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R Aug 23, 2015 Hollywood

On [protected] I bought a acer tablet with a 2 year warranty with a visa gift card we received. After a month my tablet started having troubles. It
Wouldn't start when I pressed the on button and the battery wouldn't hold a charge. I called Office depot and they told me I had to go to the store I bought the item from. So I did but none of the employees knew how to put my refund on a gift card so I could make another purchase. Turns out the employee room the refund and put it on the visa gift card that was used up and in the garbage. The store manager told me there was nothing he could do till Monday when he could contact corporate. A week later I was I informed they could not give me cash but I could buy something else for the amount t of the refund but my 2 year warranty would not be prorated or anything I was just out the 79.99. So I ordered a Toshiba tablet on [protected] for 359.99 and another 2 year replacement warranty for another 119.99. It was supposed to come on Sept.16, 2015 to my house. This morning in my email I receive notice that my order has been cancelled due to inventory and I will receive a cash refund in 7 to 10 days for 359.99. No money back for the 2 year warranty I purchased. I called customer service and they told me I didn't buy a warranty. I found my sales slip and warranty and gave her the numbers. She told me she couldn't help me that I had to call the warranty dept on Monday August 24, 2015. I have never dealt with a more frustrating and irresponsible company. They gave me 10 percent off the Toshiba for my troubles which I do not get back. I missed the no tax weekend so now when I go somewhere else I have lost that money. I have been ripped off every which way I can think of. I have to call the warranty dept tomorrow and wait to see how they will try to screw me out of 119.99. I have my receipt and everything. I will never do any business with this company again.

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