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I would like to provide a little counter-balance to Mr. Buchanan's tirade. I am a former patient of Dr. Philippe Souvestre at NeuroKinetics Health Services, and I too had to pay fees, but those I did pay out-of-pocket were by no means exorbitant. And I say that as a person on a very modest income. Moreover, the treatments I received were highly effective. I had just three acupuncture treatments over the course of a week, and I was able to use an injured right shoulder again without pain, as well as an injured left knee. Conventional mainstream medicine treatments (those covered by BC Health) were not effective.

I am saddened that Mr. Buchanan thought the fees he would have to pay to treat his child's health condition were too high. I wonder if he would feel the same way if the province covered those fees? I hope he leveled a complaint against the BC Medical Insurance system for not covering acupuncture, or for not recognizing one of the world's leading experts in treating concussions, just because he was trained in France, and not in Canada, or the U.S. or the U.K. No, the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons is equally responsible for your child not getting the medical treatments s/he needs by failing to recognize someone of the caliber of Dr. Souvestre.

Jan 21, 2017

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