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The person that runs this is rude and disruptive to society. They will talk down to you and if the treat a person looking to adopt a pet like that how do you think they treat their animals.

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      Apr 16, 2009

    This person was looking to adopt a KITTEN for his 91 year old mother. We are not adverse to adopting to the elderly however we require that a plan be in place for the animal should the person not be able to care for the cat. His answer was the cat would go back to a shelter. Our goal is a long term placement for a cat and not have them being bounded around. With a plan in place we would adopt an older to cat to someone of this age.

    He has been turned down by 5 other rescues that I know of.

    We have the best interest of the animals in mind.

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      Jun 14, 2009

    I agree, I stopped in on a saturday with a stray cat not realizing that they dont take in animals at the plymouth location. I was made to feel like trying to help a cat was the wrong thing to do. I was told that they didn't have room. I explained that It was not my cat but had been around my house for a while and I was worried it may be sick. I was told they don't deal with sick cats and I SHOULD BRING THE CAT TO A VET. I explained that I could not afford a vet bill. I was then told " well I don't know what to tell you" I asked what I should do w/ the animal, just let him loose again to impregnate females ( he was not fixed), she again said " I dont know what to tell you" they were no help so thats what I did. I was so angry - I called to complane, I left a message. I did recieve a call the next day - explaining that they do not take sick cats in due to the chance of infecting another cat, and it would be the town animal control that would handle it. And they take in cats but are not a rescue. Thats fine - Why did they not tell me that when I was there? I was basicly told to let the cat go when I was in Pet Smart talking w/ NOAH. So unfortunetly thats what I had to do.

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  • Ga
      Nov 08, 2009

    ***********************PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM NOAH!!!*************************
    Linda Brackett is an aweful person!!! She makes a killing (no pun intended) off of selling sick cats to people. When a kitten is first recieved by a shelter it is suppost to be quarentined for a few days to prevent any disease from spreading. Linda does not do this.

    She has a shed/cat house in her back yard that she keeps these poor animals in and dozens become infected with Distemper. She then adopts these sick animals to people and collects her $150-200 fee and will never speak to you again. Her house on Meadowbrook lane in Raynham is in complete FILTH! Dozens of cats running loose!

    There are several area vets who will not deal with Linda Brackett such as: Raynham Animal Hospital, Dighton Rehoboth Animal Hospital, Lakeville Vet Care, and Dr Lloyds in Stoughton just to name a few.
    Just Go to any one of the above mentioned vets and ask about Linda Brackett! Or next time you see someone from the Taunton animal shelter, ask them!!!

    Linda is worse than a car salesman! she will tell you whatever you need to her so that she can make a buck!

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      Jul 15, 2011

    Linda Brackett is an angry woman whose personal issues get in the way of finding good homes for pets. If you displease her, and it's not hard to displease her, she will ban you from adopting.

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  • Jb
      Jun 14, 2012

    None of what these people say in their complaints was true in my experience. Linda gave us copies of the full veterinary history of our kitten, explained which shots he had, that he had tested negative for feline leukemia, etc. etc. She was interested in having us follow up with her to let her know how the kitten was doing. She was very caring about us as potential owners, and of the animals in her care.

    Do not take what these people are saying for granted. The house was very clean when I went to see her, and the cats were roaming freely, playing with each other and seemed happy. I would definitely adopt from Linda again.

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