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National Imaging Systems / Scam charges

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January 8, 2009 I received an invoice for 4 toners from a National Imaging Systems, Inc, a company we do not do business with. It was asking for payment of toners delivered in October 2008. Since we have a national contract for toners, I called the name referenced on the invoice. Upon researching the invoice I learned that apparently, this company got our phone number, got the name of the person that had answered the phone and then used that person's name as the authorization to send toners.

Unfortunately, by the time I received the invoice, the toners were already used, and although we require purchase requisitions, the company had proof of delivery so we agreed to pay the one bill and instructed them never to contact our employees directly that they had to go through Purchasing.

The cost of the toners was normally $199.50, this company charged $279.99 as well as $33.75 freight for a total of $1, 153.71 for something that would have normally cost us $798.00.

On 3/24/09 I got a call from our receiving department that once again, an additional supply of toners had arrived at the loading dock from the same company. I immediately called the company and spoke with the Manager, Victoria. She had no recall of my telling her not to send any more product and said that she had authorization to send them and could provide proof if need be. I told her that we would not be paying for the toners, please issue a return tag.

As of today, 4/9/09, the toners remain on my loading dock. I have a call into Victoria and have received no reply. I sent her a second email requesting that the toners be picked up and have yet to hear from her.

We will not be issuing payment for unauthorized product shipped to our address.

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  • Pa
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Was offered a "Trial Toner" with free recycling and stupidly said yes. Soon after received an invoice for 3x the value of the toner. Now, calling wanting payment for "Trail" toner

  • Do
      14th of May, 2009
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    Same thing happened to my company in NYC, they used the name of our receptionist, said they shipped toner to her attention and sent the invoice 3 mths later. I asked for pod, and they did send that, however after researching the company I saw they were actually toner scammers, so I refused to pay.

    They have been calling me once or twice a week for a month, trying to collect 198.99 for "toner" or whatever they shipped to us... since invoice was sent mths later, anything received was just put in stock. The make believe bully "Victoria Jean" just rambles on & on and doesn't let you get a word in. Thats what they do for a living, rip companies off.

    According to the FTC any unordered merchandise received that you did not order, especially through telemarketers they advise not to pay and not to return merchanse. You can usually tell when you are dealing with a reputable company, which National Imaging Systems is not. You can find out more information on the Federal Trade Commissions website, just look up office supply scams. DO NOT PAY THEM., they are toner-scammers.

  • Ac
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    I got a call from them saying that they "had our toners ready", which led me to believe that they were our normal company and had to get information on sending it to us. When they asked about billing in the SAME conversation about shipping, I was tipped off, because we receive our toner for free, so I told them, no wait i don't want the toners. She said okay and hung up. Then a different person came on and said "why don't you need the toners", and i replied "i realized we didnt need them from you". He replied with "Well we're sending them anyway, so you're stuck with them". I'm going to call them and inform them that we are returning them to them immediately as soon as we receive them, and that we will not pay for them.

  • Ch
      10th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i've been in the telemarketing business for over 10 years and that is not how its done. its unfortunate that there isnt a web site that companies can go on to report "consumer" LIARS that have nothing else to do then complain in a blog...try handling your REAL problems. go back to work

  • Pa
      10th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    And who do you work for? So I can add you to our blacklist. National Imaging is a scam shop..

  • Op
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company is completely disreputable.
    A while ago they called offering an ink promo with a free cartridge and a complimentary $25 Best Buy gift card. I asked “Is there any obligation to buy?” and “Is any purchase necessary?” etc. The guy insisted it was free with no strings attached. So I agreed to try it out.

    Suddenly we received 6 cartridges we never ordered. The invoice was over $1, 100. I tried over and over to call a living person but eventually just sent the goods back with tracking info. Then they faxed $25 invoice.
    I called a few more times and finally reached a live person (VICTORIA). For the first time I was told the gift card wasn’t a gift, but was a rebate for the order. Since the ink was returned then we couldn't have the gift card for free. I'd given the card to a co-worker but we just sent it back with a letter to stop calling us.

    6 months ago they called offering a "free trial" promo and I insisted they fax the terms in writing. Instead they just didn't call again until about a week ago. The recent sales guy just patronized me when I said we aren't interested "Well if you don't want to save money then I'll just call back for (he mentioned a former boss's name)"

    Frankly they’re cons – or at the very best, rude and incompetent.

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