National Exemption Service (Nes) / Billing and consumption (Water/sewer)

Ra Jan 11, 2016
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I was out of country from Nov 01 2015 till Dec 04 2015. But i received a bill with charges of $49.81 during the period i was away. This is way too much. Even the base charges for JEA is $12 and $14 for water and sewer respectively. Also the Oates Energy Inc even has lower changes when compared to NES. This was a big rip off. Also my previous bill for 7 days of stay was $22 with NES. All this time with JEA and Oates energy, inc i never had any issue with inflated billing. Also the invoice does not provide my meter readings. Their website does not provide them too. Their customer care also didn't provide me with the readings. I regret i didn't know about NES before i moved in else i would have given it a second thought. Also how do i know what is the allowed usage volume in the base charges that NES levy upon its customer. Its a 1050 Sq ft condo and with zero consumption the charges are $49.81. I have their service in Summer Key condominium (4908 Key Lime Dr, Jacksonville FL). They do not respond to emails, phone and no action is taken to handle this inflated billing. I even don't know if their meter reading are correct as they do not let customers their monthly consumption and meter usage.

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