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Ocean Beach Club/Goldkey resort review: Timeshare week forfeited because of missed maintenance payment 53

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12:00 am EDT
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Have you ever heard of losing you deeded week even after you have paid for the yearly maintenance fee as well as the collection fee (another 50%)? Does this sound reasonable?

It sounds very fraudulent to me. Now that I have paid for the yearly maintenance fee, my "deeded" week is still in a forfeited status. After trying to resolve the issue with the "owner association", Jackie Riggs, her response was she has to "look out for the interest of the other owners of the association."

Frankly, I do not think any consumers would accept this at all. I am in the process of finding this out online. Basically, the maintenance fee was $614 and the collection fee was $221. I believe in any business relationship, you give some and you gain some. In this case, I think I gave some and got a lemon.

Pittsfield, US
Jul 20, 2010 12:37 pm EDT
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what did u find in fine print, , can u please tell us ./that would be helpfull

Chicago Heights, US
Jul 16, 2010 3:05 pm EDT

Funny, you all complain about your ownership at Gold Key and I bet not one of you know how to use it. Try reading the fine print and learning how to use your timeshare and you may actually be happy. I am but I learned the hard way, just like all of you fools who think you just have to make a phone call. Learn how to use what you bought!

Franklin, US
Jul 13, 2010 12:57 pm EDT

GOLD KEY SUCKS! i don't recommend anyone ever buy from them. they always find a reason to forfeit you week even it is their fault. I paid everything on time and my week was also forfeited. I tried to find out why only to find out they put the wrong account number. I had the canceled check that had the right account number. I also had when it cleared & it was in time. After that I said screw them.

Craig V
New York, US
Jun 16, 2010 3:55 pm EDT

GOLD KEY IS THE WORST...I just got a deeded week timeshare at Boardwalk Villas and tried to deposit it into interval international. I sent all the paperwork in and they forfeited my week even after I paid the yearly maintenance. They didnt offer any sort of compensation (free weekend or week in the off season). The customer reps are rude and should be unemployed because their sense of customer service is bar none THE WORST. Everytime I speak with one of them I feel like I am inconveniencing them, but as I can see from these complaints, I am not the only one having trouble. This experience has mad me want to sell my timeshare...and I havent even been there yet!

Craig V
New York, NY

camper unhappy
Ambler, US
Apr 16, 2010 1:34 pm EDT

Sad to say, but my husband and I feel we were flim-flammed. We lost use of our week #1 because our dues weren't paid by 1/1. However, as you know, we still had to pay the dues and the late fee. How horrible.

We just got a call this week inviting us to come down for the weekend. My husband said "No way! After they jipped us out of a week, they can forget it, and they'll never get a referral from me again!" They probably don't realize the negative power of disatisfied members.

Ambler, PA

Sicklerville, US
Jan 26, 2010 10:49 pm EST

Attention Gold Key Resort Time sharers,

We brought into week #13 dates 3-27-10 to 4-3-10 at Turtle Cay, 1081 19th Street, unit #105, Virginia Beach, Va. 23451.

I would like to add that after numerous attempts to acquire an exchange of week #13 for two short stays, their system of exchange difficult and frustrating. They want you to give up your week no later than January 26, 2010 to acquire short stays, if we wish to exchange for two short stays. Yet we cannot get a confirmation of the weeks we wanted 5-21 2010 to [protected] and 9-3-2010 to 9-8-2010 more than 60 days of when we want to book. I am not a gambler. We were also duped into thinking we acquired a fluctuating one week a year vacation, during what their sales personnel, told us was a “red zone”, leading us to believe that our deeded week was actually giving us an availability of a vacation from March to September if we made our choice before [protected]. We have since found out that this was a lie. The slick sales tactic that was used to sell us real estate in their organization was well below the belt.
Be advised that we will never recommend our friends or relatives to invest in Gold Key Resorts, ever! We are more that capable of paying our membership yearly dues, $542.00 and monthly mortgage, without selling our friends down the river. We will never give them any more names to processing as a way to eliminate the yearly dues of $542.00. The names initially given to them have all been notified of their deceptive practices. The members of our church, St. Matthews with a membership of over 3000 will read this letter that I will post on our church bulletin board and website. I know this will not put a dent in their productivity, nor do they even care. But be advised that this angry owner is networking with others to brainstorm on ways to get the word out, including local newspapers in Virginia Beach of their sales tactics, i.e. this website is just the beginning.

Sick in Sicklerville, N.J.

new york city, US
Oct 17, 2009 3:41 pm EDT

We bought a 2 bedroom lock off as well, with Ocean Beach Club for January with the intention of EXCHANGING it with Interval International. We have now found out... Interval never has anything available anywhere we want to go! We tried to sell our $13, 450 timeshare on E-Bay for $1.00 and there were NO TAKERS!

My friend who is a Contract Lawyer in New York City recently called Ocean Beach Club on our behalf because we want out of it, he was told that we have to pay the Maintenance Fees in perpetuity, even after we are dead they will come after the estate!

Can we form a group and fight them ?

It looks like the Attorney General in Virginia is not doing much to look into it because it brings a lot of revenues to the state!

pleasentville, US
Jul 01, 2009 8:35 pm EDT

yea well if u didnt buy a timeshare in the first place, u wouldnt have to deal with this ###. how ###ed can u be to sign a deed entitling you to own time?!
and OF COURSE they will make money from the unit! it is available and they WILL occupy it. there is no mercy in business.
good luck.

, US
Apr 03, 2009 9:52 am EDT

We purchased a 2 bedroom lock-off at the Ocean Beach Club, while on vacation in Virginia Beach in September of 2004. They were promoting the construction of a new tower, so we bought in at a pre-building price of $8500.00. We honestly have to say, that we bought it on a whim, and this was our first timeshare purchase. We bought week 6, which is our anniversary week, but it is still in the dead of winter. We pay the maintenance fees every January, and have yet to stay there. We have been trying to sell this timeshare for the past four years, and cannot get rid of it. We have wasted over $2000. trying to sell it. The only good thing, is that it trades well with the exchange companies, and since we can't get rid of it, we can atleast benefit from it's exchange value. We now own three timeshares, and two vacation club memberships.

With today's declining economy, home foreclosures, lost jobs etc... I don't think that Gold Key resorts is going to make any profit from your forfeited week. Gold Key and all the other timeshares companies, only care about their bottom line, and that is getting our money, by any means necessary. If you told them you were dying of cancer, they would want your spouse or your heirs to continue to pay your maintenance fees on time, after you death.

I am sorry, for your situation, but when it comes to timeshares, we are swimming with the sharks.


, US
Mar 17, 2009 11:05 am EDT

Pay what you agree to or lose

J Mona
Accokeek, US
Mar 17, 2009 10:55 am EDT

I have been Gold Key owner (Villas at the Board Walk then Ocean Beach Club) for about 6 years. I 'vehad two family members in two different hospitals at the same time: my husband and his mother. We upgraded our unit at OBC in October 2008. Because of that I had been unable to get on line to care for the maintenance fee for the new unit which was due January 2009. On 3/17/09 I again tried to access the site and was successful but I found that my unit had been forfeited for the year, I owed a $50 late fee and collection charges of $264. I understand having to pay the extra charges, even though I was practically living at two different hospitals, the paments were my responsibility. What I am very upset at is that my week has been forfeited. They not only get the late fees but they also get the benefit of renting out my week or whatever they do with "forfeited weeks" which I believe is unjust enrichment. I intend to file complaints with the BBB and any other agency I can think of. Any suggestions?

Jason James
Jul 09, 2008 9:23 am EDT

Ddi you file a complaint with Better Business Bureau or Consumer Complaint with Virginia Attorney Genral's Office? Have you settled this issue yet?