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nco financial systems / Call after call

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NCO Financial Systems
The debt they are trying to collect on is past sol, and they have called 12 times after cease and desist letter was signed for. I finally got all my items lined up and notes set and gave them a call. First they use an alias (Michael Unitees) then you get the Indian lady who likes to yell and tell you how you should be ashamed and that you are a dead beat for not paying your bill. so I'm up to 13 violations of fdca, finally got someone I could understand and she said she would take me out of phone system but I still needed to pay the bill. I told her it was past sol, she flipped out and told me I was going to be in trouble with the law and court and have my possessions seized violation 14. I hung up laughed and sent cert letter telling them to stop harassment or be sued. Maybe I should call them 5 times a day and yell at them to see they like it.


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N  5th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am glad to see someone who knows the law protects them. However, you need to create a legal paper trail in order to sue them. Post your story on my blog http://blog.beatthedebtcollector.com/ in the legal letters section. Also, you need to write a specific letter to them called a debt validation letter. I have one on my web site http://www.beatthedebtcollector.com/index.htm, that you can cut and edit in a word doc then send it RRR. Go to the legal letter section.
N  23rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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After being contacted by them for at least four months, I did call back, and call back, and call back. Sometimes I just sang theme songs to popular sit coms from the 70's. Other times I told them a joke or asked them questions about Canada, which they said they were calling from, although the people sounded Indian. Other times I asked them questions to crossword puzzles, give me a five letter word for serendipitous, or just asked their opinion about Canandian bacon. Is it ham or bacon? I'm tired of them calling and calling and calling. Enough is enough. I have no money to pay this debt, which I'm gonna dispute just because I should. If I had the money I would pay them, and their strong arm tactics and incessant calling isn't going to change that. They will give up on us and sell the debt and when they do, I will validate with the next agency, which probably won't have the paperwork. At one time I asked a person who was Indian if he thought what he was doing for a living made for good Karma. My guess, NO.
N  23rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Why on earth would you pay them? First you have to find out if they can even prove that you owe them, in a court of law. If they can't prove it, then they bought a worthless debt. If they bought a debt that is uncollectable then its not your problem. That is the risk that they take when they buy junk debt. Did you read my web site and Blog? You have to stop being defeated and take the position of power. You have to understand that they are powerless. contact me through my Blog. http://blog.beatthedebtcollector.com/ You can overcome them with the law. It doesn't even matter that the debt may have been ligitimate at some point in the past. It only matters what they can prove in a court of law. The best part is that you can do it all without paying a dime to them or a lawyer. Use the law the same way that they do, to benefit you.
N  14th of Feb, 2013 by 
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NCO IS A BS COLLECTION AGENCY and must be stopped. You can not call on Sundays, nor collect on a 5 year debt. I hope someone sue's them they are crooks and a BS outfit. I am relly sick of it. We all need to get together and sue them out of business. They are doing illegal activities. This must be stoped

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