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Nissan Altima / dirty tricks unwilling to fix own mistakes!

1 Houston, TX, United States

Long story short:

Day 1: test drove, salesperson offered drive out price, we gave them our drive out price and left

Day 2 Morning: salesperson called to push sales again i declined.

Day 2 Afternoon: 4pm i confirmed over phone car in storage and agreed to sale and told him to prep the car.

Day 2 Evening: 6pm on the way with money to pick up salesperson called and said car was sold. apparently a computer

mix up of VIN number caused the car to show on inventory as available. Sales person did not double check before settling deal!!!

We went anyway, no other car with my option. spoke to sales manager for 2 hrs. implied that verbal agreement of sale

on phone was not binding. implied that it was our fault for not taking the deal yesterday.

not willing to lose money and pay for dealer trad-in fee even though champion nissan has my car.

wanted us to pay for $200 dealer trade-in fee even though it was their internal mistake of the computer system.

not willing to do written agreement that we will be guaranteed our car when another shipment arrives.

WALKED OUT without reaching an agreement.

bottom line: baker jackson called me and offered a price, i took it, and prepared the money and went after work.

Then they tell me car has been sold, and they were not going to located a car from another dealership since the price that THEY THEMSELVES offered was too low and not worth it.

Did not compromise or try to fix the problem. Sales manager only told us to TRUST him that he will call ASAP when a shipment comes in. Yeah RIGHT!

In the end i was tired and didnt feel like making the drive to any more dealerships so we paid the $200 shipping reluctantly.

I felt like all they wanted was your money and they will use ANY tactic to get it!!! Anyone know who i can.

Report this to? start a protest in front of dealership on a saturday afternoon? better business bureau?

Contacting the OWNER?? I am so furious i cant even sleep right now.



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