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OAN Services Inc. / Telephone billing fraud!

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My latest Verizon home telephone bill included a surprise from OAN Services Inc. It showed a call to their directory assistance was made 3/25/07. To use this service it says we dialed [protected] and for the privilege charged with taxes $7.57. The only directory service number we know is 411 and with this kind of rate for OAN Services it makes no sense to use.

I call the OAN number on my Verizon bill and the agent easily agreed to send a check for the full amount and offered to block further use of their service from my number, which I accepted. There is just something fishy about this operation. We I first discovered the charge, my wife was inclined to ignore it and see if happens again. I bet this is just the kind of game they are playing. If it is infrequent most people will let it go. If someone complains, make the complaint go away and take them off your suckers list.

I noticed another person had the same complaint on this board. I encourage everyone to report because the only way to accumulate evidence of fraud is to have enough complaints. One are two could be a mistake.

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  • Fr
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    OAN Services Inc. - Cramming
    United States

    OAN, INC OF PONTE VERDE BEACH, FL put a charge for $7.64, including tax, on my Verizon phone bill. The number I allegedly called, 101 515-8000, appears to be some type of access code, per Verizon. I called Verizon and had them remove the charge. I also instructed Verizon to put a miscellaneous block on my phone bill so that no one can piggyback on to my bill with Verizon acting as their collections agent.

    Finally, I went to the FCC website and filed a complaint of "cramming" against these bozos. Picture they do this to several million people and maybe 100,000 or so don't bother to see someone unauthorized has "crammed" a fraudulent billing onto their telephone bill. Verizon had suggested I call OAN and have them remove the charge. I pointed out they won't bill me separately as this is a scam and Verizon operator argued with me! Incredible. I think Verizon should be included in this as an accessory to cramming. After all, I'm sure OAN and others pay a fee to Verizon to handle the billing.

  • Da
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    This month we received a bill from OAN services inc for 8.23 on our A>T>T bill, I don't know how many people got this but, it's sounds like a scam to us. If customers complain enough they will keep running this scam. Also this is a monthly charge. If this helps this charge was billed for Greentree Data charge. Maybe part of this scam to.

  • Da
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    I call on it seems their a billing agent, for tetophone comp. someone had my previous phone no. and they used a old phone card with their old phone no. which was billed to me. They where very polite and said they will reimburses me the money. I'll have to wait for the next bill to see if they do.

  • Cf
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I have been ripped-off!! OAN services charged me 7.57 ... & for WHAT ?! What a rip-off BY VERIZON !! YOU GUYS AT VERIZON STINK!! AND YOU BETTER REFUND MY M O N E Y!!!

  • Th
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I got my business bill from Century Tel for December services and noticed a nice little charge of $34.95 on my billing. I was livid. Promptly called the number listed or OAN SERVICES and was put in line on hold perpetually but I never gave up.. The operator was friendly and told me the service was for some type of Web Service and basically I told her that no one authorized that and I was not paying them. I went on to tell her that this was basically theft. Be ware of charges on your phone service that you did not authorize.

  • Ja
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I had AT&T and this scamming company, OAN Services Inc. called me two months ago stating They Were Part of AT&T and "Nothing would change" in my billing or rates. That they are just becoming responsible for the 'billing for AT&T", but couldn't do it without my authorization; which at the time being busy minded agree and let it roll. Now, when I received my bill from AT&T, this OAN by Worldcom (which is the service provider for OAN) shows up in the bill and I am being charged three times the cost for the same phone service!
    I call and ask to speak with a supervisior and at first they were willing to only provide me with 10% prorate discount to my bill. I continued demanding an exact match than AT&T rates and after 15 min they provided me with 20% pro-rate discount. I have requested to speak with a Manager , so I was placed on ignored then I was told he was going to call me back. Which after 3 hours I decided to call back.

    This people are making bank STEALING by fooling you to believe they are part of your current phone service. They provide phone service they buy from WorldCom and bill you three or four times the rate you normally pay. They know most people are too busy to look into the billing detail and just send our payments. Thats is how they make their business on our trust.
    We need to start bringing this to the better business bereau, and local authorities as business fraud.

  • Ts
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    This similar situation happened to our business account through AT&T billing. I'm not sure how we were "switched" to OAN Services, Inc., but we too paid these exorbitant charges for many months without paying close attention to the charges. In January we realized we were paying approx .03/per minute but the administration charges were outrageous and cost us .19/per minute per phone call.

    We called AT&T and had them switch us back to their long distance and received confirmation that it was effective immediately. What they neglected to explain was we must also notify OAN Services Inc and cancel with that company. Because we failed to do so OAN charged us administrative fees of $54.73 in February and $49.95 in March. When we asked them to credit our account since no calls were made through them, they refused, stating that we were to notify them as well to cancel the services. This “customer service” confirmed our reason for taking our long distance elsewhere.

  • Je
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    OAN Services Inc. - Fraud and scam!
    OAN Services Inc.
    1211 upper trailer ct. glide or 97443
    United States
    Phone: 541-496-3109

    I have on my century tel bill attached bill from oan. services for 14.95. I have never used this service nor know of them. I have a block on my phone for long distance and other charges that are not authorized and somehow this company fraudulently got through. I have to file charges against them for fraud at this point as i cannot get through to them. The 1800 number offered does not connect me to anyone.

  • Ka
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I just called the 800 number listed on my Fidelity Investments credit card, and a recording came on telling me that the number had changed, and I should call the new information number at 10-10-15-8000. I was suspicious, so I just re-dialed the original phone number, and got through to customer service. Maybe I mis-dialed the first time.

    I guess I should contact my phone company, and possibly Fidelity. I will also take a close look at my phone bill. Is there a governmental agency we can report this theft to?

  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    My son's girlfriend got on our computer and signed up for some deal to get $1000.00 in grocery coupons, next thing I know there is a charge on my phone bill with AT&T for $15.74 billed on behalf of OAN Services, Inc. for enhanced vmail???!~!!!

    This phone is clearly not in her name, does not belong to her, she does not live here and I wanted to know how they could get away with doing that.

    I called OAN first, demanded that they remove my number and the billing for something that I or my husband did not personally contract for. They said it would take 2 to 3 billing cycles for it to be removed. I clearly stated that I would not in any way pay one penny for this bogus crap.

    I got the guy's name, a reference number and a phone number to contact if it isn't cleared up but made sure that they understood that no matter that they would give me a credit for the billing, I was not paying anything to them period.

    I then contacted AT&T, gave them all the info, explained that neither me nor my husband ordered this and that I was not going to pay that portion of the bill. I asked AT&T if there would be any kind of retribution against us for not paying that amount of the bill and was assured that there would be no problem. They placed it into some kind of deal where if the bill shows up next month I call the phone company and let them know that this is in dispute and will not be paid. I will need to do this each month until this charge is removed from my bill by OAN. I can do that but it is an inconvenience I don't appreciate.

    Sad thing is, I called the girl who did this and she denies doing it. I told her that there was no way she could deny it because I was given all the sign up info which was her name, her address, her passcode and our phone number. She is now barred from the computer here until she can learn responsible browsing. I still am shocked that she had the audacity to not only deny doing it but to yell at me to stop bi*ch*ng her out. The nerve of this girl.

    I am she will run to my son and complain and he will come home mad at mom but hey, oh well. she did it and it is my right to go off about charges to my phone bill she was not authorized to do.

    So others out there, if and when this happens to you, call OAN first, tell them to remove the charges immediately. Get a name and a confirmation number. Then as soon as you hang up, call your phone provider and give them all the info and stay on it until the bogus charge is removed from your bill. Do not, I repeat, Do Not pay one penny for any of it.

  • Ra
      6th of May, 2008
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    Kind of crazy i worK on behalf of att and do credits for customers, i currently recieved bill of 12.95 on my services which is fraud because we never ordered vm services such a scam im sure to solve this and research it!

  • Ma
      11th of May, 2008
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    I am finding a monthly charge for OAN. I did not nor would I ever sign up for something as silly as radio on my phone line. The phone is only there for internet. We use our cell phones for all calls. Also, I find it "fishy" that this OAN is never "there" when I try to call to find out HOW they can try to charge me for something I never signed up for.

  • El
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    I was also billed on Verizon for the Laurentel setup fee, which I never authorized, they took it off and the Laurentel people canceled but who gave Verizon permission to charge me for something I did not sign up for. Verizon needs to be checked on also...

  • Mi
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    Another scam from OAN: $9.02 on my VERIZON bill.

  • Gr
      13th of Sep, 2008
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  • Te
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    I've received a $14.95 charge on my AT&T bill. We haven't signed up for anything new recently (internet), the only thing being our new cell phone contract with AT&T last month.

    My charge showed up as Watchdog ID, LLC, however after googling this company, I've found many people have this same charge only to wind up with OAN.

    Also, we had $54.90 in 1-900 #'s that we know were never made.

    AT&T will most definitely remove these charges (this is what I have found so far on this bill) or risk losing a long-time customer. The cost of this bill x 23 months now left in our mobile contract, well, it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper to cancel. That includes our home phone and internet as well! I'm sure you see the point. Every site I've been to says this is happening with AT&T/Verizon. One also said that these phone companies are getting a profit for allowing them to make these fradulant charges!!!

    Anyway, I am not letting this go and hope all of you don't either. Don't just stop with calling your phone company. This is happening to TONS of people & needs to be reported to all proper authorities/congressmen/etc.

  • Li
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I use to work for OAN in Northridge CA. as an operator answering calls and yes it is a scam.

  • Ju
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I have my Verizon Account temporarily disconnected for 6 months which I only get charged minium, I'm in my 4th month of being temp disconnected and received my verizon bill which has the OAN long distance charge on it. I called OAN and after a lot a ranting I finally got them to agree to take off the charges. I talked with "JOE" from Telephone services at 1-800-339-3912. I am outraged and want/need to report them.

  • Ji
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    OAN stands for Operator Assisted Network. I work for Embarq and dealt witha customer that had Embarq Long distance and made a DIRECT DIAL CALL TO JORDAN. One call for 59 minutes to Jordan was not billed by Embarq but rather picked up by OAN, and magically turned into a "operator assisted call" We charge at the most without a calling plan 2.00 per minute their all turned into a charge of 289 dollars for a 59 minute call!
    They charged around 4.80 a minute and when I was on the line with the customer they claim they only bill on behalf of Embarq, when we have our own billing department and they dont.
    After investigation I can tell you the phone companies are in on it! OAN is owned by former CEO'S of Embarq(who are being sued by the attorney general of Tallahassee). And youar e the bait!

  • Ma
      26th of Dec, 2008
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    This same phone number uses the name Telephone Services to put unauthorized charges on phone bills.

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