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Nature Cleanse / qustionable company ethics/lack of easily visible and clear conditions of trial.

1 Melbourne, FL, United States

To begin,

My husband ordered what was supposed to be a free trial of a supplement called "Nature Cleanse." The site boasted how beneficial the use of the product could be in regards to colon health. For only the price of shipping (5.95 i believe) a one months supply of the supplement would be sent as a trial. My husband informed me he ordered the product and when i examined my bank account i did notice the debit of 5.95 from the company for which he ordered. I had no reason to question my husbands ordering of the product assuming he knew what he was getting into. The product arrived and a week into testing i noticed a charge of $88.00 in our account. Noticing the recipient of said fee i immediately questioned my husband if he had any knowledge or possibility of such a charge when ordering "Nature Cleanse" Shocked he replied "NO!" and quickly went to the website he ordered from to gather what information i could as to how something like this could occur. Remembering vaguely seeing the site briefly when my husband told me he was ordering this product i couldn't recall seeing anything that stated such a charge. Had there been, my husband wouldn't have ordered it, nor would i have encouraged or supported him to order it. The site was just as i remembered and said nothing on the main page about any other charge other than the shipping and handling required to ship the product. Stunned i just began clicking on every link on the site i could to gather information...finally at the very bottom of the ordering page in small letters was "terms and conditions" (this link was nowhere on the main page, but only on the ordering page) clicking on that gave me all the underhanded details of this supposed "free trial" You had 14 days on which to decide if the product was right for you. if you liked the product you can do nothing and $88.00 would be charged to your card for your first months supply (so much for the bottle being free) then you continue to receive the product for a price of 88.00 per 1 month supply using the card they had on file. If you were dissatisfied, you had 14 days in which to call and cancel any future shipments. I recall when he received the pills in the mail in a bubble envelope with a small brochure describing the supplement and it's benefits. Interested i read the brochure myself with him. NOWHERE did it state one had 14 days on which to decide satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the trial, nor did it state any other charges should you not cancel within a certain time frame. it certainly didn't mention a price tag of $88.00 even if one was satisfied with the product.

my thoughts are this.

1: when you are given a trial sample of an entire months supply one would be inclined to assume they would have that month in which to decide. The months supply bottle is stated as "free" and not something that would have to be paid for in 14 days. False advertising at it's most blatant. Otherwise a 2 week sample should've been sent.

2:This product fails to show me how it's worth is even close to $88.00. for that price this product must not only effectively and expeditiously clear out my colon, but also wipe my ### for me when i'm done! I would like to know how they could consciously charge that obscene of an amount for supposed "Natural" ingredients. It occurs to me why they didn't readily divulge that information in plain view because any sane person would know better than to waste that much of their hard earned money on something so obviously not worth it.

dismayed and irritated at the insult to my intelligence i called the number provided.

I'll condense the conversation short because in it's entirety i'd have to charge you for the side show it actually was.

first, the representative barely spoke english (HUGE annoyance to me) I expressed my concern for the charge stating that even by it's websites terms i had not yet surpassed the 14 day trial to even be charged. I explained i thought their standards and practices underhanded and illegal..nothing was clearly stated on the conditions of the trial, and the price was incredibly excessive..but that aside it took me 15 min to finally get the operator to understand that i wanted nothing more to do with the product and to cancel whatever account had been set up at the time of ordering. She incessantly tried to offer other products, wanted a critique of the product blah blah blah. then finally frustrated with me not responding to her questions with anything other than "cancel the account" she states "what do you want me to do?" .."ARE YOU KIDDING ME? what have i been saying over and over? NO, i dont want to try any other products, NO i dont want more of the nature cleanse, NO i dont wish to answer a few questions about my exposure to the product. are you seriously asking me that question? what do i want you to do? ...i'll tell you what i want you to do, i want you to connect me with your supervisor." She replies "she cant come to the phone, she is busy" "hmmm ok then i want the number to your corporate office so that i can speak to someone about my disdain for it's product and it's company ethic." She then states "we can't give you that information" ...well this really set me off, and to conclude this ###ic situation without subjecting you to my way of getting things done..45 minutes later, i not only spoke to her supervisor, but was offered a refund. 5 to 7 working days she says it could possibly take. Still however, the corporate office number was never given. Should i not receive my refund as agreed to, i WILL do what i have to do to ensure not only MY satisfaction in knowing i'm properly reimbursed and severed from any further transactions..but for others as well. It's amazing to me how they can manipulate a hard working, tax paying, consumer that only wanted to try a product this company touted as "healthy" and possibly a colon cancer preventive. I wonder how the actors that are discussing colon cancer on their website as a marketing tool (but never directly name the product) would feel if they knew what shady ideals this company stood for. Writing to Oprah (whos name appears on your page and i've taken a screen shot should it suddenly be removed) might get media attention when she discredits your company on national television. First stop..the Better Business Bureau. then consider how to begin a class action law suit. My refund had better show up is all i'm saying.

to those of you who also have been taken advantage of by this company i suggest you don't rest until your voice is heard. There is strength in numbers yes...but sometimes just one can make a difference, if some work is applied.

good luck to everyone who has dealt with this company, and i hope that you all get the word out to put this company in it's place..either by forcing them to make their stipulations more clear as easily visible, or by putting it out of business entirely.

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