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Began - July 13, 2017
I only used Nite Owl because Thermador uses them as their approved repair provider, and Thermador did not have an opening for 10 days.
Made an appointment with Tracy the receptionist/Owner.
Nite Owl tech Dave (owner/husband) showed up on scheduled date - assessed the problem and told me they would order all the parts they could possibly need so they would only have to come back one time, and I would be refunded for any parts not used for the repair.
Tracy told me I had to pay for ALL the parts $790.00 up front. I had to send a check, for $790.00 or be charged 6% additional to use a credit card. I waited over 2.5 weeks for the parts to come in and an appointment to be scheduled for Aug 28, 2017, over a month from the first appointment.
Tracy called on Aug 25th to cancel because the tech Dave(One of the owners) had to have hand surgery. She did not know when he would be back and able to schedule appointments.
I called Thermador to see if they could come out and repair the freezer. Scheduled and appt for Aug 28th, 2017.
Called Tracy back to ask about the parts, she said if Thermador was doing the repair I could come and get the parts and Nite Owl would refund any parts not opened. I sent one of our employees to pick up the parts.
Thermador used one part for 45.00
I called Tracy to set up the return and she told me she would not refund any parts because she wrote on the receipt NO Refunds, and because I cancelled the appointment. She said she didn't cancel the appointment, she just rescheduled it open ended with no definitive date. She also "schooled" me on having "back up" appliances for any unit I deemed necessary. Well I think they are all kind of necessary, so I guess I should have 2 fridges, 2 stoves, etc.
I did not see the "no refunds" written on the receipt until she told me it was on there. If I was the one picking up the parts and she told me that, I would never have accepted them. I would have asked for a refund right there.

I called Thermador and they intervened, called Nite Owl, and got them to agree to accept the parts back if I removed negative reviews from online.
Called Nite Owl to set up return - left a message, no one returned my calls.
Sept. 13, 2017 Called Nite Owl again and told them I was coming there to return the parts, when I got there, Tracy started the conversation by telling me she would not take back the parts because the reviews were still showing up online. She escalated the situation by calling me names, swearing and ordering me out of her shop. I said I wouldn't leave until she took the parts back. She came charging at me and I used the box of parts to block her as she continued to yell in my face. She called the police and her husband Dave, who arrived after the police were there, and began swearing and calling me names.

I would like a refund of the parts we didn't need, and weren't used, were never opened, and over paid for.

  • Resolution statement

    I have to remove all negative reviews before she will refund me $500 of the 790.00 i prepaid for unused parts and the $299.00 for unused labor. Something is better than nothing...

Sep 13, 2017

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