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National Credit Systems / Unwilling to settle my accounts

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ok so nobody in this world is perfect back when I was a teenager long story short I broke my lease was barely 18 19 years old and didn't have a care in the world so I didn't take it seriously no I'm 25 I'm a mother and I have a family so for almost 7 years this company has her asked me literally harassed me and I'm not the one calling them to settle these accounts but when I call the agent that has my account is the most rudest most disrespectful most inconsiderate person I've ever run into over the phone or even in the streets that company needs to reconsider their agents and also maybe reconsider their professionalism since there is none over there I think this company needs to be investigated I think this company needs to be put out & I think this company needs a whole new set of agents set of management just a whole new Rocketeerwhat kind of collection agencies has consumers calling them with debt willing to pay whether it's the full amount or something that we only can afford doesn't accept our offer its called a business right its called negotiations right well this company doesn't have none of that has no quality and customer service has no quality in making sure these accounts that are delinquent are actually being covered n even be manageable to work for both sidesI am already taking legal steps towards this company as well as the company that has taking me to collections due to they are illegally keeping me from purchasing my family a home a place to live now so I hope this company reads this and I hope you guys expected because there will be a legal matter in this situation and I will push it and if there is anybody out there any normal person like me with accounts with this company who is willing to get with me sign a petition let's all take him to court for the harassment for the illegal debt collections they have on our credit report that is stopping us from being able to live it is illegal and we do have rights and this company think that they are God and they r not we will have a judge seek justice

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      Aug 16, 2014

    this is what you are dealing with www .

    If your debt is more than 7 years you don't have to repay it. Look up the statute of limitation for your state. Texas is 4 years. If they don't collect and /or sue you within the statute of limitation they cannot legally collect the debt. All they can do is call and hope you will agree to pay. Of course never agree, never acknowledge the debt, never make a small payment. Simply tell them you don't owe the debt and if they believe otherwise tell them to sue you. If they sue you counter sue because the debt is legally uncollectable and you obtain a judgement to collect against them.

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