Natural Health Responsethis company wants to place a yearly account on my name

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I joined dr. Richard Gerhauser's natural health response as of interest. The service was free. Now all of a sudden they want money. I have tried to cancel the deal with a prompt that says, "to teminate this service"click"here. I do and the reply says they have no record of me. Correction. They have my name, address, bank details, e-mail and they have given me an account number: account #: [protected]. I receive this statement almost every day and every where I have tried to contact these people, I am informed in different ways that the url is wrong. The mail addresses are direct from the info on the internet???. I even tried the return address. I will never ever join another"free"service ever for the rest of my life. I am really stuck as I do not any other method I can use to say,"thank you for the offer, but no thanks."
Please hello peter, how can I cancel this service I don't want.
A.M. Wright

Jan 05, 2019
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  • Th
      Feb 26, 2019

    It seems to me that Dr. Richard Gerhauser is probably one of if not THE worst can men cheats on the internet anywhere.

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  • Vi
      Sep 02, 2019

    @Theodore Pong All you have to do to cancel is to go onto your Bank Website Sign up for internet bank service access. Click on your credit card and look for recurring charges. You may be surprised that you have more than one. If you do not want them simply shut them off all by your self. You may need to get one of your friends to help you. You do not wan t to make mistakes. You should never! just cancel your Credit Card Account and have a new card issued. You will lose your many years of credit history and begin all over new again. That starts your credit reports back to the starting place with that card just like new. Result is credit rating goes down. Just shut off the recurring charges you do not want or have your bank help you.

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  • Th
      Feb 26, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    It seems to me that Dr. Richard Gerhauser is probably one of if not THE worst con men cheats on the internet anywhere.

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  • Al
      Apr 25, 2019

    I disagree with these comments here. If, that were true, he would already be locked up. Nobody gets a way with cheating people publicly for years without consequences.

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  • Al
      Jun 14, 2019

    @Alexander Hammer Nobody could be so naive to believe that!

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  • Ka
      Jun 30, 2019

    Hi A.M. Wright ... you need to cancel your Bankcard and order a new one with a new number. This way you cannot be billed anymore. I have had to do this twice when I was put in exactly the same situation as you whereby the company would not accept my cancellation notification.

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  • He
      Aug 19, 2019


    My wife has once ordered a Richard Gerhauser´s "free" product to test it. My wife´s bank card did not work when ordering this "free" product for paying postal fees. I have not authorized any withdrawal from the Visa Classic credit card that I manage together with my wife, except the one for the postal fees to Spain. Now the Natural Health Response of Richard Gerhauser has withdrawn 54, 61 EUR on 31st of July, 2019 from the said account without my or my wife´s permission or without us knowing that it will be withdrawn.
    This is surely illegal because I have not ordered anything from this company to which or its products I have not a smallest interest. Please, advise how I can have a money return from this said company. Kind regards, Heikki J. Kostamo

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