kids some more presents tonight in order to make up for this companies screw up or straight out lies. We have tried numerous time to contact Olsen Powersports through email and phone calls. Between my wife, my mother, father, and myself we have 7 phones and once we reached them on one phone they would promise to call us back with the freight information so that we could call the company back ourselves and see when they plan on the ATV arriving, but if we try to call them back on the same phone line they never answer our calls again. The weird thing is if we use a new phone number they answer right away. Here it is almost Christmas and they have received their money for the ATV, but yet my kids will have to hear some lame story that Santa was unable to fit the ATV on the back of his sled so he is sending it late on a Semi. On top of that I had to go out the day before Christmas Eve, we all know how enjoyable that is, and spend more of my money just to gurantee my kids have a good Christmas. I beg anyone that is thinking of doing buisness with these people to please stay away. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at blake.crosby@yahoo.com.
  25th of Jan, 2009
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I also have problems with Olson powersports. I ordered two 110 cc ATVs from there for my boys for Christmas. Within the first two weeks, both of the ATV's were broken and as was stated in many of the other complaints, I could not get support from these scam artists. They won't back their warranty and they don't respond to repeat phone calls. Avoid these guys like the plague.
  27th of Jan, 2009
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I have ordered several times from this company and was referred by a friend who bought from them 2 yrs ago. Every time it has been a smooth transaction. You have to realize that you sort of get what you pay for, they are Chinese. They are not name brand. You are paying about 1/4 the cost of a name brand. And because of that, and because we are having these shipped to us, we need to take care of the labor end of repairing them. Or you can choose to pay the big name prices and get a shorter warranty, and be able to bring the unit in to have some technitian tighten your loose bolts. I'll continue to buy from Olsonpowersports and refer my freinds there. Aaron@chihuahuarama.com
  4th of Jun, 2009
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Ordered my son an atv for his birthday.. Almost a month later and no atv... His birthday was last week.. They assured me the atv would ship within 5-7 business days.. It never did... After they got my money, I didn't hear back from them at all... I tried calling and emailing, but they dont respond to either.. They need to be taught a lesson, because the only people they are hurting is our children... Only upside to this whole thing is I paid via paypal, and credit card.. So I'm in the process of getting my money back.. They are just making me wait the 7days instead of just giving me a refund... At the end of the seven days paypal will issue me the refund.. I talked to a paypal rep, and the money is frozen in his account which is good... This has been the worst online shopping experience ever.. Buyer beware...

Now as far as the other complaints about the quality/broken parts etc.. Well I have owned plenty of china made atv's etc... And you really cant blame the company for them braking.. They are 1/4 the cost, and you have to do preride inspections etc.. These are a good buy for children, because they outgrow things really quick... At age 12 and older is the time to buy name brand items.. Just my .02
  28th of Jun, 2009
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I live in New Braunfels and recently purchases a dirt bike from Olson. The bike hasn't arrived, no returned phone calls etc. The one return call I had, Olson gave me promises but never delivered. I am going in to speak with him this week. If it turns out bad, I will take him to court.

Apparantly this guy should never have gone into business with his inability to deal straight with his customers. I will blog about my experience, and if it is bad, I have several lawyer friends and will be interested to know how many of you would help me cover some of the costs. I will keep you posted.

I appreciate that you all started this web blog about such a bad company. Thanks.

  29th of Jun, 2009
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This customer paid by online check. His reciept page said clearly in bold red print at the top, "checks take 10 days to clear before order is subbitted for shipping. Why whould we ship without being assured that we were going to get paid? Then he storms into our retail store and begins yelling at one of the salesman. Turns out his order had left dallas already and should be at his door the next day. Thanks for all the threats though, and the scripture quotations, and the rest of your bad attitude Mr Patience.
  29th of Jun, 2009
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great products
3 year warranty
free shipping
  29th of Jun, 2009
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I went and visited Brandon today. Brandon wasn't there when I walked into the store, so his discription of me storming into his store is fairy tale (you'll understand how and why he does this as you read on) As you can tell by his comments above it didn't go well. I did, almost immediately, get upset with him. I could write a column filled with what I saw and experienced today but I will give the Readers Digest version for now. Having raised 6 children it wasn't difficult to realize the issues with Brandon's ability to grasp reality. The scariest thing for a parent to witness is to see one of their children believing their own lies and then refusing to take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions. As you can see from his response above, Brandon has done nothing wrong. He didn't bother to mention the unanswered phone calls or not responding to emails. When I told him that not returning a single call or email had upset me, he said I never called or emailed. Not only had I called every day, I had a day off work and decided to leave an hours worth of messages on his answering machine. And all because I simply wanted to know the status of my order. Brandon could not grasp this, it would have meant owning up to something and being responsible. When he couldn't deny my calls, the excuse became "I'm short of staff and we can't get to everyone". There was no one in the "store". I then told him about the numerous complaints on the internet about him. His response was "go Google Walmart, Kmart or any other business - you just can't please everyone". I told him that I could at least find people who responded to these other stores with compliments, at least to the same degree as the complaints - but not his. He repeated that you can't please everyone.

I won't go into what he calls his "store" in much detail because when I told him I was going to post a picture of his "store" he lost his cool and said that if I did he would delay my order "until hell froze over". There is no repair center, it is a used clothing and old junk store called "Family Collectables" with a folding table in the front where Brandon and his "staff", one guy named Matthew, sit. The phone rang several times but Matthew, who was not engaged with me, never picked it up.

The entire operation, except for the web page, everything else: the "store", the 3 year warranty, all of it is more a figment of Brandon's imagination and his ability to put up a fascade than anything else. What's sad is that he really could make a business out of it if he could deal with reality.

Before I left, he promised that the bike would be at my home no later than this Wednesday. We'll see. If it isn't, there are several things that will happen and will at least tie up Brandon with legal issues to maybe keep him from hurting others for awhile.

One last note. Brandon referenced scripture in his response. I am actually surprised he recognized it as scripture. I asked him if he would rather have a good name than riches. He never did answer that question. I told him that a good name is something that will outlast riches and do your family and descendents a real service. I explained that what was being written about him was ruining his name, let alone his business. I suggested he make every effort to make his name good, and his buisness. He needs to be held accountable and take responsiblity, but until he has a personal epiphany, I do not recommend anyone do business with him.

  18th of Jul, 2009
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Yep...Olson is a complete fraudster. Tells you he has what you want in stock, takes your money right away, tells you you'll have your bike in 10 days. Then you hear nothing for months. He doesn't communicate delays to you, he ignores calls and emails, and when you finally get a response it's BS about how his supplier has delays...and it will come soon, don't worry...I got my bike after 3 months...it was filty, used, not what I ordered and utterly useless (too big and can't be ridden legally here in CA...despite me specifically ordering one that was the right height and CA-approved..an d stating this on the phone and by email when I placed the order). The guy's a total BS artist. Now he's saying the shipper won't pick up from my home and that I should keep the bike and sell it. What a criminal. Given my experience and all that I've subsequently found out about this creep, I am amazed he's not in jail, let alone still being allowed to run a business. I've written to the texas attorney general, the San Antoinio Better Business Bureau, my bank and the New Braunfels police. This gu y needs to be stopped NOW!!
  19th of Oct, 2009
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Unfortunately I also have purchased an atv from Olson power sports. I have call numerous times with no answers. I ordered the atv for my son on Sept. 1 09. It is now oct. 19, and still know atv. After bombarding the phone system or should i say the one phone at the fold up table in his wife's clothing store, i finally got an answer from his employee Mathew. I was informed that the particular atv i ordered was out of stock and that they had no way of knowing when they would restock to the U.S. however if i would like to pay an extra 250 dollars i could upgrade to an atv that was in stock. Thank god i didn't upgrade, that would just be another 250 more i would be out on top of the 650 i have already paid to this company. I then received an email that same day stating that the atvs have restocked, and that i would receive shipment no later than the 13th Like i said before its the 19th and guess what? yep know atv. I cant believe this company is still in business. I own my own construction business and the things this company have done would have put me out of business a long time ago. I don't understand how this company is consistently getting away with this. I understand to well about things going bad for a company. I have issues with weather, deadlines, and all types of other problems that can arise, The key is to always remember that when you are doing business with someone you have to have a solution's to problems that could arise and if you don't have a solution then you need to come up with one. Unfortunately sometimes you end up giving up some of your profit to keep your customer happy, but by doing this you guaranty that you still have a customer to make yourself some money in the future. If this company is reading this blog then please understand I am not trying to bad mouth your company i am only trying to inform your customers or future customers what to expect. If i had received my order in the 5-7 time frame i was given. Or if when confronted with the fact that i have been waiting for more than a month, and u decided to give me the upgrade for free and cut your losses I would be commenting much differently on this blog. I would be telling your customer that your company was top notch and that there is know worry's when dealing with Olsons powersports. But that is not the case. truth be that if dealing with this company be careful. It could be a hard experience for some folks. If things change for the better and my needs are satisfied in the near future i will also document how that goes on this blog.
  27th of Oct, 2009
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I represent a large company that purchase 45 vehicles from Olson Powersports. We have recieved 35 of them. We have been waiting for over a month for the other 10 to be delivered. Brandon has until Friday Oct 30th to get the scooters on their way or our attorneys are going after him. If they are received I have full intent on posting a positive response on this page but if not I will disclose full details and will be happy to get in contact with anyone else having issues with this company as well to try and put an end to all this.
  28th of Oct, 2009
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I have also had bad experience with Olson power sports. I Ordered an atv for my sons B-day in April (his B-day is in March ), I didn't get it until mid May.When it did arrive both front tires where flat. Had to pay to have them fixed and resealed on the rim, If that wasn't enough it was supposed to be a 3 speed semi-automatic, it's not. The electric start has a problem with staying engaged, the rear disk brake pads fell off and the rear caliper fell off causing an accident that busted the right front tire, Thank God my son wasn't injured. I Have contacted Olson Powersports just to hear I could purchase the parts . I thought I had a three year warranty on this thing, but I guess not! He has only been able to ride in my back yard about 5 times. He hasn't even ran a tank of fuel thru it.
I had tightened every bolt on it daily so that's not the problem. The three speed semi-automatic I was supposed to get was a total misrepresentation of what I paid for
  2nd of Nov, 2009
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Ordered an ATV in April, was told I would recieve it May 15th. Well it is now November 2nd and still no atv. Was asked if I wanted to upgrade.. Why would I ?? I am allready out $900.00.. I gave them to November 9th, after which I will be calling my attorney. They dont answer their phone and email is spotty at best
  9th of Nov, 2009
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Wow- thank goodness for this blog. I called Olsen Powersports today because I was thinking about buying an ATV for my son and myself for Christmas. I was told there was a three year warranty with no cost for parts if anything went wrong, that if ordered I would receive the ATV's within 7-10 days, and so forth. I thought that this deal was too cheap and too good to be true so I went ahead and searched the company. I apologize to everyone for what you are going through and hope you get this resolved, and at the same time I thank you for informing us (future) customers who were looking into the company. I am going to just spend the extra money to get name-brand ATV's from a company that I know is reliable and honest. Thank you

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