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MyGameSale.com / Illegal company!

China Review updated:
Contact information:

This is the same company. I posted a complaint before if you type in ga-sale. Still 6 weeks later not resolved. Banned account, no refund, they don't speak english and the phone is disconnected. Avoid at all costs, they are fraud!


List goes on, all the same brand.

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  13th of Feb, 2008
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I agree with you mate. Is this ga-sale company really based in China? It seems that it is due to the lack of gramer & punchuation when your chatting to them. Same problem with me too, they're scammers that do not care about the customers.
  13th of Feb, 2008
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They are 100% chinese. One of my guildmates purchased gold from them once, and started typing chinese and they responded back in chinese fluent language. Less than 0.0001% of americans know fluent mandarin.

Blizzard says dont buy from china, so we dont. The entire server doesnt buy from this farm.
  23rd of Feb, 2008
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Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute. There will be one operator talking with you.

We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
Gary 02-23 14:50:04

Welcome to our customer surpport, what can i do for you?
You 02-23 14:50:13

You 02-23 14:50:21

I want to buy a few wow us accounts
You 02-23 14:50:26

I have two questions
You 02-23 14:50:44

Actually I have 3 friends who want to buy accounts as well
Gary 02-23 14:52:21

You 02-23 14:53:10

First, what happens if I ban an account, will you give me a refund?
You 02-23 14:54:42

Gary 02-23 14:56:18

If its your own reason get it banned we cannot give you the refund
You 02-23 14:56:56

JHow do you justify a ban or not. What if I get this account and it's banned in a few day,s, you could just say it was me that banned it

Gary 02-23 14:58:30

We donot do that
You 02-23 14:58:37

Can you please hurry on responses, I need to go soon
Gary 02-23 14:58:37

Our reputation and success is dependent upon providing a safe and reliable service to our customers. You can browse our selection of accounts to see the many hundreds of gamers that have had a positive experience with our site.
You 02-23 14:59:02

I mean, no I really can't see that, anybody can write that on their site
You 02-23 14:59:22

Well I guess I just need to know where your companies operations are
You 02-23 14:59:26

Then I will buy
You 02-23 15:01:05

Please hurry, been in here for 10 mins already I NEED TO GO
Gary 02-23 15:02:46

You 02-23 15:03:02

Ok, so you are not located in Beijing correct?
Gary 02-23 15:03:56

Bei jing?
You 02-23 15:04:05


You 02-23 15:05:38

Its' a simple yes or no, gary

Gary 02-23 15:05:57

You 02-23 15:06:09

No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District
You 02-23 15:06:13

so that is not you?

You 02-23 15:08:08

Hello? been in here 20 mins now

Gary 02-23 15:08:50

You 02-23 15:08:54

Alright great
You 02-23 15:10:02

Lieing to your customers has sold me, so my guild is on the arthas server, and Ill be damn sure to let everyone know not to buy from you guys. All you had to do was say yes, but you lied so why would I buy from you when everything you have said so far has been a lie. Blizzard will ban you guys soon anyway.

Domain Name:ga-sale.com

Qi fengyuan
No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District

Administrative Contact:
Qi fengyuan
No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District
beijing beijing 100083

Technical Contact:


Billing Contact:


Registration Date: 2006-08-29
Update Date: 2006-08-29
Expiration Date: 2008-08-29

Primary DNS: ns.xinnetdns.com
Secondary DNS: ns.xinnet.cn
  21st of Mar, 2008
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I ordered some powerlevelling from these guy, level 40-58 and it has been fine so far, i didnt know at the start if i trusted these guy but i think they are pretty legit

  27th of Mar, 2008
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This company is a fraud. They do not deliver the goods they promise. Live chat always gives me the same response. Please be patient. Can you give us more time. I ordered 5k, WOWg cause they were cheap, big mistake. Two weeks later and no gold.
  5th of Apr, 2008
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Ah my friend also had his account PLed by these guys worked out fine.
  5th of Apr, 2008
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www.mygamesale.com stole $70 U.S.A dollars and then after that stole my account... Do not trust these guys at all. Anyone that says these sites are completly trustable are probably in thier little game, too.
  7th of May, 2008
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Dodgey guys from China for sure! Stay away for sure.
  30th of May, 2008
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  31st of May, 2008
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These guys are really bad, me and a friend signed up to them to PL from 25 to 60, both our accounts got 3 day suspension within hours of paying them £28, we had reliable info that our characters were being botted but by this time our accounts had been suspended, they then claimed not to speak English and said i could get a refund only to offer me £13 an hour later after i got back on to them as i had not received payment, how these ppl can trade is a loss to me i would stay well clear of them, basically you pay for a service and by the sounds of it it is a lottery as to weather your gonna get the service you've paid for, and as of yet i still haven't had a refund or any of my money returned and doesn't look like i will either :(
  2nd of Jul, 2008
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  3rd of Jul, 2008
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  10th of Jul, 2008
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  23rd of Jul, 2008
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  3rd of Aug, 2008
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  10th of Aug, 2008
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  18th of Aug, 2008
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Can these guys even answer a question. Can they do something to someone who got there account stolen back?

Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.

You 08-18 14:03:02

Tina 08-18 14:03:09


You 08-18 14:03:31
i am wanting to buy an account but i am not sure about the security of it!

Tina 08-18 14:03:43

plz dont worry

Tina 08-18 14:03:47

it is safe

You 08-18 14:04:25
How is it safe being that Blizzard doesn't allow the selling of an account. So how do you guys back it up if it gets banned

You 08-18 14:05:29

Tina 08-18 14:05:37

we have all infor and we can take it back if sth happens

You 08-18 14:06:00
ok and what if they continue to take it back?

You 08-18 14:06:25
I just want to feel good about my 900$ purchase

You 08-18 14:07:09

Tina 08-18 14:07:20


Tina 08-18 14:07:22

i c

You 08-18 14:08:13
You see what? If i buy an account and someone takes it back or it gets banned what are you guys going to do for me? Since it stays in the other persons name the whole time?

Tina 08-18 14:08:49

we will help u take it back

Tina 08-18 14:08:57

if we can not make it for u

Tina 08-18 14:09:02

we will help u change one

Tina 08-18 14:09:10

or giv eu refund

Tina 08-18 14:09:12


Tina 08-18 14:09:19

our accs r safe

You 08-18 14:09:40
You can't take legal action against them since you are selling accounts that are owned by blizzard! how are you going to get it back.

You 08-18 14:09:56
i just want to make sure

You 08-18 14:10:01
900 is alot of money

You 08-18 14:10:02
you know

Tina 08-18 14:11:47

we have friends work there

You 08-18 14:12:08
You have friends that work at Blizzard

You 08-18 14:12:33
But that person who takes it back should get into trouble! You will be able to get it back!

You 08-18 14:14:44

You 08-18 14:15:13
I thought you were Customer support can you not answer my questions before a big purchase from you guys

Tina 08-18 14:15:14


Tina 08-18 14:15:21

we know how to solve th problem

You 08-18 14:16:14
That doesn't make me feel better you saying that i want to know how you can reassure me that i will get the account back if i get it taken back. My friend had it happen to him

Tina 08-18 14:16:20

Our reputation and success is dependent upon providing a safe and reliable service to our customers. You can browse our selection of accounts to see the many hundreds of gamers that have had a positive experience with our site.

You 08-18 14:16:49
then there are posts about this happening to others some from your site.

Tina 08-18 14:16:59

what happened to him ?

You 08-18 14:17:13
He bought it and then it got taken back

You 08-18 14:17:24
No one will answer him back

Tina 08-18 14:17:51


You 08-18 14:17:52
there are a bunch of sites about people selling them and taking them back can you press legal action on them

Tina 08-18 14:17:59

ur friend's acc name plz

Tina 08-18 14:18:34

we r not the site like them

You 08-18 14:18:34
I don't know it i am just asking for my own knowledge of buying

Tina 08-18 14:18:38

we never do that

Tina 08-18 14:18:44

we will help u change email

Tina 08-18 14:18:53

and offer all infor u wat

You 08-18 14:18:56
But if someone takes it back can i press charges

Tina 08-18 14:18:57


Tina 08-18 14:19:27

u mean ?

You 08-18 14:20:04
I am asking if i buy it and someone steals if can you take legal action on them or do i?

You 08-18 14:22:12
And if you do how do you since it is in the Terms of service that you can't sell your account. i am just not sure yet

Tina 08-18 14:22:54


You 08-18 14:23:11
Do you not understand

Tina 08-18 14:23:38

i dont knwo what r u trying to say

Tina 08-18 14:23:48

the acc is safe

Tina 08-18 14:23:54

just feel easy plz

You 08-18 14:24:09
Ok just hear me out ok!

You 08-18 14:24:15
If i sold you an account right

You 08-18 14:24:26
and i wanted to take it back what is stopping me

You 08-18 14:24:32
so why should i buy one

You 08-18 14:24:44
if someone can take it back that easy

Tina 08-18 14:25:30

we dont do buissiness wih people like that

Tina 08-18 14:25:58

we have satble sustomers offering us safe accs

You 08-18 14:27:34
how do youu know if you deal with people like that there are conartists out there

Tina 08-18 14:28:40

we do bussiness with people known each other well

You 08-18 14:29:28
hmm i am just not sure that you can do anything to the person that steals an account back because your buisness is operating illegally

You 08-18 14:29:43
it is in the TOS that you can't sell an wow account

You 08-18 14:30:13
so how can you do anything about someone taking it back just answer my question or i will buy from somone else
  21st of Aug, 2008
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  16th of Sep, 2008
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mygamesale.com ripped me off wow gold, they keep lying and asking for more time. It seams to be what these companies do. Tell you they are working on it for as long as you will stand it, and hope you go away. I suggest filing a dispute with paypal and do NOT remove the dispute until goods are delivered. Every correspondence with them they ask for the dispute to be removed, and once you do remove it you have no recourse with paypal. I have had the same experience with oofay.
  27th of Sep, 2008
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I have also Get problem with this Guys, and i lose money
Here's the full Chat whit their services:

Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
Daniel 09-27 13:23:33
Hello! I am Daniel.Welcome to our customer support.
You 09-27 13:24:05
Hi, ma name's Andrea Fogli. 2 day ago I have Buy This:
You 09-27 13:24:46
Yasterday Blizzard suspend My account becasue they was found an unautorized access on My account
Daniel 09-27 13:25:05
You 09-27 13:25:19

This is the letter from Blizzard: An investigation of the World of Warcraft account ANDREAFOGLI has produced evidence that the account has been accessed by someone who is not allowed to use it. The account has been issued a 24-hour suspension to provide you with an opportunity to secure and regain access to it.
Daniel 09-27 13:25:22
could u send me the email blizzard sent to you?
You 09-27 13:25:40
I have joust do
You 09-27 13:25:56
This morning I speak with Amanda
You 09-27 13:26:26
The account was re-abilited and power leveling, I suppose was start
You 09-27 13:27:15

But little minutes ago I check the mail and I found this:Greetings,

We are writing to inform you that, unfortunately, we have had to place a warning on your World of Warcraft account and temporarily suspend it:

Type of Violation: Use of Prohibited Third Party software
Consequences for Account: Account Suspension for 3 days (72 hours), Password Reset and warning placed on the account

It is with regret that we take this type of action, but it is in the best interests of the World of Warcraft community as a whole, and for the integrity of the game. After your suspension has expired, you will be able to access the World of Warcraft servers again.

Please note that should any further violations of our Rules and Policies occur, this incident will be taken into consideration when determining the consequences to your account. This could include further warnings, account suspension or account termination. Should your account be found to be used in conjunction with third party software on another occasion, the account will be permanently closed.

Should you believe someone other than yourself has committed a violation while using this account, the sanction would still apply, as our action is taken against the account, not the individual.

When running World of Warcraft, please close any non authorised programs that run in at the same time that may interfere with the game. For more information regarding account security, please visit the following forum post:
You 09-27 13:27:56
My account is suspended again, for 3 days
You 09-27 13:28:32

Now, I have pay you whit good money end witout problem via Paypal
You 09-27 13:29:49
Probably Your levelers try to install a MOD program to facilities the leveling of something (like Fishing or something)
Daniel 09-27 13:31:10
I can tell that the lvler didnt use any program,
You 09-27 13:32:24
Question is: are you able to onorate the contract, or I must ask refound money? Money, I remember you, was sent immediately, and in advance
You 09-27 13:32:43
Question is simple: Or your leveler Is layer, or Blizzard is layer
Daniel 09-27 13:34:08
Although we only leveled it for a while, but you know, we paid them in advandce in one go,
Daniel 09-27 13:34:52
The levler just lvl for you, and we can continue to lvl for you when the account is lifted, we'll pay more attention to it.
You 09-27 13:36:30
I have uninstall from my PC the copy registered under andreafogli of WoW for addictional security, so, what happened?
You 09-27 13:38:11
I not Install Third Part program or another elese thing, rather, I have removed program
You 09-27 13:39:21
Blizzard, in Anycase, have detected some kind of Mod
You 09-27 13:39:35
and suspend accont for 3 days...
You 09-27 13:40:00
Is the second time which this happen
Daniel 09-27 13:40:49
But I think refunding isnt be good to you.we just leveled it a little .
You 09-27 13:41:32
Why isn't good?
You 09-27 13:42:08
I can try another leveling service
Daniel 09-27 13:42:41
Would you like us to lvl another account for you?
You 09-27 13:43:58
No. Too much Risk. Two Time suspension in 24 Hours are not-affidable service
You 09-27 13:44:24
I can't risk the other account whit your company
Daniel 09-27 13:45:36
Can we compensate some gold for you for the money left?
You 09-27 13:47:54
Gold for 219 $??? I have a Warrior Tauren in my other account not the Donald Duck's Uncle. My taure have 60
You 09-27 13:48:17

My tauren Have more than 12000 gold already
You 09-27 13:49:46
I was Try an Rogue not to trasform my Tauren in a Rockfeller's family member...
Daniel 09-27 13:52:26
so do you have any good ideas?
You 09-27 13:53:20
Yes. rfound me with Paypal
Daniel 09-27 13:56:24
Therotically, we are suppose to level for you instead of refunding you, but we only leveled a little, so we can refund you the payment that is left,
Daniel 09-27 13:57:38
And we have to pay the lvler and other related guys to start ur order, so half of your payment was spent when we delivered ur order,
You 09-27 13:58:29
Your levelers an related have work maximum a couple of hours.
You 09-27 13:59:09
Account was restablished at 10.04 of this morning (Italy Time) and suspend at 12.05
You 09-27 13:59:41
For Other 3 days
You 09-27 14:02:08
Your leveler was wor for couple of hours and I have lost 3 days
Daniel 09-27 14:02:27
Sec, let me try to ask him to give the money back to us.
You 09-27 14:04:06
Can I get you a piece of advice? Fire they
Daniel 09-27 14:06:00
Okay, I will tell our manager the whole situation.
You 09-27 14:06:53
I have registered any word of this Chat
You 09-27 14:09:08
I'm sorry for disease, but I have spent lot of money for my finace, and I do not want risk again...
Daniel 09-27 14:09:37
Im sorry, we can only get $36 from him
You 09-27 14:10:05
So, what amount can you refound me?
Daniel 09-27 14:12:32
You 09-27 14:14:01
Daniel 09-27 14:14:55
Yes, sir, we can refund you so much, if we leverled your account halfway, Im afraid we have to continue to level for you until we finish it .
You 09-27 14:17:56
Look: is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE which in two hours you lever have leveled 35 levels start from 1. Is easyer that President Bush is Comunist. In two hours they can leveled 4 - 5 levels.
You 09-27 14:19:18

This is simply a steal
Daniel 09-27 14:20:35
I am sorry for the whole thing, but I dont hope so either, we just level for others instead of steal anything.
You 09-27 14:22:55
In-Fact our leveler can't level My caracter... they have simply freeze my account two time in 24 Hours. This is non "Leveling", this is incompetence. I suspect two-time wich your levelers are a Layer, because is IMPOSSIBLE to do 35 levels in 2 hours and wiche the do not used a MOD program.
You 09-27 14:25:15
I can accept the half-refound but remember- I Will Bomb Out any in-theme forum, blog or Internet site of this disaster, included email from Blizzard an any single word of This conversation
Daniel 09-27 14:26:27
It is pathetic to hear this, I hope you can understand us in our boots
Daniel 09-27 14:26:52
but could you tell me your paypal email ?
You 09-27 14:27:34
Will be pathetic, but I will do. My Paypal Emai is hakudo@libero.it
You 09-27 14:29:28
In Your Boots I get complete refound to not-satisfacted client.
You 09-27 14:29:43
Like another serious service
Daniel 09-27 14:31:12
We will refund $142 to you within 25 minutes, and I am really sorry for we cant finish your order.I wish you a good afternoon.
You 09-27 14:31:36
Good afternoon to you

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