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They sent us the wrong item-we sent it back and they said they recieved it but still have not taken the charge off credit card. We filed complaint with Better Bussiness Bureau and are still emailing them. They just keep giving excuses-but we will not stop trying. If enough people file complaint with the BBB, hopefully will put these thieves out of bussiness.

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  • Va
      4th of Aug, 2008 - No delivery
    United States

    I placed an order for these bins on July 8th. My bank card was immediately charged. Here I am on Aug. 1st with no bins. The first order showed shipped. When I didn't receive them, they told me they cancelled that order (after I had been checking on it for a week) and that it would take another 7 days for their "new order" to ship. I called Suncast and they don't even show an order for me! Now, they say they will ship on Aug. 5th - I'm not holding my breath!w

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  • Mi
      13th of Aug, 2008

    I tried to return a product in within the alowwed time to this comapny NetShops or, same company. They lied about the return, will not accept the return mail, lied about my refund, and will not return call. I turned them into the Better Business Bureu. Now I may have to sue.

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  • Kr
      29th of Aug, 2008

    I just received an email from them and int the subject line it said "Thank You for Your Order". I have never even heard of this business. I called and they had no record of my order. This is poor marketing tactics that gets you to open up their email. They should try obtaining customers through great products/Service and not take shortcuts through tasteless email spam marketing. Also, if any employee of theirs is reading this, try using opt in emailing instead of buying lists and spaming people. You have a lot to learn before your business takes off.

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  • De
      22nd of Sep, 2008 - No refund / unauthorized charge
    United States

    Refused delivery of a doghouse from - one of 200 sites. Refund was not credited to my account although the broken merchandise was received back. Was told "system error" - have spent hours talking to people and emailing. They did finally issue the refund but on the same day put through another charge for the refund amount on my credit card. Really scary - absolute proof of the dangers of credit card online purchases - they have your card number and can make unauthorized charges.

    Have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and a second investigation with American Express but think the prudent move will be to cancel the credit card. Major headache but lesson learned.

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  • De
      22nd of Oct, 2008

    BBB accepted an apology from these people as a resolution to my complaint (no refund on returned merchandise) - they said they switched to a new system on 8/01 and had problems which were still being investigated. So much for the BBB.

    Had no luck with American Express either - ended up in a conference call between Amex and Netshops - Netshops says they show no record of ever charging my account - American Express says they are investigating but for the third month has failed to even "suspend" the disputed charge.

    Asked Amex what was stopping Netshops from making additional unauthorized charges and was told nothing - once you give them your credit card number they can just keep using it if they choose to do so.

    My days of online shopping are over - no recourse and no protection.

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  • Th
      8th of Apr, 2009

    I totally agree with the lack of customer focus displayed by NetShops. I too had a problem when shipped an incorrect item. I emailed them with no answer. I emailed again and finally a third time before I got a token response telling me I needed to return the item on my own dime! What?

    So I then contacted NetShops via phone - once I finally got ahold of someone I could hardly understand them. When I asked where I called, they said NetShops in "Omaha"... when I finally spoke with a Supervisor about my situation, I again asked where I was calling... they told me Central America! What?

    I did eventually get my correct product but it took me 4 weeks to rectify - and much of my personal time! I will NEVER buy from NetShops again!

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