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Net Detective / Online fraud

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I am being sued by someone with a completely disputable claim, so I decided to try to do some background checking on this person. I went online to search for some kind of tool to help and Net Detective came up. Now the thing that swayed me into using it were all the supposed reports from Consumer Groups. Well I used Net Detective and paid $29 and to my utter disappointment all the information I wanted came back with a link saying I needed to upgrade to Net Detective Plus. Basically I got less information than I got when I used White Pages or the local city information pages. All I got was the name and City, nothing else whatsoever. By this time I've already paid $29, so I signed up for Net Detective Plus, and again was completely disappointed as all the information I got was wrong. I searched on people I knew everything about and boy the info was completely way out, I mean WAY OUT!!! If these guys don't have the info I guess they make it up. I even searched known hardened criminals, the FBI's most wanted and other local criminals and the info was complete rubbish, unusable.

I asked for a refund and they sent me a 'novella' to fill out and send by 'snail mail'. I also tried to fax it. I have been waiting 2 months so far and have not received anything. I canceled the Net Detective Plus service by phoning them and put a watch service with my bank to see if they tried to debit my bank account. They did. So I phoned them again and they promised me that the service was canceled and would you believe that they tried again, but this time double the amount (presumably because they couldn't collect on the first amount). I promptly canceled my card.

I e-mailed them to say I hadn't received my refund and they didn't ever reply, so I phoned and guess what, yes you guessed it, they claimed that they hadn't received my refund form. I told them that I had also faxed it, but that's when they let it slip that their fax machine only responds to cell services!!! Ah, so I jumped on that straight away, the fax service only responds to cell numbers, so that means that their is no physical way to fax them and just in case you dispute that the service doesn't work, I guess they show you by using a cell phone???

So I am now e-mailing them on a daily basis until I receive a refund because as far as I am concerned, multiple phone calls and e-mails prove I am not happy and want a refund. The snail mail form is most definitely their way of delaying the refund, hoping you'll give up. This company should be taken to task by the Better Business Bureau or even better, everyone on this site should put in a mass complaint and have these Sheisters put out f business.


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