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I live in florida and drove to new york. I had used garden state pkwy. I paid all my tolls and dropped money in the basket. Apparently this system is used by e - z pass to catch people off guard and get funds to operate. Fifty cents times five thousand percent will give e - z pass the twenty five dollars violation charge. I had made the mistake to use this route and found owing seventy five dollars. I was told to send fifty dollars and the two dollars in tolls and they would waive a one time deal of twenty five dollars. This is such a great deal i told my wife hell will freeze over before i go back to new york. I wonder if the government ever fiscalize the amount of consumers that get these outrages violations and are responsible enough to check and wonder maybe there is something wrong here. Maybe the purpose is for people to be confused in using e - z pass and they can collect revenues with this fish and bait system.

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  • Ma
      Jan 20, 2009

    I totally agree with the complaints posted about ezpass and the outrageous fees they charge if you are unlucky enough to get in the wrong lane and then find yourself up a creek. I was born in NJ, I travel the parkway quite frequently to get down the shore, so I know which lanes to get in for cash only (i do not have ezpass). As you are approaching the tolls, it is extremely difficult to get into the correct lane and you can't really tell which one it is until you are right there and then have to cut across a lane, hopefully not cut someone off, but hey, you gotta pay the toll, right? I was unfortunately lost December 29th this year trying to get to a hotel in Weehawken and I was on the NJ Turnpike, I took the wrong turn, I drove around for 3 hours (I don't have a gps!) and then I got back on the Turnpike, but knew I was going the wrong way - again! So i got off at the next exit and pulled up to the toll, by this time extremely upset and tense, had my 14 year old daughter with me, anyone who drives in this area this close to NYC knows the horrific volume of traffic and how it is virtually impossible to get in and out of any lane! Anyway, I pulled up to the toll booth and there was no person, and I had no idea what was going on until it dawned on me, great, I'm in the ezpass lane. I was intentionally trying to skip out on paying my $1.60 toll. I was lost! I got a notice yesterday that I owe ezpass $26.60, $25 for administrative costs. It costs $25 to send out a form notice? Give me a break. This is a total rip-off. It's not just out of state people this happens to, but I can imagine it happens more with them because they are not used to the crazy and ridiculous toll system we have here. If you want to get into NYC, take a bus or train, less hassle.

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  • Ge
      Feb 03, 2009

    After countless times of renewing my banking/credit card information, I continued to receive low balance signals everytime I went through an EZPASS lane. Needless to say, after months of EZPASS not correcting the problem they closed my account without ever sending me notification or statements regarding my account. When I called EZPASS to investigate, I was rudely told my account was sent to a collection agency, they could not give me any info. pertaining to my account, all inquiries would have to be through Alliance One. Only then was I given any info. and needless to say, I am one of many who had my account suspended without any notification from EZPASS. How can they make it mandatory to have an EZPASS when the state/company won't give you the time of day and clearly can't be bothered with doing there work!!! You know what you can do with your TAG!

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  • An
      Apr 14, 2009

    I completely agree. As an out of state driver trying to get to D.C. I was in the wrong lane with no way to get over to the correct lane. It was 9:00 in the morning so the traffic was terrible and I end up getting a letter in the mail 1 month later. I am currently argueing the fine due to the fact that I wanted to pay but was unable to. Hope all goes well?!

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  • Pi
      May 11, 2009

    I visited New Jersey last month and paid every toll in cash. My daughter confirmed this.

    I received an E-Z Pass violation notice anyway! -- for fifty cents plus a $25 fee. No picture was included.

    I filed an appeal which was denied (They wanted documentation).

    I sent them a check for fifty cents.

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  • Ch
      Jul 25, 2009

    I got one from NY NJ EZ-PiSS. Same thing, I was forced into the wrong lane because of big trucks blocking my view of the the Lincoln Tunnel. They sent me a $16.00 toll plus administrative cost. I wrote of the situation and said it was not intentional. I have a Blazer K- 1500. The toll should be $8.00 I got another letter today saying I was suppose to send in the money for the toll. So, I am suppose to pay $8 toll and $25 administrative fee. They suck. This is the bad part of government. So what do I do? Pay it and stop stressing or send them a letter with $8 and maybe some postage and envelope fees. Maybe $9. Or will they suspend my license or arrest me? Maybe sweep the toll both. I refuse to get EZ-PiSS

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  • Pv
      Aug 28, 2009

    I don't travel on the Garden State Parkway, but on 7/21/09 I ended up having to and
    at PVK deposited my 50cents and also on the return trip.
    I received a toll violation notice that I did not pay. Long story short, no matter how
    many times I tell them I PAID BY CASH, I am told there is no doubt that I did, but I
    still owe the money. WHY? If they agree that I paid, why am I being asked to pay
    again? I have requested several times for them to let me know what happened to
    my money that I paid, that they claim I did and I never receive an answer. That's
    just part of another NJ agency taking money and asking for more just like all the
    politicians. What a bunch of crock and they are allowed to harrass you until you
    have no other recourse but to PAY. I am holding out.

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  • Wh
      Sep 28, 2009

    I made three trips to NJ from NY down the GSP within a 10 day span. I very carefully paid all tolls with proper coinage.
    I have recieved 3 notices that I failed to pay the toll $.50 at the very same booth each day. I waited until the toll was accepted and proceeded on, as I did for all the rest. I have a witness who handed me the proper coinage and I rechecked it before depositing.
    I can't stand NJ, they are a bunch of crooks and it's like legal racketeering.. I will fight it to the end but they don't care about causing grief to people just as long as they can extort them.
    Wish I could file some sort of complaint against them.. I'd sit in jail before I gave them one nickel of my hard earned money. NJ u suck.

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  • Ju
      Sep 29, 2009

    I live in MA and have made 9 trips through NJ with my family including 2 young boys in last 3 years. During that time I have received 3 tickets for failure to pay a toll despite always gong through cash lanes. Since the second violation notice I always go to cash/receipt lanes, but it apparently does no good. Our recent violation included an indecipherable picture of the license plate and codes that made it very difficult to identify the location of the infraction. When I called the NJTPA the service person gave an entirely fabricated event ("you are lucky we didn’t issue you a speeding ticket"). The coercive threats on the ticket make it clear - you violated the toll and if you do not pay within 14 days your fine will increase from $25.50 to $500. The people you talk to are not in a position to help you and do not care if you are innocent or guilty. It appears that getting tickets is lucrative for NJ and they are not interested in justice. On principle, I will do my best to avoid NJ in the future. Please lets all do our part to send NJ a message that crime does not pay.

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  • Sh
      Oct 06, 2009

    I went through the Lincoln Tunnel 6 times, paid cash, 6 times. I now have a completely bogus violation that says I have to pay $33. This is unconscionable as the Toll operators at LT NEVER give a receipt so I have NO documentation or expectation that I can defend myself from such baseless allegations.

    Since I will be in NYC again and almost certainly using the LT again I apologize in advance to the poor sods behind me that will just have to wait until I get my receipt. I encourage anyone crossing the Lincoln Tunnel to DEMAND A RECEIPT FOR CASH because the odds of getting a fine EVEN WHEN YOU PAY is about 16%. Sign me up for that lotto.

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  • Sh
      Oct 12, 2009

    On September 13, 2009 I went through the exact change lane at the Union Plaza on the Garden State Parkway and paid three quarters, two dimes and a nickel. Since my driver side window doesn't work and I have to open the car door in order to put the money in the basket, there is no chance that any change could have dropped (I remember that plaza because someone honked from behind me because I didn't got through quickly enough). There was no indicator that I didn't put enough money. Three weeks later I got a ticket claiming that I owe $25.00 administrative charge plus the $1.00. I have no proof that I paid because there was no one at the booth.

    This was the second ticket that I've gotten - the first one was going from New Jersey to New York a few years ago. It was the middle of the day, so there were no cars ahead of me. Even though the lane clearly stated CASH, when I got to the toll booth, there was no one there. They waived the administrative fee since that was my "first violation".

    This change to electronic collections obviously serves the purpose of raking in more money to support these corrupted governments. From now on, I will always use the manned booths and always give more money so that I have to get change. Hopefully they still give receipts because I plan to get those too.

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  • Im
      Oct 30, 2009

    Well, I can see NJ E-Z Pass screws with everyone. When I called to speak with someone, I got to converse with TWO PEOPLE who could barely speak English. They told me so many scenerios I was almost laughing at them. In the end, one told me I went through an EZ pass lane (I DO NOT have E-Z pass) after agreeing I paid cash at a cash booth ... then told me I was traveling 7 MPH. 7MPH in an EZ Pass lane ... if anyone went that slow in those lanes they'd be smeared halfway to the Atlantic.
    What a farce. I will NEVER travel to NJ again.

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  • Fa
      Nov 04, 2009

    OK so far I was able to cancel my account within one week. i will be keeping my eye on my account online for the next 30 days, that is the time limit to when they said on the phone i should receive my refund, to make sure they follow through.
    – i canceled my account online, click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. In category choose: CLOSING YOUR E-ZPASS ACCOUNT
    – They email you within a day a Close Account Request Form as a pdf to fill out to send back with your plastic tag.
    – You also have to enclose a letter stating why you are canceling, include ALL info from your Close Account Request Form so they can not mess anything up.
    – when mailing all 3 things back i also attached a USPS tracking number so i knew when they received the package.
    – it was recevied Nov. 2nd, so I called [protected]; option 5) Nov. 4th to make sure it was processing, it had been.
    – the Customer Service Rep was very helpful in telling me how to check for the closing on line.:
    after you log in to your account Click On the Tag at the top that reads: Account History
    Under that tag Click: Non-Financial History
    Enter a start date of about 6 months prior to your date you called to check that they received it; then end date of day of phone call. ( i did 5/9/2009 – 11/4/2009) HIT submit.
    – the top of the list shoud read:
    04-Nov-2009 10:49:56 Delete Device

    Hope this helps

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  • Mi
      Jan 05, 2010

    EZ Pass Blows. There is no recourse other than contacting your lawyer and I am not sure that will work either. I closed by account 4 years ago. When I returned the tags (4 of them) they said I still had one and would not close my account. By the time they notified me of this the person whom had stolen the tag was using it and adding tolls and fees. (he had switched them in my office. One old tag for my tag so I still had 4 to return and did not know one was not my original tag)

    The vehicle in the photo's is not mine. The plates are not mine but they claim the tag is. I reported it stolen at that time. They still sent me the notices for months every time this jerk went through another ez pass lane.

    Now I am in collections for over $1500 dollars in tolls and fee's for some A Hole who stole my tag and EZ Pass refuses to do anything about it except take mt to collections.

    Did I mention it was not my vehicle in the photos?

    I am so aggravated with their do nothing system. I can not even count how much time I have invested in hold time and going from supervisor to supervisor with no positive outcome.

    Just another way NY can suck you dry!

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  • To
      Jan 26, 2010

    I read all of the above, i dont think there is anything left to add in way of types of violations and harassments I have faced except to decide are you guys ready for a class action lawsuit?

    if you are, e-mail me promptly at [protected] If you are not interested, typing alphabets in Roman script will not remove their vice like grip on ur and my neck

    Thank You


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  • Ke
      May 05, 2018

    @tollpaid I have been paying cash for 20 years, never got a receipt. I always thought you only needed it to get reimbursed from your Company, which mine does not do. In February, I got two violations, claiming I didn't pay. No reciept, so I couldn't fight it. I misunderstood the violation and thought if I paid it immediately, I wouldn't have a fee. So I put the $ 15.00 checks with (This is robbery, you need to train your employees and require them to be awake on the job) on the front of the check. I work at 5:30 in the morning, I have had to wake the toll taker many, many times in the years I have been using the Lincoln Tunnel. Now I recieved a new bill for the $ 50.00 fee on the first violation and am expecting the second fee to arrive any day now. It has now cost me $ 160.00 to go through the Tunnel twice! I am in on your class action law suit. I see your post is from 2010, so assuming I am a bit late!

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  • Lo
      Mar 12, 2010

    EZ Pass ugh.. where to begin. This company is horrible. I have been an ezpass customer for many years and apparently my credit card on file expired. While not knowing that it expired they were unable to replenish my tag. I drove through the plaza next to my house 17 times using my ezpass not knowing my account was cancelled. You are probably thinking "didn't I see the signs saying call ezpass or red light" notifying me that my tag was not good... well, I didn't because my toll plaza only has a traffic light that doesn't work...EVER... So it wasnt until I received $400 worth of fines over a $0.40 toll that I went through 17 times. I called them right away. They said my account was closed (I never received any letters or anything from ezpass) then told me to pay $60 so that they can resolve my account, which I did... Months later I receive 2nd, 3rd...notices and fines.. I call EZpass again they said they sent me to collections.. and that I still owe $25 x 17 times I went through the tolls... They said its because I am not an EZpass customer anymore when in reality I was a customer until they cancelled me which was after the 17 violations...

    They totally trick you around Toms River too with the whole EZpass speed through thing where the regular tolls are all the way on the right and by the time you realize it, its to late and you are forced to drive though the ezpass..

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  • Za
      Mar 25, 2010

    Like some writers above, my credit card date expired and E-ZPass never bothered to send email or postal mail notification. I did not know what "low balance" meant and in many cases was going through lanes where there was no such cryptic message at all. Eventually when I figured out to logon and update my credit card expiration I found that my license plate number had inexplicable been changed (and I know it was correct previously). Changing my license plate number back to the correct one triggered a huge slew of unpaid tolls and fines. Thanks for much!! Like they could not have traced me earlier through my transponder account?

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  • Ta
      Mar 28, 2010

    I must agree that Ezpass sucks!!! I only access my account maybe twice every three months. Everytime I try to log on the site is never available, customer service is closed and as a customer your stuck. Something simple as trying to give a company money is HORRIBLE. If it wasn't easy for me to use to go through tolls I would throw it out the window! They should change it to Hardpass because it's not EASY at all!!!

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  • Db
      Apr 11, 2010

    I have had an NJ EZ Pass account for seven years. I always had a credit card noted in my EZPass account, online profile, as my payment method. About a year ago, my replenishment was increased from $25 a month to $55. This started at a time when I was using my EZPass the least amount over the seven years I carried the tags. Everytime I would go through a toll, it would read low balance, and I would then receive a violation in the mail. I would send the $4 violation charge, to EZPass Violation Center, noting information of my active account that was in good standing. My tags stopped working, and the customer service department told me that the batteries were dead in my tags. I returned all of my tags and received new tags. They still charged my account $10 each for the 4 disfunctioning tags I returned. The customer service has become less than helpful in assisting in my account issues. I noticed for about the past 9 months that my credit card, on my online account had been removed, by EZPass, and I would log back in, add my payment method, only to have it removed by them again. I received another violation, in January 2010, when my tag apparently did not read when I passed through a tol booth. I, again, sent EZPass $4 for the violation fee. They never cashed my check, nor did they return it to me. They never contacted me regarding this violation and when I called the customer service rep was less than knowledgeable about what to do. I eventually removed cars from the account when I received a notice from Alliance One that I owed EZPass $110. I repeatedly called EZPass, diligently attempting to resolve the problem. I was denied access, to my account, online, and could no longer make payments for replenishment. I returned all of my tags and am now told that it takes a long time to process returned tags. I am still receiving violations and I don't even have any EZPass tags in my possession. I have filled a complaint with the BBB in NJ. There seems to be no communicating with them in resolving this problem; and it has been over 4 months now, with me calling them over and over to take care of this. Any direction, from others, who have had similar issues would be appreciated.

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  • To
      Apr 11, 2010

    I got notice of enforcent, third one from state of NJ. as i said b4, i tried hard to talk to someone there but they have placed some buffoons who have nothing to do with this process except asking if i have an account with them while munching their chicken at same time. enough jersey enough. u dint listen to me, now i care 2 hoots about your notices. those 3 notices are likely to be used as an absorbent surface if i happento place tea/coffee/soda on a wooden surface.

    screw jersey trash, state mafia. come get me, hang me, do a trial in trenton or hang me at the public square anywhere. not one cent will move.

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  • Fr
      Apr 28, 2010

    Hey this is what happens when you privatize something that our local municipalities should be taking care of with clear regulations and expectations. this is purely a private company running our tolls on public roads paid for by the people of the state. Yet, as you read thought the links, forums postings, and other words seem to falls on deaf ears. There is little to no oversight of this company and if there is oversight by any state agency than it would constitute a conflict of interest- how can our state use a private company to circumvent rules. For example, why does EZ fail to display your current balance remaining? Why all the rude angry people who answer the phones at their call center? Why should we be treated like a group of ###s? Why does this company get to make the rules without the consent of the people? Lije I said this is what happens when you privatize government!

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  • Nj
      May 02, 2010

    I agree with you all, I keep getting violations in the mail, guess what I do ? Garbage!! yes, GArbage, they said they will send it to collection and bla bla bla. They never do, if they do they have no prove.. I done it..

    Remember I DO NOT evated toll I have an ezpass and pay for the tolls always, just the cases THEY mess up I refuse to pay a penny more than what the toll cost.. They are ripping us off with the overprieced tolls GWB$8, Verazzano over $10 WTF they we get the money from of the trees ?

    I wish we all can boycot their bridges and tunnels for few weeks so they can go bunkrupt.

    Remember, the Triboro Bridfe supposed to be with no tolls afrer (10years I belive) what happen its $5.50 now and is going up..

    We the people need to do something, if we wait for Bloomberg and other politicians we will be starving like in the 3rd world country.

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  • An
      May 03, 2010

    Same thing - $25 admin fee for 0.5 toll in Toms River with threat for $500. Have no idea why - always pay in cash.

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  • Bo
      Jun 12, 2010

    This might be the time for a Federal Investigation or maybe better for everyone a CLASS ACTION lawsuit. I made a trip to DC in April and paid in cash each toll and my wife logged each toll but I am now here because they sent me a fine letter.
    EZ Pass hopes you won't fight back and the company can continue to cash in and fatten their packets with ill got gains. At this point I would recommend if paying cash demand a receipt and if your refused tell the staff you require one and don't leave until you have one.

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  • Ju
      Jun 15, 2010

    I went through an EZ-Pass only lane mistakenly two days ago when I needed to drive to NYC through Lincoln Tunnel. It was my fault, admittedly. But the lanes were so confusing. It's not allowed to back the car when you went into the wrong lane, and it's barely impossible to do it because there are always cars behind you. I called them today and the person told me I couldn't pay the toll earlier until they mail me the bill including the fine. I seriously doubt they're very pleased to see unlucky drivers like me who have to pay them more because of their confusing signs. I also went to PA and NJ, and they had much bigger and clearer signs indicating which lanes I should go through. Lincoln Tunnels didn't do it in that way, they just used small fonts saying whether you could pay in cash or not. Once you could read the signs, you might have already been in the wrong lane. It's like fishing and bait. Curse them.

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  • Ra
      Jun 16, 2010

    I missed a green light and tooted the horn like the sign stated if the light did not say Paid. I put in my four quarters into the basket and nothing happened. I received a violation in the mail for $1.00 plus $25.00 admin fee. I sent back the letter and explained that I did pay. They denied it.
    I went on the website and there is no way to dispute a violation unless you are an EZ Pass user. I called the automatic phone number with the same results. I wrote an E-mail to the new Governor Christie. Got an E-mail back and a phone call the next day from a woman at the transportation department. She told me I didn't get the violation where I thought, but I had run through an EZ pass lane without a pass. I don't remember doing that. I always went for the cash baskets and paid every single one from New York to Atlantic City. The woman said to send a check for $1.00 and that would settle the violation. If you have a problem with the EZ-Pass System, E-mail the Governor and you may get your problem solved. If enough people do this, maybe the Governor will do something about it.

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  • Rm
      Jul 13, 2010

    My complaint is similar to those above. I drove down to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago using the G.S.P. I hadn't driven on that road since last year and I think this Easy Pass Lane thing may have changed. I'm not certain. But, I do know that I was almost killed a couple of times (I'm a very experienced driver with no accident record ...ever) approaching the tolls. Yesterday, when I opened my mail I was shocked to find a letter from the "Enforcement Action" of the G.S.P. saying that they are fining me $25.00 plus the $1 toll because I used Easy Pass. I was driven into the wrong lane by aggressive drivers and couldn't get over to the lane, that's my recollection. I don't have Easy Pass since I don't have a constant need for it. The signs for the Cash & Easy Pass roads and lanes are utterly confusing! I don't think it's any accident that they are set up that way. I believe that New Jersey set out purposely to levy fines on innocent people like myself to bolster their revenue. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM FOR THIS DECEPTION?

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  • An
      Jul 26, 2010

    I don't feel lonely now after reading all these reviews! On July 24th, 2010 I went to NJ from DC area, I paid all my tolls, I was really careful, reading all the signs in advance to get toll indications, but when I got to the Toll Plaza to 78W express lane I got so confused and lost! The only two cash lanes were unreachable; I could not go all the way through from the entrance point to those booths, finally it was too late to maneuver the car so I was forced to pass the NO CASH lane, I believe I will get a ticket according to all the readings here. This sucks! I was always careful enough to pay and piss me off they don’t give any chance of forgiveness for the first time you’ve done this forced mistake.

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  • Za
      Jul 26, 2010

    It is terrible, just a trick to make money I am not going back to NJ. Do not mind to pay tolls but I hate dishonest people and corrupt adminsitration. Let joint together to sue the Governor.

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  • Ch
      Aug 14, 2010

    I just received a $58.00 violation notice in the mail, from EZ Pass, that stated that I did not pay the $8.00 toll for the Lincoln Tunnel, in an EZ pass lane. I clearly remember paying cash to the toll booth clerk, at a cash/EZ-Pass combo toll booth, before entering the Lincoln Tunnel. The notice of violation does not include a photo of my car. As I'm reading other complaints on this board, I'm wondering; Could it be possible that some LT toll both clerks are pocketing the money from unsuspecting drivers, who pay the exact toll and who don't ask for a receipt?

    I paid the toll taker the exact toll amount, $8.00. He did not hand me a receipt and I did not ask for one. Since he didn't have to give me any change, and I left the toll booth to continue driving into the tunnel, what would prevent that toll taker from not opening up his cash register, and -instead, pocketing the $8.00 that I just gave him? If he doesn't open his cash register, and I don't have an EZ Pass, a violation is automatically charged to me, identified through my car's license plate, for non-payment of toll.

    Many drivers pay the exact toll, and the Lincoln Tunnel toll both clerks rarely give receipts unless a driver asks for one. So no one would be wise to a possible crime committed by toll booth clerks. This could be a very lucrative crime for a dishonest toll plaza clerk(s), and very lucrative for EZ Pass.

    If this is true, than it's a huge story -Front page news. Anyone out there agree with my theory?

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  • Hk
      Sep 27, 2010

    I also got a Notice of Violation enforcment action for $8.00 dollars or $58.00 dollars after some period, i remember giving the money to the lady and did not bother to ask a reciept, after three weeks i am getting a voilation notice. i really agree something is wrong with the system as i paid cash, also no photo is attached. Looks like money is going to some one's pocket. Dont know how to reappeal, we dont have anything to prove.

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  • Rm
      Sep 28, 2010

    To hkr0152: You can contact the EZpass (get the 800#) and they will give you a courtesy one-time refund. Good luck!

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  • Kh
      Nov 03, 2010

    If someone been see a Lawyer to do the lawsuit please let me know

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  • Th
      Nov 07, 2010

    I am seriously thinking of dropping EZ-Pass. What a shame, as it was sold as a way to save time and hassle and if it did work properly it'd certainly be a help. But I can't pay my bills as it is, I'll be damned if I allow a company like EZ-Pass to rip me off.

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  • Oh
      Nov 22, 2010

    I have recieved 3 or 4 EZPass violations. I do not have EZPass and have always paid the tolls in cash. The last few violations I paid, but just the dollar..refused to pay the $25.00 service charge. I tried to argue the last violation but they denied it..I have to pay. Who is EZPass anyway??? Does each state handle their own?? Isn't there a lawyer out there who wants to start a class action suit?

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  • Ma
      Nov 22, 2010

    From July 2010 until Nov 2010 I have received 5 EZPass violations and I only travled on the Parkway in that period of time about 5 times. So therefore, every time I get on the parkway I get a ticket and every time I have paid the toll. It is so aggravating and frustrating. I feel like it has to be some kind of scam so that NJ to collect money. All of my violations include a clear picture of my license plate, but in all the cases I am 100% sure that I paid the toll. I try to go through all lanes where someone collects the money, however, that is not always the option. I always make sure that it says toll paid before driving off, but I still get tickets. I am thinking that the only way to avoid it is to purchase EZ Pass, which is ridiculous when I barely use the parkway. I don't know what the solution is?????

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  • Je
      Nov 23, 2010

    1. No Customer Service!
    2. It says "Call Service Center" you call and it says go online, you go oniline and it says enter account number. EZPASS hasn't sent me 1 invoice yet! So I don't have my account number!
    3. I email them with this complaint.. in a profeesional manner.. 3 days later, stiiiilll no reply.
    4. I commute dialy 55 miles up the Parkway, everyday it says "Call Service Center"
    5. They charge you by "mistake" sometimes.
    6. They need to give you more stickys for the back of the tag. ;)
    7. It's all part of the governments plan...

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  • Ss
      Mar 14, 2011

    Harassed by New Jersey EZ pass.
    Sent violation notice. Said it was the second notice. Charge was $25 penalty for a $4 charge. I have a valid PA EZ pass account that I use on a regular basis. This was not the second notice that I received, this was the first. EZ pass said I could resolve this online. I could not. I called and was treated horrendously by a representative. Tried to file a complaint online. NJ Attorney General complaint site did not work.

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  • Oh
      Mar 15, 2011

    Just how are they getting away with this? It seems everyone has had a bogis violation from EZ Pass. Having EZ Pass doesn't help either..I know several people who have recieved violations and have paid (including the $25.00 fine), because they felt they couldn't do anything about it. I have heard that EZPass is a private this true?
    Judging by the amount of compaints posted here ( and this is just one venue) this is out of control. I can't believe that no lawyer or even newspaper is interested in this.

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  • Mu
      Mar 30, 2011

    Same BS happened to me on 03/12. Paid all my tolls in proper coinage, 50 cents and 1 dollar. I have receipts, but the lanes and time dont match up.

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  • Tr
      May 07, 2011

    I paid 8$, a 5 and 3 1's and got a violation. How can someone pay cash in a cash lane and get an EZ pass fine? I got off the NJ Parkway to go local in order to get onto the cash lane. Turned left, then right, to about the far right of the toll plaza. I joked with a black girl who collected my $8 and said I made it here, and I drove through NJ!! She smiled and I said "All set" and she nodded. Violation says lane 24. I was told to provide a receipt. I kept talking with the girl at [protected] and she finally talked with her supervisor. I am to write my account on the appeal form and send it in. I was told that since this is the 1st time, the charge would be waived. It's also my 1st time over the GWB. I used to go up the NYS thruway and decided to try the NJP for the 1st time. I don't think I'd better ever do that ever again never. I'll pay more on the NYS as per tolls but less in fees and fines over the GWB. I can go out over the GWB but not back in without a toll issue. After reading so many complaints, we'd best go around this another way if we don't need to. Every single cash lane I ever go across anywhere, I'll ask for a receipt and give my fine story if they don't want to. I hope they honor what they said and waive my fee.

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