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Nextel / Stay away from Nextel's service!

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My Business received a contract for all employees that said "We would not have any contracts with Nextel" since our business was so large. I tried updating my service to add new phone lines, change service and misc other changes. Over a two to three year period I was told each time I changed anything that a new contract would be in effect. I would call Nextel's customer service department each time and think I got it resolved only to find out that the various departments do not communicate with each other. I had to know a secret code that they would not give me until I moved up the chain of command after spending hours, being hung up on by their customer support and having to wait and be transferred each time to three to four different people who all told me I was wrong. I got a bad credit rating thinking they where resolving the situation each time, only to find out that the various department could not see the other departments computer screens and notes. Finally I cancelled my service but was told I would not be able to cancel any service until I paid for the new contract in full of which finally I was able to find a person who was able to take me off their system but since it was the middle of the month and even though I had stopped using the phones 4 months prior with no activity, I was told I owed for the new month. Needless to say I would never suggest anyone to use Nextel's service unless you want to be badgered, hung up on, service extended and not help after spending hours and days getting no customer service.

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  • Ro
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    I am an attorney in San Antonio, Texas and I am representing an individual who was never a Nextel customer but had been receiving bills from Nextel. A Nextel representative ran our client's credit and determined that she qualified for five phones. After the representative informed our client what the monthly charges would be, she kindly refused. A few days later, five phones are delivered to our client's home. She immediately calls Nextel to inform them of the error and Nextel tells her to send the phones back but you have to pay for the postage. After arguing with the representative, our client finally gets them to pay for the postage. Thereafter, our client begins receiving monthly statements showing phone usage under her name. Our client had not even signed a contract, or in possession of any phones, yet she was being billed several hundreds of dollars. After multiple attempts on part of our client to resolve this dispute, she was unable to do so. For fear of having the account sent to collections and showing up on her credit report, she contacted our office. We sent out demand notice letters to Nextel and have since filed suit against the company. If you are having similar problems with Nextel, I would suggest contacting an attorney or you may call my office at 210-366-2400 and ask for Robert Dabaghian or Tammy Wincott.

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Nextel - Terrible service
    United States

    Thankfully my 2 year contract with sprint is over. I bought an insurance since the beginning which supposedly covers damage, malfunction on my phone. Around three months after I purchase the motorola i870 I started having all kinds of problems from the phone turning off by itself, the screen in the exterior not working, and when making a phone call or checking my voicemail it will turn off by it self.

    I when to a sprint center and they said that it was my fault, (I always take good care of my phones) and I tried to fix my phone issue with the insurance and they said that it only covers theft, water damage but not personal damage. I was like what? the sales person told me it cover everything? damage and so on. (Later, I told this story to an a classmate of mine which I found out he was an ex-sprint manager employee he said that the i870 had a lot of problems and even he had one and had the same problems).

    My phone service had a 2 line one for myself and one for my brother more than a year after this incident my brother's phone was stolen. Sprint charge me for every single called the thief made and also for the internet service that the thief used even though I had canceled it, since the first month of the free internet trial. Which was more than a year ago. I spend hours in the phone with the so called customer service which where moving me around from person to person and sending me back and forth.

    I am so unhappy with Sprint/Nextel and their cheap phones and bad customer service that just take you in circles. I just want to warn good people to be BEWARE of Sprint/Nextel. Tomorrow my last contract cycle is over and I will get another provider and I don't want to have nothing to do with Sprint ever. Hope I had discover this site earlier so to warn other people about Sprint/Nextel.

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