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NSBI / Overcharged

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I received a call from a Mary Stevens from the 'AT&T notification department' to tell me that AT&T was changing it's long distance billing carrier from World Com to NSBI. My bills would not look any different but in order to continue receiving one bill AND have a reduced monthly long distance fee, I needed to verify thru a 3rd party administrator that I wanted to do so.

I was specifically told 3X NOT to ask questions to the 3rd party administrator as it would cancel the order and I would start receiving 2 bills and not benefit from the new lower long distance monthly fee.

Once I was switched to the 3rd party verification administrator, the conversation went so fast I had to ask the person to repeat himself 3 times! At the very end, I caught him saying that I had agreed to change my long distance CARRIER to NSBI... not just the long distance billing agent!

Once I got of the phone, I called AT&T to verify and was told it was a scam. AT&T has now updated all our phone lines so that they are supposedly protected from being switched over. I also called the 1-888 number given to me by the 3rd party admin and I swear the same person answered the phone! When I complained that his company tried to scam me, he immediately took my phone number and told me that the order would be canceled on that line and any line that I had given to Mary. He also said that Mary should not have told me that she was from AT&T!


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  14th of Jan, 2009
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I own a business in Oakland and use AT&T. Tony Smith has now contacted my office as a representative from AT&T to change my billing to NSBI 3 times. He even provided a customer service # so that I could verify that this was a legitimate call from AT&T. 800.222.0400. Fortunately I did not agree to make the change, but my next phone will be to the PUC. Consumers must beware. Tony has called back even AFTER I told him that I was going to verify his story with my carrier!!!
  25th of Feb, 2009
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Ijust had the same situation, "Tony Smith" introduced as Verizon representetive and told that Verizon go to switch my billing to NSBI. I did agree, but when alled to Verizon found that it's scam TonySmith doesn't work there and they don't work with NSBI. I freex my account from not authorized switchers, hope it will help. I'll try to find thi Tony by complaining to Public utility comission and other organizations.
  24th of Jul, 2009
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I was just contacted by someone who said they were in the AT & T Billing department and gave me the same story that AT&T was changing the billing vendor. Same lies - the bill would look a little different and there would be an extra charge if I went with one company. If I wanted my bill to have the same format I had to agree to go with NSBI. - SCAM JOB ! ! ! I also called that number that they had given me at the end of the call (1-800-745-2479) and was told that my number would be put on a list to be rejected. I wish I would have "googled" NSBI while I had them on the phone!
  10th of Aug, 2009
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They're still representing themselves as AT&T employees. If they send me any hard copy info, I'm forwarding it to the Atty. General in my state. Fraud is fraud, and someone should go to jail!
  30th of Dec, 2010
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Just had the same call, guy claiming to be with Qwest and saying my bill would go down and I just had to agree to a rate reduction. While on the phone with him I decided to google it just to be sure...and here we are. I told him I did not want to change my long distance from qwest and he insisted that he was calling on behalf of qwest. I told him that I had just looked the company up and that there were a ton of complaints against NSBI. He immediately hung up. This guy was a very smooth talker and I have to admit I almost fell for it..Please know this is a scam, please dont be sucked into to this!
  10th of Jan, 2011
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Once again, 1-10-2011, from Phoenix AZ. I own a business and just received a call saying they would reduce everyone on my lines by $10 a month and that my long distance would be at 2 cents a minuite. I then told him I had a customer and asked if I could call im back. Unfortunalty they have only outgoing phone access and he asked if he could call me back in 15min. I searched NSBI and found your comments. This is a scam and thanks to all ahead of me and hopefully I can also save anyone who searches NSBI time and trouble. I dont know what the scam is or how it works but sure doesn't sound right.
  16th of Aug, 2011
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I just saved $132.64 with nsbi and I LOVE IT!
  16th of Aug, 2011
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These complaints must be disgruntled ex-employees because I don't see the problem.
  2nd of Jul, 2012
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My business got a call from 1-800-745-2479. They asked for the person responsible for the quest account. I said, "How may I help you?" THEY HUNG UP! Funny thing, I don't use QWEST HAH!
I don't know about you, but I don't give a dam if they can save me some cash. Deceit is still Deceit and will not go rewarded my me. I shall spread the word from every mountain top that "NSBI" is a lying thieving #@%$*#G and should lose their lic to do business.

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