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Net Detective / Paid for but no product!

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I ordered this product on line. After they took my credit card number everything dissapeared. I don't have a log in name or a password or a reciept, or any access to the site. They say they have no record of my email. I have only the web site I don't know the address of the company. This supposidly was a highly reccomended product according to Now what? There is a first time for everything and this is the first time I was ever scammed. Luckly the credit card doesn't have much of an allowable balance and the bank it's through knows me so I won't have to pay for any charges not mine. I was hoping this product would help keep me safer not rip me off.

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  • Wi
      13th of Dec, 2007
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    I paid $29 to net detective and found that the site had no links that work.

  • Ad
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    Net Detective - Inaccurate information!
    HD Publishing Group
    United States

    I mentor prisoners and I use the NET DETECTIVE to get there criminal record. For more information I register and paid the service of NET DETECTIVE PLUS. More money but the same resold. NO RECORD FOUND. If they are seating in he prison there is a record. This is a garbage service product to take your money. The basic information that this system provides can be found free from public records.

  • Ma
      4th of Jan, 2008
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  • La
      23rd of Jan, 2008
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    It was horrible! I can't believe I actually fell for this. Nothing worked and there are about 7 different sites that NetDetective has. All look different and all take you to the same useless web page. I recieved no password or information. And I lost my money....

  • Al
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    They have flooded the internet with many different types of websites under different names and have given the Background Check Industry a bad name. Here are some links that may be useful to you. If I can be of any help to anyone, e-mail me and I'll do what I can to help. ( no strings attached) as I'd like to see this Company be accountable. Thanks.. Al Sanchez -

    Report them to your States' Attorney Generals Office of Consumer Protection, and also to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There is also the Internet Crime Complaint Center who you can contact also. This all takes a little time, but get mad and get even, and get your money back from anyone who rips you off.

    Internet Crime Complaint Center -

    Federal Trade Commission:

    National Association of Attorney Generals Offices by State:

    Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
    United States Department of Justice

    Tip: Check out who owns the Website where you got ripped off: - This allows you to check the domain ownership records. Further details perhaps including the owner's contact details may be available from a link near the bottom of this page. - Type the domain name or the owner's name into the search field at the top and see what info comes up. - You can usually find snapshots of the site in days gone by archived here. Contact details might be available on some pages.
    Enter a domain name to lookup.

    Here's my tip: Harris Digital Publishing Group
    Net Detective
    Net Detective Plus
    National Alert Registry
    Private Credit Info
    About HDP Products -

  • Ia
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I needed a background check that included financial and criminal history for information on a potential tenant. Net Detective advertised background checks for 29.95, but when I purchased and entered the site, the background check was just a basic name, and outdated address. (You can get this type of information on some "white page" sites, for free.)

    To get the information I needed, I had to "upgrade" to Net Detective Pro, for an extra 10.00 for three days - BUT you can't even upgrade unless you also agree that they can charge you an additional 29.95 per month aftr the 3 days is up!

    I went ahead and upgraded, planning to cancel the following day to avoid being charged even more. So now I had spent 39.95, with a potential problem of future charges. The more "comprehensive" background check then showed basic census data, and claimed to find no criminal or financial history.

    I then tested it by checking a relative with a long string of minor convictions (including jail time) and guess what? His check came back with no convictions found! Amazed, I checked a roommate who filed bankruptcy two years ago. It did not come up.

    At this point I realized that their "thousands of databases" didn't have any relevant information! I called the next day and was able to get them to cancel the recurring billing of 29.95, but to get a refund of my original 29.95 I would have to download and print a four page document, which I need to fax or smail mail in to them. Why can't this be done by phone or online? Obviously to make it a hassle so that people will not follow through. To add insult to injury, the representative said the additional 10.00 was non refundable.

    I suppose I was lucky to have only lost 10.00 and a couple hours time, but their deceitful advertising and difficult refund policy, plus their ineffectual searchs (which could make a searcher falsely confident when they shouldn't be) make them a ripoff. It's even potentially dangerous to claim to have information and show someone's record as clean when it is not.

  • Lo
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    Other sites had recommended net detective as the best site to locate loved ones. Well it's just another scam, My situation was the same as the other customers who registered complaints.Pay $29.95 for three yrs. on your credit card and then pay extra if you want info like is available to police officers. to bad i didn't read all the other complaints first. at least i didn't pay the extra money.

  • C4
      21st of Oct, 2011
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    Net Detective - Scam
    Net Detective
    United States

    Trying to find out about a person that concerned me I turned to N.D., investing lots of money, the report I received was out dated, no criminal back ground showed I tried to protect my children, from a possible harm. Getting no satisfaction I’m back to worrying. They won’t tell the truth be cause I don’t know why. When I ask they become offended. I turned to N.D.for help, and got none!

    This causes me concern, what happens if the are a sex offender, or something else. As it avertises, they are relible for information..where is the reliablity!

  • Ri
      17th of Jun, 2016
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    Net Detective - Bait and switch
    Net Detective
    United States

    The come-on promises a "one-time" payment of $29.00 however, once you submit a credit card number, you find that you are now committed to a $9.95 per month subscription fee. Additionally, when you get the most basic info on a person for a background check, additional criminal or other info requires a cost of $10. This company fails to provide honest information as they encourage enrollment in their services. This seems to be the normal ploy these companies use for unwary customers.

    The message I would forward regarding Net Detective and similar on-line services is caveat emptor!!

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