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Office Chairs Unlimited / Does not honor warranty

1 United States

Office Chairs Unlimited...Mike Harley (Owner) refused to honor the warranty on my office chair. He claims there was a separate warranty somewhere in the package with the chair but none was found.

Warranty Information directly from Office Chairs Unlimited web site. As of Feb 8, 2010, this is the only information available to the public regarding a warranty on the Office Chairs Unlimited web site. This clearly states that Office Chairs Unlimited products, at a minimum, are covered by a 6 year warranty.

"Manufacturers warranties range from 6 years to lifetime warranties. If your item is found to be defective at any time, replacement parts will be shipped to you by the respective manufacturer. Our products are rated for a

standard 40 hour work week by persons weighing 250 lbs or less unless otherwise noted."

This clearly states that Office Chairs Unlimited products, at a minimum, are covered by a 6 year warranty.

If this chair is warranted for the minimum mentioned on the web site, the warranty on my particular model will expire May 22, 2013 at the earliest. This would be 6 years (inclusive) from the date of purchase.

There was nothing in the box with this chair that indicated anything regarding a warranty but had there been, it would almost seem...dishonest.

To imply on his web site that he chooses products that are of the highest quality and warranted "from 6 years to lifetime" then slip a 18 monthwarranty in the box is dishonest at best.

Mr Harley attempts to make the case that it is something I am doing wrong by stating the following to me in an e-mail dated Feb 5, 2010...

"Please keep in mind that this chair is designed to only hold up to 250 lbs. If you are over this weight, the chair will continue to break. Another cause of the chair

breaking can be leaning forward or to the side as to pick something up off of the ground. This type of motion wears on the mechanism causing it to eventually give. "

I informed Mr. Harley that I weigh about 190 pounds.

If this particular chair is not a "40 hour" chair or is designed to only be used on an infrequent basis/for display purposes only or is not an everyday chair, these facts should also be mentioned so the public will be fully informed.

Mr. Harley's also failed to consider or mention the very distinct possibly that the chair and/or mechanical parts are of less than suitable quality for a chair like this...which seems obvious to me.


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