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Nationwide Medical Inc. is truly one of the most unethical companies out there. When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea six years go, my health insurer, United Health Care, contracted with Nationwide Medical to supply me with a C-Pap machine and associated tubes and masks. The machine worked great and I got regular shipments of tubes and masks.

After three years, I inquired about getting a new machine, one with a self-contained water tank because I lived in the Northeast. I had grown tired of attaching an external tank in the winter. Nationwide Medical told me to wait another two years. Little did that I know under United Health Care rules, I was actually entitled to a new machine.

I did not know any better so I waited. My machine broke. I called Nationwide Medical and one of their dopey phone people told me I would have to call back the next week. I explained to this goofball that the C-Pap machine was actually a necessity and my health was imperiled without it. She agreed to file the paperwork. After suffering through two sleepless nights, I called United Health Care two days later and one of their reps told me not one stitch of paperwork or a phone call was made on my behalf by Nationwide.

United Health Care got the ball rolling and within a week, I had a brand new C-Pap machine. Here's where it gets interesting. Nationwide Medical then sends me a bill for the machine. Before I write a check, I called United Health Care which informs me that they indeed paid for the new machine in its entirety. I toss the Nationwide bill out.

Days later, I get a legal notice from Nationwide with a demand for me to sign it which obligates me to send the machine back when I am done (presumably when I'm dead) and be responsible for any and all a repairs to the "rented" machine. I call United Health Care again and was again told the machine was mine to own.

At this point, I am steamed and ask United Health Care to remove Nationwide Medical as my tube and mask supplier. Now, months later, what do I get in the mail from Nationwide? A bill for $458 alleging that I owe two months' rent on the C-Pap machine which has already been bought and paid for by United Health Care.


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      Jun 03, 2012

    Was shopping for CPAP supplies. Contacted a Nationwide rep. Was told they would have to contact my insurance company to see what my plan provided. I spoke with other companies finally choosing Apria Health Care. A week later received a shipment of approximately $100 dollars worth of supplies. I didn't pay attention when I unpacked it and assumed it was from Apria. I used the supplies. A week later I got a bill from Nationwide for over $800. I called them and told them I did not authorize this purchase and that the amount billed was insane. After a lengthy conversation I asked, "What would it take to resolve this so that I never hear from you again, I never get a bill, phone call or any other contact." She said we could settle this for $200. I confirmed that that would end our relationship totally and she said it would. I felt it was worth $200 to avoid the aggravation and gave her a credit card number. Before long I began receiving robo calls to pay my balance. I called and spoke to a rep. She said that she could see in the notes that the account was closed and settled. She promised that that would be the last time I had contact with the company. Today I got a bill in the mail for $74.52. I have no idea where the $74.52 amount came from.

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