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Nextel / Worst service ever!

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As you have seen from EVERYONE else's reviews, nextel is hands down the worst cell phone company ever, and if you read current news articles of Sprint/Nextel, they are losing more customers than ever.

I have been with nextel for about 3 years, When I bought the phone at a discounted price I agreed to a 2 year service agreement, but then 1 year later whn i wanted to swith my rate plan (to a more expensive one mmind you), they started my 2 year service agreement over again, and did not even inform me of that. When you call custome service ( iswear the calls are re-routed to Mexico, haha), no one speaks english, and they are very rude and could care less about helping you. But the worst part of all, is that no matter where you are, you could be in the middle of NYC or a surrounding suburb (densly populated area's), and the calls will always be dropped or garbled or simply no service. Sprint/Nextel, I would just like to say Thank You, for locking me into your hellhole of a company that will one day go under. I am switching for Verizon in a month when my contract is up, all my friends and relatives have verizon and are very satisfied with it.

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  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    A lot of my friends here in NH have NEXTEL and the service is so bad, its only works well in the southeastern part of the state. I have Verizon and i have NO issues at all.

  • Ch
      31st of Aug, 2006
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    I upgraded my Nextel phone in December 2005. The original plan was well over the original year contract. I explained to the representative that I worked for Publix and had a one year contract (they had some kind of agreement with Publix employees). I upgraded my phone and service. I explained that I had a second phone on my plan that was going to be disconnected soon and that I did not want to change this phone. I was told this was not a problem. When my exgirlfriend disconnected the additional phone a few months later, I was charged a $200 fee. I have emailed Nextel, I have called. I have been instructed that I must take off from work and go to the original representative. I am a Grocery Manager for Publix. I open the store at 3:00 a.m. I do not have the time or energy to go over to the location. Any help that I can get would be appreciated. I will gladly pay any amount that I owe. I do not feel I owe this amount.

    Company details:
    Nextel Corporate Headquarters, 2001 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA 20191

  • Li
      6th of Nov, 2006
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    I filed the cancellation on the account on June22 of 2006. Instead of $200.00 cancellation fee I kept receiving monthly charges.
    I and my son whose name is on the account, tried calling in July, August to confirm the cancellation, then in September, then on 10/17/06.
    The plan expires on 11/28/06.
    When I tried to clear the situation with Customer Service I had to explain situation to four(4) different people and spent 1 hour of my time ($50.00hr).
    After five months(services not used) of unsuccessful attempts Nextel suggesting to pay $200.00 when the plan expires in one month, plus five months of not used plan services.
    Nextel customer service trying to justify this as "No request to cancel on record" when in reality every one of the times I called, they would convince me that the request is being processed.

    This is by far one of the most unsatisfying experiences. My family will never be Nextel customer again and definitely would not recommend the services to any one we know. I truly believe that Nextel deliberately postponed the cancellation of the account charging monthly fee up to a last month of plan expiration and charge the fee on the last month of 2 year plan.

    I feel that NEXTEL is guilty of deceptive business practices.
    I also believe they are in violation of the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Services of which they are a signatory to.


  • Mi
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    We have been loyal customers of Nextel for over 4 years. The first 3 years we were pretty happy, but this last one it’s been hell.

    We had 10 Phones with them; every employee started complaining about their phones. We are in a construction business, where reaching the right individual at the right time gets you jobs most of the time.

    Unfortunately we started loosing jobs, when in the middle of our conversations the call would drop, again and again.

    For a year we called asked than the problem would b resolved. No resolution, the problem got worse with time.

    A few months we decided, that was it. We switched to another provider.

    Now we have $1,600 in early termination fees from Nextel/Sprint. We complained about that, asked that would be waived. All we got is their associates calling, being very rude and disrespectful on the phone.

  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    We have a plumbing business and got nextel 2 yrs ago for the DC feature. Now that we are due for a upgrade they are denying it because i upgraded our plan. So it now they want 75 bucks per phone and 39 bucks to change the phone??? Don't get that. We want to take our business somewhere else but it will cost us $200 per phone $1600. for all 8 of the phones to cancel our contract. Were stuck or if i upgrade i will be locked into another 2yr contract. Verizon offers so much more. My daughter has Verizon and each month the amount to buy out your contract is reduced. The signal is excellent. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. NEXTEL IS A RIPOFF!!

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