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nco financial systems / Unsolicited phone calls

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I am having a lot of trouble with NCO Financial right now. They have been given my account for a Chase card I opened when I had a higher-paying student job, and now that I have lost that job, they keep calling me and harassing me because I can't make a payment. My job right now consists of five hours of work-study a week and I have told them this and told them that I am a full-time student looking for another job. I don't have the time to work somewhere like McDonald's (as the caller suggested I do) because of school. I don't have time to deal with some tacky woman who knows nothing about the (completely dry!) job market in my area lecture me on how I should be trying harder to find work when I'm a full-time student, either.

I offered to send in $20, but was mocked for that. They will not be receiving a cent from me as long as they willingly refuse what little I CAN pay them and belittle my financial status. That is harassment. They called and harassed my parents for about a month before realizing that I don't live there. I had changed my phone number to stay current with Chase, but my parents' number was still on file anyway with these crooks.

The caller, Holly MacDonald, has been more than rude with me as well. I informed her that she was breaking the law by being gruff and rude to my parents and by NCO harassing them for over a month without my consent. She still keeps pushing the issue, saying that it's her right to call whoever she wants, including my employer. I can't afford a lawyer, else I'd sue her and her company for the MULTIPLE violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act they have committed solely against me.

I also informed her that my parents are retired and don't have the money to pay off a debt of MINE that their name isn't attached to. She has apparently gotten a copy of my credit report and all kinds of other information about me without my consent as well. She keeps referring to a credit card that my parents paid off a long time ago because that card was attached to my parents name. It has been closed for over a year, yet she keeps referring to it. The fact that she has dug up so much information on me and threatened me by saying, "you would be extremely uncomfortable to know what all I have on you" is a massive invasion of privacy and certainly not in the contract I signed with Chase Bank when I opened up the credit card.

When I kept trying to tell her today (10/1) the truth of what's going on and how it was against the law for her to contact my parents without my consent, she started pressing buttons on the phone like a child who didn't want to listen to what I had to say. She also hung up in my ear after the umpteenth time I told her that I would be reporting her antics to the BBB because they are abusive, childish, and against the law.

Do not give them any information beyond the vaguest details! I wouldn't trust this company with my own ***, much less my money. The second I can pay my bill, I will be in contact with Chase--NOT NCO Financial.

Thus far, I have contacted the PA Attorney General, the FTC, the BBB, and several other "angry consumer" sites such as this about NCO. I recommend that everyone else does the same. They've been in hot water with the PA Attorney General before, and obviously, it didn't work.

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  • Ti
      16th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Tell her you are going to come to her office and ### her in the ###!

  • An
      14th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Timarie, that would be stooping to NCO's level. "###" and "###" are words they love to say to people, their emplyoers and their family members when they're trying to collect a debt. And sometimes, they can't even figure out the right person to target with their filthy mouths.

    The better thing to tell her would be that you're not sending money. You're sending soap. For the NCO chick to wash out her filthy mouth.

  • Pm
      26th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    NCO kept buggin me.
    Although, now they no longer contact me but send the collection effort off to another company on their behalf.
    I have a letter I send to everyone of them and they cease and desist immediately.
    No phone calls and no letters !

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