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On Thursday I went to Mugg and Bean gateway. After having a problem with them once before I decided to give them another chance. I get there and theres no one to help me get seated. So I help myself, find a booth and get comfortable. TWENTY FIVE minutes later a waitress comes over. She says oh sorry maam your not supposed to be sitting here its reserved for someone else. Now I ask the question, why did it take them 25mins to realise my presence and tell me I cant sit there. Also in that 25mins NObody gave me a menu or took my order. Nevertheless I moved and sat somwhere else. I ordered a Date and Nut muffin, which as it cooled became the hardest muffin in the whole world. I am in the hospitality industry and I know the tricks, if somethings old and hard heat it up and it becomes soft. I called for the manager who seemed lost. All he says is sorry and walks away. A guy by the name of ROB comes over and gives me an attitude and walks away while im talking and tells me he has heard enough of me!!!Thats absoloute nonsense as thats the most unpolite thing. I have spoken to Headoffice who has done nothing to rectify the situation. I will be complaining to Gateway Centre management.

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  • Ri
      Oct 31, 2013

    i ordered a lime milkshake, muffin and water. I got a bubblegum milkshake, glass in the muffin and no water still had to pay for it after i complained.

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  • No
      Mar 27, 2015

    I am a regular M&B customer and have been enjoying the Spicy Lime Chicken Quesadillas quite often recently. I was however apaulled today while travelling on business in Port Elizabeth where I ordered this meal and was served a very dry and almost-empty plate of Quesadillas. I kindly requested the waitress to correct this to be the the way I know it to be. In response I was approached by the restaurant manager who spoke in a very challenging and intimidating manner, arguing that meal can not be prepared in any other way. In response I requested that the meal be cancelled. He then continued to approach the table numerously with the same tone and I repeatedly declined the meal. After a few minutes, I requested the waiter for a different meal, a cheese, chicken & mac this time, with the option of crumbs. A few minutes afterwards, the same manager approached my table, with the same tone telling me that that my request for crumbs did not make sense as it would cause the mac to be dried up, as I was not satisfied with the 'juiciness' of the Quesadilla meal. I insisted that he give me the crumbs and he continued to refuse.

    I felt very intimidated and disrespected in front of the other customers as the tone which the manager used was unnecessary with respect to the way in which I engaged him. I'm unsure whether it is a question of race or age, but I would advise that M&B adequately train their staff to treat customers with a bit more dignity and respect.

    Kind Regards

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  • Pr
      Mar 06, 2016

    I ordered a dish with beef strips which was not available and the Pavillion shop refused to substitute this, crap service
    we left and ate at Cafe Gitano

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