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I recently received three phone calls in a row from NCO collections and each time I wanted to explain the situation they hung up on me. This is an unethical company that is rude and disruptive in their phone conversations.

The Team Leader even hung up on me when I was explaining my situation. How can a comapny function without decent customer service? I actually had 30 days to respond to their notice and they are already telling me it is up? The date on my letter way May 22nd and today is June 13th. That's not 30 days! Plus, I had already responded to their request but where was that in their files? Nowhere.

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  •   May 28, 2008
    NCO Group - Scam and fraud
    NCO Group
    507 Prudential Rd
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Nco group keeps calling me on a bill that was paid off a long time back and we told them it was paid off and do not call back. They said we owe double the amount and refuse to stop calling. Several times a day every week. They say it don't matter if it's paid we still owe it to them. We have a paid in full letter from the company it was owed to but they still keep calling trying to collect it.

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  • M
      Jun 30, 2009

    Keep after them, and keep on their case. NCO has had quite a time with the FTC and has been fined quite a bit from the FTC for violations. Keep on their case.

    I would go to the CEO of the company and then to the consumer affairs of the state that they are in, and then maybe your state also (if different), then send the CEO of the company a letter and a list of the rules for the FTC and remind them, that they were find several million bucks for violations. Do they want to go through it again.

    Keep on their case. Document everything that happens. Keep sending the CEO of the company (since he is CEO, head of the company and responsibility for the operations of the company), and remind him again, does he want to be in FTC hearings again, and maybe this time out of business, and you will see that he is.

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  • O
      Mar 14, 2011

    I flat out told them if the original debt was not to them then they get nothing and hung up on them. Now when they call I let it ring

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