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I work for Nationwide Finances, one of the most successful referral services all over the country. We work with over 900 agents and around 80 lenders from Hawaii to New York. We have been in business for 15 years, and are proud to say that we are among the top referall services in the United States. This FAKE company, Nationwide FinanCING (who made their name to look VERY similar to ours!) have only been in business for about 2 years, and ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH US! They claim to be in the same city as us, and provide EXACTLY the same services we do. After some in-depth research by our I.T department, we found that they are not even located in the same state! We called their phone number (Which happened to be a CELL PHONE that they must have ordered from California, because it has the same area-code as ours) for a few weeks, finally got a hold of them, and realized the "company" was no more than a few scammers using a similar name to rip off hard working real estate agents and brokers. Make sure to pay attention to the company name. A few letters is the only way to tell the difference between us and the fakes! These scammers will promise you the same buyers that we provide, and never deliver them! Make sure, when talking to anybody who even sounds like us, to ask for a reference number of another agent that we are already working with, so you can do your research THOROUGHLY. The other companies will not be able to give you such a number if they are one of these fake companies. Remember agents...NATIOWIDE FINAN C-I-N-G is not the same as Nationwide Finan C-E-S!!! These Scammers have given our company a bad reputation with a number of agents I have already spoken with, and it makes me furious that these pour agents have been scammed by these horrible people. We have been trying to take the owners to court for quite a while, but they manage to keep their operations legal (SOMEHOW!) and stay out of trouble. We are doing our best do put them out of business, as we do not want these scammers to give anymore people a negative opinion about the Real Nationwide. Unfortunately, a lot of people can not tell the difference between us and them. Remember everybody...DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

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  • Ca
      Jan 21, 2009

    Not true! Nationwide FinanCES - Canoga Park, CA is the one that stole funds from my checking account. The leads were horrible - bad numbers - bad addresses - no English - no clue who I was talking about. These were supposed to be Buyers - loan approved and ready to buy!

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  • Jo
      Jan 30, 2009

    Great results what are these comments talking about. I've been using Nationwide Finances for a very long time now. I'm going to stress the fact that every insurance agent in the world is a sales agent. I have agents who i give the same leads to who cant close, and I give right back the agent who can close and closed the actual same deal. If it's a matter of getting leads, numbers or any type of referral you still need the other guy to like you on the other end. But overall Nationwide Finances has been breath a fresh air in my sales force.

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  • Ok
      Feb 12, 2009

    Nationwide FinanCES...I have the contract on my desk. We purchased home insurance leads for "prospects" that are supposed to be purchasing or refinancing their home. Complete SCAM! Worthless doesn't matter how good you are if the #'s are disconnected. Before we call, we check on the assessors site to get some home information. Their lead will say $299, 000 loan amount for a home that's not worth $50k. The "prospects" we have been in touch with have no clue why we are calling them and are in no way buying or refinancing a home. We've called Nationwide FinanCES & they blame the poor quality of the leads on their "Filters". We called for the last 8 days straight for this issue and today the rep said there were no notes of us reporting any issue and said that it will be taken care of tomorrow. This is what we hear every day..."I will forward this to my I.T. department and should be fixed tomorrow". So far...40+ leads we have received have been returned and replaced with another 40+ bad leads. They want you to keep paying your monthly fee so they can keep replacing the bad leads. Lets see, If I purchase 100 leads a month, & 100 leads are bad. Next month I have to buy another 100 bad leads to get the previous 100 leads replaced. Then I'll have 200 bad leads, etc...etc... Yes I'm mad and hope this helps you make the decision to not use Nationwide FINANCES!

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  • Vi
      Sep 14, 2009

    if these people make a promise and say they are covering a certain medical prole. Is there any legal way to tape it and sue them or make them pay it. Should I get a lawyer to listen in on phone?
    How do you tape it. This is new to me but I am sick f it and until they start getting in trouble they will continue. Better yet I would like to see t hem have to pay!
    What do you think.

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