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On 10/25/2012 I ordered a FREE e cig trial from It was supposed to cost me 4.99 for shipping which I did get charged. I recieved the kit. I was very careful to look for strings on the web site before I ordered but found none. The kit came with no info except a thank you letter. 14 days later my account was charged $100.47. On 11/26/2012 my account was charged $80.26 and today I got a package of refills in the mail from "No Flame E- Cigarette, 6538 Collins Avenue #95, Miami Beach, FL. When I went back to the web site to complain, it was gone. Now I have no clue who to contact to stop this.

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  • Ge
      Dec 10, 2012

    I to did the same thing...and then the next thing i knew i was being charged $79.00 a month...which has been going on for months!!! they certainly keep this quiet. I called them the 4th of dec 2012 and had this cancelled, i recieved a cancellation email saying that the order was cancelled...then the following friday i recieved another shipment...I sent then an email about their so called practices and i've contacted tne Better Business Bureau...and if i don't recieve a response from the company...i definitely have the money and meabs to let my lawyer handle the situation...this kind of business tactics need to be put a top too

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  • Ed
      May 06, 2013
    No Flame E-Cigarette - Misled information
    Vapor Corp
    6538 Collins Ave
    United States

    May 6, 2013
    I also have been misled and over charged by this company.

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  • Bo
      Jun 15, 2016

    Not sure. Do you get in touch with me?

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  • Bo
      Nov 19, 2018
    NoFlame E-Cig - No flame e cigerette
    London England Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I have been scammed by their free offer. I excepted the free starter kit and now am now being charged every month for a product I do not want. They are taking 49.99 out of my account each month. How do I stop these transactions?

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