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Came across this $1 membership (usual price $34.90) where I can get a $35 cash back in return when I do a top up of $35 on my ezlink card. As I thought it was a good deal, I decided to do some research online to find out how legitimate is this deal.

While there are many complaints online about this company, I still went ahead with purchasing the deal but made sure that I scrutinise the Terms and Conditions to ensure I do not get cheated by the company.

The following are some key pointers I took note of:
1. $1 membership entitles me with 72 hours of free access, after which, I will be charged $34.90 per month.

2. If I want to unsubscribe from their membership, I need to ensure the customer service receives my email request 48 hours before the end of my subscription - hence that leaves me with, what? 24 hours? - Not sure how valid is this. Could be misinterpretation on my part, whatever. Don't even bother wasting your time on their service.

3. After you make the $35 top up on ezlink card, you have to scan the receipt and email to them. And because I know my membership will end in a few days, I went to the nearest MRT station to make a top up ASAP.

BUT, I did not receive any replies within the 72 hours of my free membership entitlement.

Here's another term they stated:

4. Quoted from "The Customer Service officers will endeavour to answer any request within 24 hours on business days only
 but during busy periods, our customer service may take up to five working days to reply to e-mails. "

So of course, I unsubscribe to their service within 72 hours AND THEN only receive their reply after 5 days. I sent my receipt on 5th Dec and received a reply on 10th Dec saying that I am not entitled to the cash back as I am no longer subscribed.

Hello my (NOT SO) sweet savings (MySweetSavings, Powered by, why would I want to PAY $34.90 for your service after 72 hours when I haven't gotten my $35 cash back. And even if I do get back my $35, the total amount I would have spent minus the $35 cash back would have been $35.90, which means I would have made a net loss of $1.00.

This deal is too good to be true, and I knew it from the start, but still chose to hope maybe it's a new business strategy that I should give it a try.

(Side note, I tried to email their customer service, in hope to resolve this amicably, but they were simply apologetic about the inconvenience caused.)

So for the $1.00 that MySweetSavings has devoured from me with giving me nothing in return, this feedback is for you. And I will make sure I spread the word, so that such a business strategy would not be employed by others in future, because it is absolutely unacceptable and consumers should be spared from wasting their time on such services.

Jan 01, 2015

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