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My Plumber / Price Gouging, Hidden Fees

1 9975 Pennsylvania AveManassas, VA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-469-7586

I called them to have them fix our water heater which broke down yesterday. First off, they will try to charge a “dispatch fee” of $80 just for sending someone to your house. The CSR I spoke with told me that she would waive the fee because I was a new customer. I asked for a ballpark figure for how much it would cost for them to fix the problem and was told that only the field technicians had the “book of prices.”

I get a call from my wife that the man wrote up a bill for $150 JUST for looking at the water heater. The total to actually repair the heater would be $850 total, or $1500 to replace the whole system. They did not say that actually looking at the heater was going to cost anything, let alone $150. I had a second plumber come in after they left and fix the same problem. The total charge for diagnosis AND repair was $180.00.

Obviously, the man would not have left the house without being paid, so my wife had to pay him with our credit card. I was able to have my credit card company reverse the charge. We would not have been so lucky if we paid with cash or check!

These crooks are trying to take advantage of people by price gouging heating services in the winter time. They are THE first result for “plumber in northern Virginia” on Google and unlucky people WILL try them first!

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  • Su
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    Please call our office at 1-866-469-7583 and ask for the Customer Service Agent to set you up with a CIT so that a member of our management team can speak with you about the problem you had with My Plumber. The managers of My Plumber Heating and Cooling take this situation very seriously and will be eager to discuss the situation with you. We strive to settle customer issues and we need to hear from you about the problems you had with our company.

    Susan E. Phillips
    Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Ri
      17th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes


    I spoke with your CSR the same day this happened. I was told that a manager would call me back the next day. That never happened.

    It's good that you take this seriously. Perhaps in the future you should inform your potential customers of your prices UP FRONT, particularly the cost to even give you a work estimate. In the meantime, I will continue to inform everyone I know of your business practices. "Diagnosis fee" notwithstanding, charging $200 to change a single element and then another $300 on top of that to change a thermostat is extortion, pure and simple. The fact that this is being done in the winter time when people are freezing is unconscionable.

    Respectfully and Sincerely,

  • Su
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry for the experience you had with our company, and wish to do better in the future for all of our customers. It sounds like we have made multiple mistakes with you and your service call. I want to at least make sure that you are refunded your money, and would welcome a conversation to discuss in detail your full experience.

    Please contact our office @ 703-367-7900, and ask to speak with our Director of Operations.

    I understand that we were not helpful during your initial service call, however I am here to help now.


    Phil Hopkins

  • Az
      20th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I have known the owners of My Plumber in Virginia and San Diego for many years. I have never worked for them but I am a plumber with 32 years of experience and have the privlege of being able to call them friends. They are fine, upstanding people and want everyone within their organization to do right. Their Service Plumber may have screwed up or may be new and still doesn't fully understand the My Plumber systems. (Just guessing here.) Do yourself a favor and call them back. Believe me when I tell you the last thing owners want to hear is an unhappy client. I pity the person that works for them that does not do all they can to try to make the situation right. Customers are too hard to come by and keep today. They don't want to lose a single one. Right Mark?!

  • Ri
      21st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes


    Sir, I understand that you may be acquaintances with the owners and that they may very well be wonderful people. Their social pleasantness doesn't change the fact that their business policies are ridiculous. Frankly, and I sincerely apologize if this offends you, but such a blatant third party "attaboy" for My Plumber just feels suspiciously like a paid shill attempting to do damage control. To be even more honest, I've had several weeks of perfectly hot showers to almost forget about the incident and this comment has only served to rekindle the flames of anger that I felt when my wife told me the result of the "diagnosis."

    Again, I hope the best for your friends in life, but people need to be and will continue to be told about My Plumber's business practices before they get burned. And again, sorry if I offended you.

    (almost) riptoff

  • Ly
      24th of Mar, 2014
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    We also had work done with My Plumber years ago we have been smelling gas on and off called they came out 2 or 3 time over the years said nothing was wrong We called the gas company they came out and said it was leaking! wrong water heater was put in and the meter read 400, Called them Sent a WONDERFUL Man out The company wanted to Charge us for it They did eat the cost of a replacement My bird died the day they changed the water heater, we have been living with this for years now I'm wondering what it has done to our health it explains bad migraines stomach problems Now they don't want to give us a warranty Would not recommend them to anyone

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