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Ocean Beach Club/Goldkey resort


Timeshare week forfeited because of missed maintenance payment

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Have you ever heard of losing you deeded week even after you have paid for the yearly maintenance fee as well as the collection fee (another 50%)? Does this sound reasonable?

It sounds very fraudulent to me. Now that I have paid for the yearly maintenance fee, my "deeded" week is still in a forfeited status. After trying to resolve the issue with the "owner association", Jackie Riggs, her response was she has to "look out for the interest of the other owners of the association."

Frankly, I do not think any consumers would accept this at all. I am in the process of finding this out online. Basically, the maintenance fee was $614 and the collection fee was $221. I believe in any business relationship, you give some and you gain some. In this case, I think I gave some and got a lemon.
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N  26th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
Help signed last Thursday. And sent certified letter to cancel. What else do I need to do??
N  2nd of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
After paying on my down payment, and on the 7th day I wanted to cancel my contract I called the number provided on the bottom of my paper work and was told to go back and look at my handbook for the formal way to cancel the contract. After getting home a locating the information I then noticed that my 7th day ended at 12 that night. Thank you very helpful rep. But anyway I proceeded to try to cancel after 6 months of callin with no help and no returned phone calls I finally got a rep to talk to me and I only received a portion of my deposit back. GOLD KEY RESORTS ARE THEIVES, , MONEY HUNGRY THEVIES, OUT OF 1900.00 THEY ONLY RETURNED 850.00, , , SO TO ANY ONE THAT WILL BE VACATIONING IN VIRGINIA DON'T GET SUCKERING IN TO THIS BS, , , , , THEY WILL NEVER CALL YOU BACK IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, , I'M A WITNESS TO THAT
N  27th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
My son and I are joint owners at Turtle Cay at Virginia Beach beautiful location had this since 1999 paid off around 2008 the fees have gone up and up I always rent my deeded week which is around Valentines Day and only make that rental ckeck my problem have always been never availablity when we are wanting to travel even if it is a year ahead or two yrs ahead I have had my feel of this I think we all have been had and if you try to go to some other timeshare folks that claim they can get you out of this you have to put of more money to let them list I have had one to want to charge 4, 000.00 dollars to qurantee you get out MY GOD!!! I have had scam artist to call and say they have a buyer that wants to buy my time share they always say that and still want you to put up money Now I own this if I walk away from this why should if effect me? It is to me not like a house with serious equity I would be a fool to walk away from my home here in DC that I own it is all a punch of ### with ruthless fraud folks at the wheel I had a company to call me back today and said they understand that Gold key is or has filed, and under investigation by the US attorneys office for those that need help getting out from under these tyrants some one needs to take a lead and find out what is going on I WANT OUT!!! there is to many serious complaints and high pressure sales from these people which leads to hardship on the end user we need a good council at this point WE NEED SOME ONE TO HELP US IN THIS SI
A  22nd of Mar, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have been reading all of the comments. Yes, this is the biggest
scam in the USA. What can we all do? Can we unite in the same cause? Is there an Attorney than can help us take GOLD KEY down??? Count me in! zamika03@yahoo.com
Floyd Virginia
A  13th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
Big scam companies like this are protected by a lot of lawyers. The judge may be a regular here for free
N  13th of May, 2014 by    +2 Votes
Please people don't buy. I'm in the same mess. I could rent in OBX a house for $800. This is ridiculous Mr Bruce L. Thompson
Chief Executive Officer is prolly laughing his behind off reading all this comments here while his pocket are full of our $$$$$$. Sad part is that We got sucked into...they make it sound so good. I was told my maintenance fee will be $350.00 a year and then they add all the special assessments fee's for the year, now is like $750.00 to $800. And wait don't be late cause you will loose your week and make you pay for all the late fee's collections fee's and you cannot use it, they will rent your week and they profit your week and you receive a slap in the face.
N  30th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
Warning do not purchase any timeshares from Goldkey Resorts. We purchased the time share over 5 years ago and have not used our deeded week once. We purchased a 2 BR Week 2 for $14, 000 and was led to believe it would be easy to exchange for other weeks. According to the Sales person, it didn't matter the deeded week was in January, it could be swapped for other weeks. Each year the Maintenance Fee has gone up and don't let it go past due unless you want harassed by Meridian at the rate of over $200 Collection Fee on top of the Maintenance Fee. You can not even give away the timeshare. I do not know what we are going to do as we are close to retirement and can't continue paying close to $1000 year for 'NOTHING'.
N  30th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
If anyone knows how to get rid of this timeshare ownership, please post credible information. It would really be appreciated!
N  11th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Kadymonk RESORTEXITGROUP.COM guarantees to get anybody out of their timeshare
N  31st of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
Hi this is Ina and my husband and I are also suffering the consequences of an ill informed decision under the pressure of sales agents. I am actually looking into creating a social media platform and exploring with a consumer affairs group. I will keep you all posted.We need everyone involved.
Alexandria, VA
A  7th of Apr, 2015 by    0 Votes
My husband and I have owned at beach quarters since 2005 and have had problems since the first time we went to bbc.co use the time share. And again like you all we paid our maintenance fee late and they say that we forfeited our week. Please help us to get out of this. Teressa.reagan@gmail.com
N  7th of Jul, 2015 by    0 Votes
I tried years ago to change them when we lost a week. Most of the lawyers work for them. I found one lawyer willing to take them on if 5 people went in with me. I bought a week that I use. No problems there with anything. but never ever ever be beyond last date for the Maintenance fee. They charge late fees, processing fees, and then rent your week at exorbitant fees. unless there is a class action---nothing will be done. Biggest employer in town. My opinion is that once you have paid the maintenance fee and the other fees ($200 and up), you should get your week back. Almost 99% of the timeshares in USA work like that.
N  11th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
TIMESHARE EXIT AND CANCELLATION!!! RESORTEXITGROUP.COM... We guarantee to get anyone out of their timeshare

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