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I signed up for in order to make a star from my 4-year old daughter. I ordered some items from them as well as downloaded 2 files and all this promotion cost me over $50. However, when I needed a consultation I started searching company’s contact info and discovered that they even don’t have costumer service.

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  • Nj
      Feb 04, 2013

    It seems like you pay for your stars and own promotion. It happened to me also.

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  • Nj
      Feb 04, 2013

    It seems you pay for your own promotions. The gifts are perks for purchase which is O.K.. But Its just a marketing tool.

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  • Ta
      Mar 24, 2013

    I certainly think its a scam. I joined in there and amazed to find that they don't have any contact info. You can only mail them your question to NOT get their response ever.. It's only a obey making tool for them and nothing else. And I never understood how some of them has these many starpower. I calculated the members starpower by their badges but the count did not justify it.

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  • Ms
      Apr 29, 2013

    MyStarKid is a scam. I've waisted over $80 because I was charged five times what was supposed to have been a one time payment of 19.95. When you email them about any problems you get the same reply from Emma who is never available. The emergency number provided doesn't work. When you try to delete your account, they make you email the same way as you complain and it's never answered. I would hate to think that something inappropriate is being done with my 4 year olds photos.

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  • Pe
      Sep 22, 2013

    I totally agree with everyone on this board. I cancelled my service a little over a week cause I to was watching the ratings on other children and didnt make sense to me also. So now I have my bank try to claim my money back considering I cancelled my account in in less than their 30 day requirement but continued to get billed. So I stopped my debit card but yet they keep threating me w/collections.

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  • Be
      Aug 18, 2015

    They charged $ 9.95 monthly without my authorization I never agreed, I just submitted 1 time photo that cost $ 19.95
    since then all of sudden they charged monthly 4 times, I found late through my bank statement then I emailed, they replied for refund only half of it.
    $ 19.90 So, I said OK and told refund credit to bank right a way. because I didn't want to waist time and effort
    But since then They don't respond. this is ridiculous, and I feel so upset .
    please be a ware this website. I am sure this My is Scam!
    I even told them to remove all my info.and photos, and do not share with any other company but Emma didn't answered it yet.
    I told bank to cancel my debit account and this company to avoid future charge,

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  • Tr
      Dec 12, 2016

    Complete scam I just Googled the address it's a law firm I tried to delete my kid photo it won't let me thank goodness I never paid. Don't waste your money do your research before you put your child pictures on the Internet nothing is safe anymore smh.

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  • Ro
      Jan 13, 2017

    Wish I would have read these reviews before hand... thankfully I didn't give them any credit card info. I definitely want to get my son's pictures off of there site. If they use his pictures for anything I hope that I can bring legal Acton against them. Lesson learned from this... Never post my son's pictures with out doing a background check on the company! Thanks for your reviews!!! Hope this helps someone before they are scammed out of there money.

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  • Ra
      Jul 18, 2017

    I was bamboozled too. They have over 100 of my money over the past 3 years. I'm an ex model myself and didn't do my research even though all the signs were there. Figured since they were approved by the BBB they were legit. My agencies always told me, if an agency really wants you, they will pay YOU not the other way around.

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