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Horrible experience! It's been 6 weeks and I have been sent the wrong projector lamp 2x! Once by their crappy website "tool" and once by their rep! I'm out $350 so far and no lamp or refund. When I got angry at them, they said, "we aren't going to send you your lamp cause you hung up on me". I have had to pay return shipping charges 2x! I have to file a credit card claim. They have a "flippant" attitude. NEVER AGAIN!

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      16th of Feb, 2010 - Projector Lamp
    United Kingdom

    BEWARE !!! Having asked and been told in writing that what they would supply me would be a genuine OEM brand new product - What I received was a second-hand [badly scratched] housing with evidence of flash burns and the protective shield on the wire to the bulb cracked and split open. Black paint[?] on the edge of the bulb looked worn, thus the bulb used. THE LAMP DID NOT WORK !!

    MyProjectorLamps also put through the charge to my credit card without sending the product. Only after getting concerned about it's non-arrival [9 days later!] and requesting a tracking # was I informed it would be despatched tomorrow !

    Someone should investigate this criminal behaviour

    To support any investigation I will gladly supply correspondence and photographs on request

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      29th of Mar, 2010

    We, MyProjectorLamps, submitted every email and all the correspondence we had with this customer (who has been completely refunded after he found out his lamp didn't work, projector lamps unfortunately sometimes fail or don't light up) to a major online authority on projector lamps that had been targeted by this customer's smear campaign against us. After a careful independent review by the independent group it was determined that this customer was loony tunes. I would like it if the webmaster of this site contact us so that we can submit the same documentation for review. We strongly feel this customer's comment are completely out of line.

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      1st of Apr, 2010

    I refer you to our correspondence with Projector Central below - and the comments of other customers of MyProjectorLamps

    "Hi Dave

    MyProjectorLamps on 24th January refunded SAR 2703.70 which showed on the credit card on 27th

    1] That refund was only effected after you informed them we had not received the refund they claimed to have sent [and a complaint had been lodged with the bank]

    2] It is SAR 224.21 less than was originally charged for the item

    3] The cost of shipping back to MyProjectorLamps, SAR 182.78 - although advised to them - has not been refunded despite their stated policy “shipping expenses will be refunded in the event your RMA request is the result of our shipping error”

    4] Tax paid of SAR 378.81 on importation of the fraudulent lamp – although advised to them – has not been refunded

    So we are currently SAR 785.80 out of pocket

    Best regards


    PS Please advise us of a reputable company that will supply a brand new, genuine, OEM Hitachi lamp"

    "Hi Geoff,

    I’m told by MyProjectorLamps that it takes 3 business days for Visa or Mastercard to transfer the funds. According to the statement I sent you, the refund was issued on February 24th. This suggests that you should have your refund by February 27th.

    Please contact me if you have not received your refund by the 28th.

    Thank you for using Projector Central.


    From: Geoff [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 10:44 PM
    To: 'Dave Dicklich'
    Subject: RE: Your Post on ProjectorCentral

    Hi Dave

    Although promised in writing over 10 days ago no refund received

    Best regards


    From: Dave Dicklich [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: 23 February 2010 10:12 PM
    To: [protected]
    Subject: Your Post on ProjectorCentral

    Hi Geoff,

    We understand from MyProjectorLamps that you were issued a refund. Can you please confirm this.

    Thank you for using ProjectorCentral.


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  • Xx
      19th of Dec, 2014

    sent the wrong lamp agreed to give me refund after several emails and arguments and picture taking. Brought back the lamp and have been waiting over a month to get my money back. Customer "service" has had the following excuses the manger is out of town, we can't access our email, our invoices system is down. This is pathetic

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