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NCO Financial Services / Fraud debt collection!

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I had an acct that got sent to Asset Acceptance LLC for payment. I recd letters from them. Couple months ago, I recd a letter from NCO Financial Systems stating that they bought out the bill from Asset Acceptance LLC, and they would accept $1,055.63 for the debt.I mailed a check for $1,055.63 check #6136 on 6/26/07 to NCO Financial System and now Asset Acceptance LLC wants that money. We know this by the bill we recd in the mail today. My husband called Asset Acceptance LLC and they stated they never sold our account to anyone. They still expect payment. HELP!!

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  • Jh
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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  • Tp
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    The simplest way to clear this matter up is to contact NCO Financial Services Inc. and inquire as to why they felt this account had been transferred when the creditor claims no prior knowledge of any such transaction. Ensure you record the time and dates of your communications with NCO, including the name and agent number of the individual you spoke to. In order to speak to an individual with any kind of clout regarding this, you are going to have to ask for the supervisor in charge of accounts for this creditor, Asset Acceptance LLC, and inquire of this individual when the account came to be in their possession, and why it is the creditor seemingly has no prior knowledge of such a transaction. In order to back your claim up, you are going to need to have the cheque or money order receipt clearly showing that payment was made to NCO Financial, and in what amount. Offer to fax a copy of the cheque to both NCO Financially, and Asset Acceptance LLC. This should go a long way in clearing the matter up. If, for some strange reason, this fails to achieve that end, you will have to contact your government offices, and ask to speak to the regulator for debt collections. Once put through, you can explain your situation, and offer him/her proof of what you are saying by way of the processed cheque. Unfortunately, if you are unable to get a copy of either the cheque or money order (which always comes with two copies, one for the recipient and one for the debtor) used to pay this debt, it's unlikely you will be able to resolve this matter. However, that said, you should be able to get your hands on a copy of a the cheque through your financial institution. Money orders are also kept on file within the bank or credit union for, I believe, ten years. As such, for a fee, they can and will provide you with the money order receipt if this is how you opted to pay.

    I'm sure, once you gather all the evidence, you'll get this matter cleared up in no time. Collection agencies are NOT above the law, and answer to regulating bodies. Providing you made payment, as you state, and can prove such, you'll find yourself with more help than you need in seeking out these regulatory bodies and advising them of your situation .

    Good luck!

  • Ss
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    I have had daily messages also from NCO on a "delinquent account" that does not exist. After a long discussion about how I did not owe any money the guy said that I could fax all of my info proving that its paid off to try to resolve it. I got suspicious and asked more questions. It turns out the SSN and date of birth that they had on record were wrong. I do not know for a fact but I suspect these folks are not legit. I sent the info to [protected] for them to investigate as NCO was claiming to to have bought my account from them.

  • Fa
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    I had a Capital One Visa account that I got behind on (the balance wasn't over the credit limit at the time, just past due). They placed the account with NCO and I started getting calls 15 times a day, to my work number, my home number, at all hours, even on SUNDAYS. I finally spoke to someone at NCO and they read the usual "this is an attempt to collect a debt, this call may monitored for quality assurance (yeah right), your Capital One account, - we need a payment of $249 right away." I told them I was paying THROUGH the Capital One website, NOT them and that I had just made that payment and to STOP THE FREAKING CALLS.

    The ### on the other end apparently did not believe me and said the calls would continue until they received confirmation that the payment was posted.

    I think they're all in Bangalore, by the way.

  • Je
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    I just got a bill from NCO saying they bought a debt from my hydro company, but I have a hydro bill from the past two months that has everything paid in full. NCO's bill did NOT include my name, only my address, and the bill came from an NCO office in a different province (Can). Is it possible that this bill actually has anything to do with me, or is it flat-out fraud? Could this show up on my credit rating?

    Also, a few months ago I was approached by a solicitor who said he was from some local hydro company (assumed it was the 'official' one; the guy's act was really convincing and I wasn't suspicious so I wasn't paying close attention to what he said) and he wanted to see my bill, and that he could offer me a flat deal if I wasn't already getting it. I showed him a hydro bill but asked him to come back while I found some other paperwork for him. While he was gone I called the real hydro company and learned it was a scam and was told not to accept, so when he came back I told him I declined his offer. I then learned from a coworker that all they need to do is see a bill and they can hijack the payments and I've been paranoid ever since. Now I'm worried the fake hydro company is connected to NCO. The real hydro bill from December did arrive after that incident with the fake hydro company though.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post; anyway, I'd appreciate any input; wish I could be of more help to others.

  • Li
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I have the proof however, I do not truth anyone anymore.
    I would rather write to the regulator for bad debt collections. I am not so sure if I trust them either!

  • Wi
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    This is Typical of this company. If you research them on google. you will see that they "make up" fake bills on their system to look legit and then they buy your contact information from one of the many clearing houses available. They then start calling people demanding payment for bills they have no entitlement too. I have seen where NCO has actually called the family members of people who are dead and have been for many (40+) years telling the families the the person "died owing this bill..." and "You are REQUIRED to pay it or you are going to be sued..." and these SUPPOSED Bills are from companies that were not even in business 40+ years ago...go you DO have to watch these life sucking crooks. DO NOT give them ANY information and study up on your FDCPA and State Debt/Debtor laws...Something else you can do is tell them that you will deal with the ORIGINAL CREDITOR ONLY!!! and not them then send them a cease and desist letter. This is what I have done and they still call me in violation of that order but I turn it over to my attorney and the FTC and BBB ( I tape them when they call. I tell them I recorded the conversation AFTER the conversation ends and then IMMEDIATELY hang up). Totally legal as long as you tell them the conversation is recorded, nothing they can do (this of course depends on what state you live in).

  • Wa
      9th of Jul, 2009
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    Last year NCO Financial bought a 4 1/2-year-old debt. They reported it to Equifax and changed the date on the debt to make it appear that it is current. Instead of listing the entry under "Collection Agency Information, " Equifax is listing it as a Current Account. NCO is keeping the account current by charging me exorbitant interest every month.

    Because the original debt is also still listed on my credit report, what I have, in effect, is a duplicate enty. As a result, the total amount of all my my debts has increased by more than $17, 000. Is this legal? I think NCO is doing this to intimidate me to pay them off.

    Because the debt is more than 4-years-old, it, the statue of limitations on its collection has expired. So by changing the date, NCO is trying to circumvent the statute of limitations.

    Is NCO allowed to charge me interest and thereby make it appear that the debt is current?

  • Ka
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    NCO has been pestering me for over a year now for my EX husband's delinquent credit card which he has since made adequate arrangements with the original creditor to not only pay, but to continue to keep and use the card. ( They seem to have to the poor judgment to think "I" am going to help them harass him.) They have since stepped up their game by stamping MY name onto the bill, trying to make it look legit. But I have NEVER had an account with that particular credit company. I pay my own bills, but I neither have the funds or the incentive to pay other people's bills.

  • Va
      9th of May, 2008
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    NCO Financial Services - They won't work with me
    NCO Financial Services
    United States

    I manage my son's finances and they have been taking money out of the account twice a month, I wanted to change this to once a month but they refused to do it. My son works in construction and he isn't always working so I wanted to pay this company once a month. They have overdrawn the checking account twice leading to 4 overdraft charges so I told them that I was going to cancel the automatic withdrawal then the guy I was speaking to said they would turn this over to an attorney and then my son would not be able to have a checking account or be able to but anything on credit for five years. I think this is unfair to not work with me on this issue.

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