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Nwachukwu B C / Suspected Fraud

1 Nigeria Review updated:

Do you have office in Nigeria? Some one from VIP Express ltd in Porthacourt Nigeria call me that I won a draw and wants me and my wife to come to their in the evening for a presentation.
I remember filling their questioneer last year, but now I am suspious that these people could fraudsters.

Please help!!



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  • Ja
      5th of May, 2009
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    Dear Nwachukwu,

    I am glad that you have recorded this complaint. I too received a similar call from the same, VIP Express people in Port Harcourt and was foolish enough to attend one of their seminars. I even made the mistake of parting with my money and becoming members of their so-called club! It is a decision that I have regretted ever since. These people are fraudsters and complete 419ers. I have done extensive research into their organisation and have found that everything is not as it appears.

    Furthermore, I discovered that the people running this Club (i.e. the Regional Managers) were sacked whilst employed with a much bigger and much more credible club that has been in Nigeria for much longer than VIP express. There have been complaints of Racism towards Nigerians by their very own employees. In the course of my investigations, I contacted their previous employers. Unfortunately, I could not get much information on the reasons for their dismissal due to confidentiality issues. However, I discovered that these people have merely duplicated everything that their previous employees are doing!

    Even the forms that we are asked to fill are exactly the same as their previous Club! This clearly shows me that these people are trying to make a quick buck from copying the methods of others and riding on their success! If they had any identity or originality of their own, they would not copy others!

    Furthermore, I was offended by the fact that we are being offerred "Cows" as a prize for coming to a seminar! Do these "white supremacists" think that we Nigerians are still a bunch of villagers who will come running to them through promises of Cows. I find this deeply degrading and can see exactly how claims of racism have been made against their managers.

    I have since joined their previous employer's club and have been so much happier with the level of service and treatment! I urge all Nigerians to stay clear of these people and also urge the Nigerian authorities to take some serious action against these racists!

    Jacob Ifelaja

  • Pr
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Dear Nwachukwu B.C

    jacob ifelaja's comments on this site is tainted with great bais and are all lies peddled in other to smear the credibility&intergrity of vip express Ltd, the reason you were called to attend a presentation was due to the fact that you filled out a form(which you aknowledged in your comment above) and you were asked to attend with your wife because in the event were you decide to join the vip club after the presentation such must be done with your wife, vip express Ltd company policy requests that in any transaction were a married person(man or woman) is to part with money such a decision should be made with the consent and agreement of both spouses

    vip express Ltd is a duly incorporated company with the corporate affairs commission in nigeria, vip express also has a business permit to carry on business in nigeria, all the documents concerning the incorporation and registration of vip express Ltd can be sighted at its office in port harcourt.

    without any intention to join issues, it could be gleaned from that jacob ifelaja's comments were made with the sole intent to dicredit vip express Ltd in favour of another company in a similar business as vip express Ltd but in so doing he/she has greatly contradicted the credibility and authenticity of his/her statements, which are as follows:

    (1)He/she stated that the people running vip express Ltd copied every thing they do at vip express Ltd from their former employer's including the forms used, that vip express is a fraudulent company, but if we are objective on these issues as outlined by jacob ifelaja on the allegation that vip express Ltd is fraudulent(assuming but not conceding to the fact) and similarly on the allegation that vip express Ltd copied every thing they are doing from the former employers of the people running vip then it would be safe to conclude that the former employers are also fraudsters but jacob ifelaja nontheless has prefered join the club of the former employer and is happier(what an irony);

    (2)"WHITE SUPREMACIST" i wonder who is racist now? vip express nigeria ltd as a company has in its employment 100-150 nigerian staffs in line with the local content policy of the federal government of nigria, the company has also given several secondary and university scholarship to several persons as part of it social responsibility to its host community;

    (3) The cow is one of many consolation prizes to be won from a raffle draw which takes place after every presentation, if jacob ifelaja is really an african then he/she should understand the symbolic meaning of a cow as gift, it is quite a common thing to see cows on nigerian television as consolation prizes used by different companys during product promotions, SO WHY IS THE CASE OF VIP EXPRESS LTD DIFFERENT?.

    vip express ltd is a direct foreign investment in nigeria which was established due to the federal governments drive for foreign investments in nigeria, the company has introduced a specialized business module which is more sophisticated & cheaper than what is offered by other companys and isgreatly beneficial to the general public & its clients, no wonder there is a grand conspiracy to smear the credibilty and intergrity of vip express by other companys.

    note also that jacob ifelaja did not mention the name of the former employers of the people running vip express in other for a proper investigation of his allegations against vip express Ltd, i make bold to say that jacob ifelaja is not and was never a member of vip express, the existience of such a named person is greatly in doubt.

    For any information or enquiries about vip express Ltd, visit or the company's office at No 7 nsirim street GRA phase 3, port harcourt.

    CLIFFORD NNANTA CHUKU(attormney at Law)
    For: Edward&William(enbanc chambers)
    solicitors to VIP EXPRESS LTD

  • Lo
      26th of Aug, 2017
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    @proki Mr Attorney at Law, I am sure you know what the VIP contract entails and am sure you will not sign nor advise your client to sign on the day without reviewing it.

    Kindly help answer a few questions;

    1. The TM's only invite people with over 400, 000 naira income. yes/no
    2. After confirming your income you are told congratulations and you have won 7 night free accommodation in Kenya or South Africa. yes/no
    3. At the presentation you are told you must do the flight and processing fee, that its accommodation only, you were not told prior on the invite. yes/no
    4. You are told to switch of your phone .yes/no
    5. Everything you are told on the presentation by the presenter is not in the contract. yes/no
    6. You are told there is a basic option and elite option. yes /no
    7. The basic option does not exist yes/no
    8. There is no accounting record, posting, payment, tax etc that have the basic option in the your book.yes/no
    9. You tell your audience you can travel to over 100 destinations which is not in the contract. yes/no
    10. You tell your clients you can travel to over 3000 destinations not written on the contract. yes/no
    11. You tell your clients you can make several millions in a few months which is not in the contract.yes/no
    12. You analyse a detailed business option which is not in the contract. yes/no
    13. You tell the clients to give names of high income earners anywhere in Nigeria. yes/no
    14. You list several cities you hold presentation in Nigeria not in the contract. yes/no
    15. You have not been to some of this cities over 4 years now. yes/no
    16. Why have you stopped going there?
    17. Deposits taking from clients that do not wish to continue do you refund. yes/no
    18. Do you have a very high turnover of staff. yes /no
    19. Is the tax people aware and were they accounted for in the payroll for tax purposes. yes/no


  • Bo
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Mr Nwachukwu,
    I do not think VIP Express is fraud because I am also a member of VIP Express in Port Harcourt. I have my accommodation taken care of by them in any country of my choice which I am already benefiting.

    I went to their offices to make a reservation to London in June. The lady in charge advised that she will give me a letter to the Embassy Stating that they will be responsible for my accommodation and that the accommodation is in progress. I went to the embassy with the letter VIP Express issued to me and my family was granted visas. That shows me that they are recognized by the embassies because I had no invitation letter from anyone in the UK .

    I will not know if their regional managers were fired or not and if they were I don’t think it affects the Clients in any way as long as their clients are given what they promised.

    I think you should attend the presentation and see how they can help you package your accommodation.

    B. oji
    Membership No: 0117

  • Lo
      29th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    vip express is very genuine company here in nigeria...i joined a few days and i haven't travelled with them but i believe they can do a lot for you as a express is a guaranteed organisation that takes care of your accomodation and pick up from the country that you want to use or go please stop discrediting vip express...

    vip express member

  • Su
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    Well i have just been interviewed by them today and the faces i saw does not look like that of fraud stars.

    Lets be very careful about what we post on net.

    frm success adeyanju

  • Pe
      25th of Nov, 2010
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    oga Nwachukwu or whatever your name is, its so unfortunate that people like you have access to the net. Maybe you would not have written something like that if accessing the internet was expensive. do unto others what you want others do to you.
    you cant grow with such attitude
    Engr Peter- vip 5584(Abuja)

  • Vl
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    Nwachukwu, i sincerely want to share in your fears and observations on vip express but if i recollect correctly, in the presentation several salient points were brought to the fore and it will only take a pessimist to undertake such a derugatory campaign you are embarking on. Remember, if u think u can or u can't, u are right. its up to u.


  • We
      17th of Mar, 2011
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    Most timeshare sales operations globally are questionable. Their tactics for bringing unsuspecting members of the public to attend their presentations and their methods can be quite mercenary. Many times the resorts they purport to own are yet to be built and they use their membership of international timeshare exchange operations to sell units to people who have been invited to claim prizes from a flawed raffle (if it exists) and get you to relax and get comfortable for at least 1 hour to gauge your level of 'muguness', show you a glamorous presentation of the success you can dream of achieving. And then trying to get you to part, at ALL costs, with N1.5m or a 30% discount if you PAY THAT DAY! before midnight! Then the free gift for attending, usually a free holiday voucher (YOU PAY FOR FLIGHTS ETC) which when you get to the resort would see you harassed until you do join or not enjoy the stay if you do not buy into the scam!

    Now when you mix timeshare with pyramid selling...a disaster is bound to occur sooner or later and many people would be out of pocket. It is like taking from peter to pay paul and most pyramid schemes are illegal. I believe the VIP Express runs and illegal one so most people should be very careful!!!

    It is also difficult to resell your timeshare and there are many hidden catches you find out down the road.


    Wesley Briessenanote

  • Pr
      22nd of May, 2011
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    Dear Wesley Briessenanote(if that is your real name)

    I have read through you comment and from the flow of the message thread herein including the deductive inference of your comment, i state as follows, that:

    1. our client carries on a legitimate business and is duly registered/permited by law so to do by statutory authorities.
    2. our client has never defrauded any member of its vacation club nor does it intend to start now, our client operates a transparent business, more so before any individual becomes a member of our client vacation club they are invited to attend an audio & visual presentation where everything concerning our client business is exhaustively explained in other for the individual to make an informed decision without coercion or force.
    3.if you or anyone is aggrieved with their transaction with our client, the honourable thing to do would be to take up your grievance directly with our client or better still seek redress in a court of law instead of stooping so low to cheap blackmail and baseless smear campaign as carried on by you in this site.

    As a piece of advice "it is honourable for one to pursue issues legitimately". pls do well to see my earlier post on this site dated 2009-07-02 above. Thank you

    CLIFFORD NNANTA CHUKU(attorney at Law)
    For: Edward&William(enbanc chambers)
    solicitors to VIP EXPRESS TOURISM LTD

  • Ub
      13th of Sep, 2012
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    I attended the VIP Express Ltd presentation in Enugu following from a telephone call from one Peace working with them. I was made to believe to believe so many things. To my greatest surprise, all that we said prior and during the presentation were all lies. No doubt, they may be a genuine company with a very bad approach.

  • Pe
      5th of Nov, 2012
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    i was called that i won a lucky deep. is this company genuine? i wonder?

  • Ol
      22nd of Mar, 2013
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    You need to make enquiries and understand a company or product before making complains. And I urge the website provider to always verify claims before posting. Check, or visit any of the addresses on these websites to clearify your insinuation.

  • Ad
      18th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I strongly disagree with that statement that vip express is fraudulent
    They make promises of accommodation but never said they will pay for your flight neither did they promise getting u visas. The clients must have a valid travelling documents .

  • Sa
      25th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    If VIP Express are not fraud stars how come they are using e.g as their email address yet if you go to its an internet service provider company in South Africa. Be ware

  • Mo
      27th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    VIP Express is real, not fraud at all. I traveled to south africa by help of their services which was very professional and memorable. That e-mail address is from south Africa probably because they have an office in south africa.

  • To
      23rd of Apr, 2015
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    this same implies to me VIP EXPRESS Parted with my money after they told me i won a trip to South Africa or Kenya any one i will like to go after they took more than 200k from me as a membership fee they keep calling me and asking me for more money and the South Africa or Kenya trip was never mentioned all they call to ask for is money ... even when i returned all the document they gave me back to them they didnt refund me or a negotiate any thing to fulfill their promise... i guess its was my lost cause i didnt investigate before making any payment its been two year now they got that money from me and its still hurt like hell.

  • Vi
      29th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Good day Mr Tom Innocent.

    We value and appreciate any communication from our clients whether it is good or bad and we understand that you are unhappy with your membership and the service you received. We would like to arrange a meeting with you, if possible, in order to understand all elements of your membership and the situation at hand. Please may you send us your contact details as well as which office you purchased your membership from so we can take the necessary steps from here?

    We look forward to hearing from you, have a great day.

  • Am
      12th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I think i have been scammed by VIP express tours, in port harcourt all the things they explained in the last presentation at are all lies they have defrauded me of my 309, 150NAIRA. having made inquiry from them on how to get to China for Vacation i was told that China is not included in there schedule and if i want to go to china i should bring more money eee, any country i request for they give me one story or the other, Vitims like me how did you people recover your 30% first payment abeg tell me ooo

  • Am
      12th of Mar, 2016
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    I think i have been scammed by VIP express tours, in port harcourt all the things they explained in the last presentation are all lies they have defrauded me of my 309, 150NAIRA. Having made inquiry from them on how to get to China for Vacation i was told that China is not included in there schedule and if i want to go to china i should bring more money for accommodation and other services, any country i request for they give me one story or the other, Victims like me how did you people recover your 30% first payment

  • Vi
      15th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Good day Amazon Towers

    We value and appreciate any communication from our clients whether it is good or bad and we understand that you are unhappy with your membership and the service you received. We would like to arrange a meeting with you, if possible, in order to understand all elements of your membership and the situation at hand. Please send us your contact details to so we can take the necessary steps.

    We look forward to hearing from you, have a great day.

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